How To Know Without A Shadow Of Doubt What God Has Called And Destined You To Do

How To Know Without A Shadow Of Doubt What God Has Called And Destined You To Do

by Henry A. Payne


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Why did I write this book?

The answer to this question is very simple and plain. I received instructions from my Lord Jesus Christ during the first quarter of 2009 to write this book. After I received my call from the Lord Jesus Christ to go and make disciples of all nations, he began using me to hold bible studies in the market place, on different jobs where I worked, on the streets, over the radio in several states, and across different pulpits, not only where I pastored but in other churches as well-this started from blue collar workers to top notch executives.

For several years I had the opportunity of visiting with different Christians from all walks of life and the Lord gave me two questions to ask them:

1.Are you a born again believer? Their answer would be Oh yes for several years now.

2.Do you have any idea of what God has called and destined you to do? Only 2 out of 10 would say I believe so.

During several years of research I've found out that 80 percent of the body of Christ has no idea of what they are called to do in this earth. I had no idea of why God had me researching these questions for so many years, but now I can clearly see that he had this book in mind. What an awesome God we serve!

While working in the Merger and Acquisition business in January of 2009 in Dallas, Texas, I was visiting with a firm's director who is a very sharp Christian brother whom I've admired a lot because of his knowledge of the business world. I asked him the second research question; Do you know what God has called and destined you to do? His answer was no, and then I asked a colleague of mine the same question, his answer was also no. So while driving home that afternoon from the firm, just as you turn on a light in a dark room to see what's in the room, light came on in my spirit, and there was a voice with that light saying, write a book on How to Know Without A Shadow of Doubt What God Has Called and Destined You To Do.

So in obedience to my Lord Jesus Christ, here is the book that the Lord has given me instructions to write. This is not a book to read in your leisure time and then stick it somewhere on the shelf in your library, but this is a small compact book of revelation for application to help you know what you are called to do and help you to get in your place of assignment. God's whole creation is waiting for the body of Christ to get in our place of destiny and do what we are called to do.

God finished his work in six days! Jesus on the cross said that it is finished and gave up the ghost, died, and was placed in a borrowed tomb. He has risen on the third day and is now seated on the right hand of the Father making intercessions for the saints in the earth and has passed the Paton to the sons of God in the earth.

Jesus and the Father are in heaven looking and waiting for the sons of God to complete our assignment that has been given to us by our Lord Jesus Christ, but the body of Christ is out of their place and have no idea of what they have been called and assigned to do. This book will help the body of Christ to find out what we have been called and assigned by the Lord to do so that we can all get in the place of assignment and complete the work that been assigned to our hands to do.

The Blessing of the Lord is upon you!

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