How to Hear God?s Voice: One Word Can Change Everything (Vietnamese Version)

How to Hear God?s Voice: One Word Can Change Everything (Vietnamese Version)


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(Vietnamese Version)

Table of Contents:


1. Introduction
2. Why hear from God?
3. The dangers of not having a relationship with God ...Oh God, Where Are You?
4. The basic A, B, C's of qualifying ...will God speak to anyone?
5. Step 1: Having ears to hear
6. Step 2: Do I really want to hear what God has to say?
7. Step 3: What will I do with the information issue of trust?
8. Step 4: To whom much is given, much is required ...paying the price
9. The Ostrich Syndrome: Can't I just ignore God, run and hide?
10. The call to grow up and mature ...or lose everything
11. Bad public relations: "God told me to do it," said the murderer
12. Staying tuned for future announcements: The daily assignment

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ISBN-13: 9781502805324
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 10/11/2014
Pages: 78
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About the Author

Dr. Martin W. Oliver PhD, BCPC, grew up in sunny San Diego California and is the eldest son of the deceased Submarine Non Commissioned Officer and Chief of the Boat: Martin W. Oliver and his wife Eleanor A. Oliver: respectively a US Navy 20 yr. Submariner and Father and an English and Home Economics School Teacher and Mother. Both parents who are now in Heaven, grew up in Tennessee and then migrated to Southern California.

Oliver is a US Air Force Vietnam Veteran (1966-1972), and was part of a secret US Air Force Aeronautical Chart and Information Squadron at Hickam AFB, Pearl Harbor that made bombing maps for pilots flying in Vietnam. Afterwards Dr. Oliver attended Monterey Peninsula College for 2 years as a oceanography and chemistry major, and then Bible University, and Bible Theological Seminary earning a PhD, MA and BA (triple major: Theology, Human Behavior, and Marketing major). He is the author of 26 other books and is the Founder of Dr. Oliver's Consultations a Management Consulting and Counseling Company established in 1978. Martin has been married to Diane L. Oliver since 1975 and they have 2 grown sons: Joshua, and Austin as well as the late Martin Oliver the 3rd (who died in miscarriage in 1984 and who awaits a reunion with his parents in Heaven). To contact Dr. Oliver visit his website at or email Dr. Oliver at

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