How to Liberate Your Natural Essence: The Art and Science of Sensory Validation

How to Liberate Your Natural Essence: The Art and Science of Sensory Validation

by Michael J Cohen


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This book gives its reader a potent enabling tool because it is it. It helps you instantly increase personal, social and environmental well-being that is accredited and free. Savor momentous 54 sense contact with the breathtaking balance and beauty in natural areas, backyard or backcountry.Improve your every relationship by 85% as you help the natural world help you help yourself and others integrate Nature's wisdom into your life and livelihood.We have learned to reject nature-connected interactions and endure our miseries because we teach ourselves to deny we are doing this as well as refute the social technology that enables us to remedy it. This white paper lets you invoke a special revolutionary wisdom tool, one that stops us from injuring our Planet along with our life, heart, spirit and soul. This paper helps us create moments in Nature that let the life of Earth teach us what we need to know to transform our madness, disorders and discontents into reasonable relationships. It works because it interlaces us with authentic Nature, in and around us, the fountainhead of authority in how its perfections work.Do you know what the greatest truth in your life is that you can trust and it is not God, Love, Honesty or Nature? Most people think they do while their heartaches demonstrate that they don't. Today's catastrophic excessiveness and earth misery result from us learning to omit our greatest asset while "How to Liberate your Natural Essence" warranties: "Reading this white paper is the greatest truth in your life that you can trust because it is it" •It empowers you to use it anytime and it is the essence of love.•It feelingly registers in your psyche. •It contains 54 natural senses/sensibilities, not just five. It is self-evident.•It is the missing film in your sensing and thinking camera. It enables you to live in balance. It holds all things and forms of life together, including humanity.•It is the nucleus of friendship. It connects your consciousness to the eternal. It is purely and fully organic. •It enables you to sense and feel responsibly. It stops the production of destructive garbage, pollution and relationships.•It prevents an atom from exploding. It keeps life alive.•It binds any and all things together. It produces peaceful and balanced relationships.•It gives you undeniably accurate information. It is the core of trust.•It is the only way you can connect with God if or when you want to. •It catalyzes happiness. It is the heart of reverence. •It creates optimums of life, diversity, attraction, and cooperation.•It sustains all things in equilibrium and is the foundation of beauty.•It reduces stress, anxiety, and disorders. It creates a reverence for life and is the core of spirit, nature, earth, and humanity.•It is free. It unifies. It is whole-life science. It purifies any relationship.•It is the love of love. It is created by creation and is creation in action.•It is the mainstay of empirical knowledge. It is a quantum leap that helps you make one.•It connects all forms of consciousness except one. It is the foundation of sustainability.•It only knows how to unify and ground you. Its absence in our thinking results in our suffering.•It is intelligent. It is the source of enlightenment and increases it. •It is the basic element of Planet Earth. It is the crux of whole-life thinking.•It is the focal point for courage and the deepest joy of self•It produces seamless, loving togetherness. It is the soul of pure scientific inquiry. It is the key to cheerfulness.•It is the prime antidote for abusiveness and violence.•It is always honest, kind and fair. It is the reality of time.•It is pristine ecological grounding. It makes space for anything and is your deepest ideal.•It empowers you to be. It is the most attractive thing.•It helps you be a special personification of our planet's life.•It is the essence of personal and global creation.

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ISBN-13: 9781985650275
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 02/16/2018
Pages: 94
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