How To Hypnotize People To Forget: The Art of Inducing Hypnotic Amnesia

How To Hypnotize People To Forget: The Art of Inducing Hypnotic Amnesia

by Bryan Westra


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Want to make people forget something? Want to hypnotize people to forget? This book will teach you how to hypnotize people to forget to remember the things they remember, whilst remembering to forget the things they remember. You'll learn hypnotic language patterns used to artfully create an amnesic effect in your hypnotic subjects. You'll learn to hypnotize people in every day ordinary conversations, leaving them spell bound and unable to remember what they could remember just moments earlier.

There are lot of uses for amnesia in therapy contexts as well. You may be dealing with a problem client who refuses to forget the problem that plagues their life. Now, you can make them forget easily, so they can move on with their life.

Maybe someone is being accusatory. They keep claiming you did something to them. Now, you can make them forget what that something was.

Imagine, if you will, you're in a relationship with someone who keeps blaming you for something or, even better, they keep accusing you of something you didn't do (or did?). Just about the time they start in on you again, you say a few magic words, and voila they have forgotten what they're so upset about. No more blame. No more accusing you!

This book is packed with practical advice, wisdom, tips, secrets, and "how-to" so you can walk away knowing exactly how to hypnotize someone to forget. It's powerful! It's packed! It's waiting for you to discover its secrets!

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