How to Lose a Fiancé

How to Lose a Fiancé

by Stefanie London

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Sophia Andreou has always been the “good daughter” who tried to keep her domineering father happy. She followed the rules and did everything that was asked of her. But this time, her father is asking too much. The family company is crumbling, and her father has arranged a marriage to a Greek billionaire who can save their property business. What?! Umm no thank you. If Cinderella can dress up to win a prince, surely Sophia can do the opposite and ditch hers...

Dion Kourakis has come a long way from being an orphan with only a single friend to his name. Now he runs a billion-dollar investment company and has the respect of everyone in Europe. His charming personality covers a lot of emotional scars, including his desire to make his mentor proud. Dion doesn’t exactly want a bride to go along with his next business deal, and he plans on letting the lass down gently when they meet...

Only, his future bride has turned out to be nothing like what he thought she’d be. She’s quirky and has a habit of turning up to social events in strange outfits. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out what she’s up to, but the harder she tries to convince him she’d be an awful wife, the more he wants to convince her they’d be perfect together.

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ISBN-13: 9781640637856
Publisher: Entangled Publishing, LLC
Publication date: 06/17/2019
Sold by: Macmillan
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 277
Sales rank: 17,615
File size: 2 MB

About the Author

Stefanie London is the USA Today bestselling author of contemporary romances and romantic comedies.

Stefanie’s books have been called “genuinely entertaining and memorable” by Booklist, and her writing praised as “Elegant, descriptive and delectable” by RT magazine. Her stories have earned accolades such as the RT Top Pick and have achieved bestseller status with USA Today and iBooks.

Growing up, Stefanie came from a family of women who loved to read. After sneaking several literature subjects into her ‘very practical’ Business degree, she worked in HR and Communications. But writing emails for executives didn’t fulfil her creative urges, so she turned to fiction and was finally able to write the stories that kept her mind busy at night.

Originally from Australia, she now lives in Toronto with her very own hero and is currently in the process of doing her best to travel the world. She frequently indulges in her passions for good coffee, lipstick, romance novels and anything zombie-related.

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o. No, no, no, no, no.

It was something Sophia Andreou said in her head a lot more than she said aloud. Chalk it up to having a control-freak father who was an expert in getting his way, with an arsenal of techniques up his sleeve to make sure he had the last word. Voicing her opposition was unheard of.

Until now.

Because this ... this was taking it too far.

"Dad, you can't be serious." Sophia tried to laugh, but the sound had a razor edge to it. "Marriage? To a guy I've never met?"

She looked over to where her mother sat on the windowsill of their Brooklyn brownstone, studiously avoiding Sophia's gaze and picking at an invisible piece of lint on her skirt. As usual, she said nothing.

"To a man who will save this family," her father corrected. "Dion Kourakis is willing to buy our company and put the necessary funds into reviving it. Without that money, we'll be — "

"Nothing." The quiet word slipped from her mother's lips, but then her eyes immediately darted over to her husband. Sophia knew her mother would never question the head of the family, because for as long as she could remember, he'd always known — and done — what was best for them all.

But she was really struggling to see how marrying her off to a stranger as part of a business deal was the best solution.

Besides, why did everybody want to be somebody? She suppressed the urge to roll her eyes. Sophia would have been perfectly happy to leave New York and live a quiet life somewhere green and peaceful with a small army of furry friends. Somewhere far, far away from her father's influence.

Did she love her father? That was a complicated question about a complicated man. But Sophia valued being part of her family, valued the lifestyle her father had worked hard to provide, and valued the fact his decisions were born of the best intentions, though she could have done without his steamrolling. So she'd been a good daughter. Everything he'd ever asked for, she'd done. Like a good little princess. Well-mannered and well-behaved, that was her in a nutshell. But now it appeared they'd reached the point where she would have to put her foot down.

Delicately, of course.

Before she could say another word, her father tapped his finger on his desk. "Dorothy, leave us for a minute. I want to talk to Sophia alone."

The command was enough to have Sophia's mother on her feet and exiting the room without so much as a backward glance. So much for reinforcements.

Her father turned to her. "This isn't the time for you to be doubting your loyalty to this family."

Sophia's lips tightened. She was nothing if not loyal. She always put her father's requests ahead of her social life. She always dropped her own needs to care for her mother when she had one of her bad spells. Doubting her loyalty? Seriously?

Clearly, she was the worst person in the world because she didn't want to be sold off like livestock.

She reined in her emotions as best she could, but her blood had started to boil. "My loyalty is not the issue. Aren't you concerned about a guy who wants a wife thrown in with a business deal? I'm not a gift with purchase!"

Whoops. That had not come out as calmly as she'd hoped it would.

Her father's eyes narrowed.

That was a mistake. She knew better than to raise her voice when negotiating with Cyrus "the Greek" Andreou. Anything that could be classed as insubordination was like flashing a cape at a bull. Sophia sucked in a slow breath, composing herself.

"I didn't mean to yell," she said before he had the chance to blow up. "It's just ... marriage? What's so wrong with this guy that he's using a business deal to leverage a wife?"

Cyrus folded his arms across his chest. "He didn't."

She frowned. "What?"

"It was my part of the deal. My request."

Sophia reeled as if she'd been slapped. Wait, what? Her father could be a bully, sure, but she never thought he'd pimp her out like she was a piece of property. "You asked him to marry me?"

"I didn't ask." Her father's black, bushy mustache bobbed up and down. "I told him if he wants this company, then you are part of the deal."


"Because, my dear child, when I sell the company to him, it's gone."

Realization seeped like ice through her veins. "The marriage will mean our family retains a claim on the company."

The return smile was calculating. "Smart girl."

She gripped the edge of her seat, nails biting into the soft leather until she felt it dent under the pressure. Was the company so important that he was willing to sell off his only daughter in order to keep a handle on it? Of course he would do it. In his mind, it was the best move for their family.

Everything he did was in the best interest of their family.

Sophia glanced around her father's office. The room wasn't big, but it was packed with as many status symbols as he could possibly fit in: a Montblanc pen in a fancy crystal holder, a shiny new laptop — which was a glorified paperweight, since he barely ever used it — a precious antique painting, and classic novels lining the bookshelf behind his desk.

The wealthy, sophisticated veneer was a lie, however. The Montblanc pen was a fake — high quality, but a fake. The laptop was of dubious origins, meaning it had come from one of her father's shady business acquaintances. The painting was a replica, and the vintage collection of classic novels, which made her father appear educated and well-read, was a sham. He'd never even cracked one open.

Needless to say, the Andreous weren't some upper-crust blue-blooded family. Her mother grew up in a house with more mouths to feed than there was food to go around. And her father was a glorified blunt instrument, the muscle who'd gone on to inherit his boss's property development company after the man's untimely death.

So her father had switched steel-toe boots for pinstripe suits and wanted a reputation to match. But that didn't change who they were underneath it all. Or her father's "do whatever it takes" personality.

"Can't you start a new company with the money from the sale?" she asked. "Wouldn't that be better? You don't need to hang on to this one. You could have something of your own with your name."

For the first time in as long as she could remember, her father's hard mask slipped, and she glimpsed the weary face of a burdened man beneath it. "When I took over the company, I had no idea Aristos had racked up so much debt. The sale will barely cover everything he owes. If I sell it now and don't have money coming back in, then your mother and I will have nothing. You'll have nothing."

Sophia wanted to point out that their house was worth a small fortune, especially since her father had owned it for years. But he wouldn't see it like that. They needed to keep up appearances, maintain their picture of success and wealth. Selling the house to get by would make them look bad. Like failures.

And she was their only cash cow.

Her breathing came quicker. What had started off as a laughable suggestion suddenly felt like a nauseating reality.

If it wasn't for her mother, she would have taken off years ago to chase her dream of a quiet, happy life of independence and solitude. She'd been busting her ass working as a virtual assistant for over two years now to save for a place of her own. She loved her work, loved helping people get their lives in order, and she had a good chunk of her deposit for a place of her own set aside. Better yet, her father knew nothing about it.

The only thing stopping Sophia from acting on her dream was her mother. The older woman was gentle. Vulnerable. She wasn't emotionally strong enough to stand up for herself. Not only did she suffer spells where she couldn't get out of bed, but even in her "good times," the older woman didn't have much confidence. She didn't see her worth.

Sophia would always shield her mother from the brunt of her father's temper and his need to control everything. But that responsibility was like a pair of hands around her throat, squeezing. Drawing up a fluttery panic her stomach.

"Do you really want to leave your mother with nothing?" he asked.

The man had always known her weak spot.

Sophia slumped in her seat. "Of course I don't want to leave her with nothing," she said, massaging her temples. There had to be another solution. Something that would keep her family safe and secure while not landing her in a loveless marriage with a stranger. But what?

"It's not like I'm marrying you off to some disgusting old pig," he added. "Look him up on Tweet Face or whatever you kids use these days. He's young, and he's Greek, which gets my mark of approval, and he's as rich as a king. You'll be living on an island in the Mediterranean. It's not going to be a difficult life. Frankly, he's a better option than what you could have found yourself."

She gritted her teeth. Okay, that was uncalled for. At twenty- six, she'd hardly been concerned with finding a husband. Especially since anyone she dated had to meet her father's high standards — a feat she thought impossible until Dion — or be willing to sneak around behind her father's back. That left only the guys who had a death wish or had no idea what they were getting themselves into. Needless to say, pigheaded and stupid were not qualities she looked for in a potential love interest.

"This isn't open for negotiation. Your mother is counting on you." He twisted the knife further, leaning back in his chair and folding his arms across his chest with a self-satisfied air. "Your flight is already booked. You'll leave for Corfu early next week."

Heart thundering in her chest, she pushed up from her chair. It felt as though the world was tilting beneath her feet. How could she possibly get out of this? One glance at her father's stony expression told her that arguing now would only end up in the worst possible scenario: him railing about it to her mother until the woman dissolved into tears and resigned herself to bed for the week. The last time it happened, it'd taken Sophia days to convince her mother to eat a full meal. Even longer to leave the house and face the world.

And this time, she'd be stuck in Corfu, unable to fix it.

She bit down on her lip. She'd tried so many times to get her mom to leave — begging and pleading and offering a simple, uncomplicated life. They'd find a way to make it work, Sophia was sure of it. But her mother steadfastly refused, not even willing to consider it. Was it out of fear? Pride? Something else?

All Sophia knew was that she wouldn't leave her mother, and her mother wouldn't leave her father.

Which meant she was trapped.

"We're very proud of how you always put your family first," he said, assessing her calmly. Could he read the riot of emotions swamping her? "It's an admirable quality. I'm sure your future husband will appreciate it."

Sophia nodded numbly and excused herself from the room. As she walked through the house, the chunky heels of her pumps echoing against the wooden floorboards, her stomach rocked in time with each step.


More like a prison sentence.

By the time she got up to her room, her hands were shaking. She pulled her laptop off her desk and settled onto her bed. Slowly, she typed Dion Kourakis's name into Google. The image that popped up made her blink. Her father hadn't been joking. He wasn't a disgusting old pig by any stretch.

"Well, he might still be a pig," she muttered to herself. "But he's not an old one."

In fact, the man who stared back at her could have been cut right out of a GQ fashion shoot. Hair like polished onyx, deep olive skin, and a sexy five o'clock shadow. Dark, mysterious eyes and full lips that had the most subtle quirk, like he was laughing at a private joke.

He was hot. Superhot, even. But that didn't change things.

According to Wikipedia, Dion Kourakis was thirty-one and a self- made billionaire. Born and raised in Corfu, Greece. He gave to charity on the regular and was well-known in the community for his company's program to provide underprivileged residents with employment opportunities.

Okay, so he was superhot and a good guy.

Grumbling, Sophia folded her arms across her chest. That still didn't change things. The last thing she wanted was to go from being under the control of one domineering man to another. And a man who was willing to marry someone for the sake of a business deal was bound to be domineering, right? Never mind that he seemed like a good guy. Was it worth the risk?

Sophia groaned. Didn't anyone marry for love anymore? Was that such a ridiculous notion? She wanted the kind of marriage that was founded on things like trust and mutual respect, on genuine feelings and equality. And, of course, on love.

Because, as much as she adored her mother, she'd be damned if she followed in her footsteps. No way would Sophia end up tied to a man who didn't view her as an equal, least of all one who seemed willing to use her as a pawn for the sake of money. Not. Going. To. Happen.

Resolved to find some flaw in the man, Sophia scrolled through page after page on Google Images of Dion in an array of well-tailored suits, attending charity balls, cocktail parties, ribbon cuttings, and premieres. Even a shot of him shaking the hand of someone in royal dress.

In the images were a rotating bevy of stylish dark-haired women on his arm. Okay. Clearly, he had a type. Sophia frowned at the reflection staring back at her from her vanity mirror. Her very brunette reflection. Darn it.

She lifted her chin. Whether she was his type or not, a man like Dion would need a wife befitting of hanging off his arm. A wife who would be okay with the spotlight, with having her photo taken, and who could dress well and shine beside him. A woman who could look pretty but stay quiet.

In other words, the woman she was raised to be, with her ability to assume an outwardly demure personality and her closet full of stylish clothes. Problem was, she didn't want to be that woman any longer.

And she certainly didn't want a man who felt entitled to those things.

But it wasn't like he knew her. She could be anyone ...

Sophia gasped as the solution hit her like a bolt of lightning. She wouldn't have to refuse her father's wishes if Dion decided he didn't want to marry her. After all, she couldn't be blamed if her husband-to-be wasn't happy with the merchandise. If he rejected her, then she could return home, absolved of her "duties" to her family, without worrying her mother would take the brunt of her defiance.

Then she could get back her plans for building her perfect life. All she wanted was to find a house somewhere quiet, somewhere green, where she could work her own hours, be her own boss, and wake up each morning with a view of nature. Then she could convince her mother to come live with her, and the two of them would be happy and free forever.

Guilt immediately curled in her stomach at the thought of lying to this stranger, of deceiving him. But what other option did she have? Her father would never bend, never waver. His word was final ... always. If she showed any ounce of resistance, he'd march her onto the damn plane and buckle her into the seat himself. Or worse, fly to Greece with her.

And really, wasn't this for Dion's benefit, too? He seemed like a decent guy. Upstanding. A good member of his community.

He shouldn't be steamrolled into a loveless marriage, either.

That meant none of her beautiful clothing or fancy shoes or her perfect-wife personality would be coming to Corfu with her. If Cinderella had ditched her rags to go catch a prince, then Sophia would simply do the opposite.


Dion Kourakis leaned against the back seat of his Audi and closed his eyes. The soothing flow of air-conditioning skated across his skin, easing the tension in his muscles and luring him into a state of relaxation. He checked his phone for what must have been the hundredth time that day, refreshing the screen with Sophia's flight details. He'd found himself counting the minutes like an insomniac counted sheep.

It was a good thing Dion was a master at appearing at ease and in control, even if his mind was a mess. He had a feeling that would serve him well in the next twenty-four hours.

His phone buzzed, and he wearily brought it to his ear. "Hello?"

"Has the mail-order bride arrived yet?" Dion's business partner and best friend, Nico, asked with a chuckle. The question wasn't meant with any malice, but it didn't stop Dion from rolling his eyes.

"That's not what this is," Dion replied. "And you know it."


Excerpted from "How to Lose a Fiancé"
by .
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Excerpted by permission of Entangled Publishing, LLC.
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How to Lose a Fiancé 4.7 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 20 reviews.
BookSnuggle 5 days ago
How to Lose A Fiancé by Stefanie London. This is Sophia Andreou and Dion Kourakis’ story. This was s a fun read. Sophia and Dion’s characters were so much fun. I was hooked from the beginning to the end. It was fun seeing Sophia’s personality as she discovered her true self. Dion tries to distance himself from people and says he doesn’t believe in love but does he really feel that way. This book left me with a smile and helped relieve stress from everyday struggles. I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.
dropsydot 13 days ago
Sophia Andreau is ruled by her father and her fear keeps here under this thumb. When he tells her she must marry a man of his choice to save his business she doesn't have the nerve to say no. She also feels by leaving she can get her mother to leave her husband . Dion Kourakis is the man he chooses and he agrees to the marriage as he has an hidden reason for wanting his business. That's a secret I won't tell, you'll find out when you read the book. Dion is gorgeous and is wealthy and up and coming so the only way to get him to not marry her she make herself hideous with wild ugly clothes and insists she needs her fox and friends that are taxidermied to live in his house. This is the beginning of a truly fantastic story of two people with a dark past that slowly peel back the layers of each other to see their true self, and Ms. London has again written a page turner that you don't want to put down. You will fall in love with Dion and Sophia and his mentor Elias and her stuffed fox named the Baroness Sasha Foxington III. Second in her series and awesome.
etoile1996 18 days ago
this series is just purely perfect category tropeness, how to lose a fiancé takes on the trying to sabotage an arranged marriage and oops finding out the guy is actually the hero of your dreams trope and does an incredible job of it. dion and sophia are a perfect match, even when they are doing their best to fight it. it's old school harlequin at it's finest, but somehow still feels fresh and is light and frothy with just the right amount of emotional depth to make you feel fully invested in these characters. **how to lose a fiancé will publish on june 17, 2019. i received an advance reader copy courtesy of netgalley/entangled publishing (indulgence) in exchange for my honest review.
Lori-Gonzo 24 days ago
What a sweet and spicy book for two characters who discovered they were more alike than they both thought! Dion and Sophia were such a sweet match. I loved the way they bantered back and forth, grew together as individual people and a couple, and that in the end, both had the same realization that they belonged together. Their journey was not too bumpy, paved mostly with emotional baggage, but I loved how they came back together. And I loved how Sophia never gave up on him as well as finding her own voice and confidence. The epilogue was bittersweet and left me wanting to get a glimpse into their future lives. I received this book in exchange for an honest review from the publisher through Netgalley.
Cali-Jewel 25 days ago
Highly entertaining, laugh out loud, emotionally thrilling and engagingly charming romantic journey filled with family, loyalty, love and laughter... was a great read from beginning to end. I really loved all the witty banter, sizzling chemistry and exciting twists that happen between these two on this crazy fun adventure.
LynnB888 25 days ago
4 1/2 STARS! Quickly addictive and absolutely delightful! With the second book in her Greek Billionaires series, Stefanie London brings new meaning to laugh out loud funny! With a quirky addition to her heroine's repertoire that reader's won't soon forget, she delights our imagination and tickles our funny bone time and again. I loved that it had so much humor woven in, yet was also very spot on in delivering a sensitive side to each of the main characters that drew us into their story. Lots of fun to read with a satisfying ending! Sophia Andreou can't believe what her domineering father is stooping to this time. She has put up with many of his schemes in her day in order to keep peace in the household, but this time he's sunk to an all time low. He expects her to marry a total stranger to get his flailing business and debts taken care of. So what if he's a gorgeous Greek billionaire ... she'll figure out a way to get rid of him! Dion Kourakis isn't interested in marrying anymore than she is, but he is interested in obtaining that company ... if marriage is the only way to do it, he'll make do. Once he meets Sophia and all of her quirky ways, he realizes he's in for the ride of his life!
PennieM 26 days ago
This book was a lot of fun. Sophie has been a pawn in her father's scheme to somehow keep a part of his business when he sells it to Dion by making her a "bride" as part of the terms of sale. Dion has no problem with that since he is never going to marry for love and has done his homework and Sophie appears to be exactly what he needs as the perfect "wife" to show the world as he does business. She is beautiful and can will fit in with his many functions. He is in for a rude awakening when he meets her at the airport and Sophie the misfit walks up to him and he takes her for a homeless person. Oh, let the fun begin. These two circle each other and when Sophie brings in Sasha, the fox, all bets are off. Who will win this test of wills? These two are so much alike and neither wants to be a pawn but neither wants to be lose so who will win? Could it be they both will in the end? Definitely a winner and a must read! **Received this ARC for review from the publisher via NetGalley**
Dangrdonna 27 days ago
Sophia and Dion made me laugh, cry and swoony sigh all through this book. Sophia gets super creative in how she decides to get out of an arranged marriage. She even goes so far as makes up a ridiculous hobby of taxidermy to through Dion off! He takes it all in stride though because with this arrangement comes something he’s been craving forever, his estranged father’s company. The emotions these two find while getting to know one another are deep. Some major soul searching happens and in doing so they find they truly like the other person and even themselves. Dion says he’s not a romantic but he shows Sophia how much he listens and cares for her in the most romantic of ways.
EileenAW 28 days ago
Sophia and Dion’s unexpected love story in How to Lose a Fiance’ by Stefanie London, was an emotional and wonderful story of two people never planning to marry who needed to be honest, understanding, and communicate true expectations. Sophia tried to be the good daughter to please her domineering and controlling Greek father. This time, he had gone too far; forcing her to marry a Greek billionaire who can save the crumbling family company. Sophia wondered what would happen if she became a deconstructed Cindrella? Instead of dressing up to win the prince, she could dress gaudy and obnoxiously in order to get hers to reject her as his bride. Dion is no longer the scared, skinny orphan with only a single friend. Today he runs a billion-dollar investment company and is respected by everyone who meets him. On the surface, his charm hides many of his emotional scars, including his abandonment. Dion is not interested in having a bride as part of a business deal, so he plans on letting the gal down, gently, when they meet. However, his future bride is truly nothing like he thought she’d be; quirky and wearing strange outfits. Dion is smart enough to see past her surface to figure out her game. The harder she works to convince him that she is not wife material, the more he wants her to believe that they would be perfect together. I loved the humor and creativeness Sophia and Dion use while trying to convince each other of their beliefs. Sophia’s use of Goodwill-type clothes to disguise her true beauty had Dion seeing through the covering to the rebellious actions. The use of the taxidermy animals was pure genius. I loved the fox, Baroness Sasha, and the various locations she was placed by either Sophia or Dion. These two strong and determined characters perfectly fit each other and their strengths enabling the other to become stronger. Ms. London wrote a wonderful, sexy and emotional story that is not to be missed. She provided a tale rich with sexual chemistry, amusing banter, and endearing characters giving Sophia and Dion a chance at love, happiness, and a future neither expected. I highly recommend How to Lose a Fiance’ to other readers. I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book.
FictionBeerandCupcakes 30 days ago
ARC provided via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. All thoughts and opinions are my own. Holy smoke this book! This was my first-time reading Stefanie London and I am thoroughly impressed with the story line and all the emotions I went through will reading. Sophia Andreou has been doing everything her father has ever asked of her, hoping to one day have independence from her overbearing dominating father. Her father is Cyrus “the Greek” Andreou and his business is struggling. In order to stay afloat he decides to sell his business to Dion Kourakis. Though not only his business will be sold to Dion, he will also get Cyrus’s daughter in the deal as well. Sophia is determined to make sure she comes off as the worst possible wife ever, therefore she never gets married and can possibly resume getting her freedom. Dion Kourakis grew up in an orphanage. Now a self-made billionaire living in Corfu he is determined to get Cyrus’s business. Realizing that his mentor Elias, who has a terminal prognosis, may never see him take over the newly acquired business. He is determined to go through with marrying Sophia because his end goal of getting her father’s business is all he has wanted for the past 5 years. When Theofanis “Theo” Anastas, CEO of Shine Corp in London shows up and stirs up some trouble, will Dion and Sophia really be able to continue on with a false engagement? Will Sophia be able to repel Dion and get her freedom? Will Dion be able to attain his longtime goal of attaining Cyrus’s business or will he decide he doesn’t really want Sophia if she has to come with the newly acquired business? WOW! I really liked this book. I felt for Sophia, because I couldn’t even remotely think about being sold to someone who I didn’t love for a business acquisition. She is a tough little cookie and smart as hell. I loved how she had no problem dressing up in eccentric outfits. Dion I was on the fence with him in the beginning, but as time went on, I felt for him. Dion didn’t grow up the best, but he worked hard to get his business off the ground. Reading about him putting up with Sophia’s crazy antics was a hoot. I don’t know of anyone who likes taxidermy animals and she went to make to attempt to make him super uncomfortable. The fox, Baroness Sasha Foxington the III was quite a name and I loved how she popped up throughout the book. I do recommend this book and googled for the closest Greek bakery after finishing it!
Anonymous 3 months ago
I loved the first book in this series but was not prepared to love love love this one. This book had me laughing out loud throughout the entire book. This series was the first that I have read of this author and cannot wait to read more of her books. You will not be disappointed by this series.
Maria-Rose 3 months ago
Great setup for this fun, sexy romance! Sophia's controlling father has planned a marriage of convenience for her to Dion along with the sale of his company. Sophia needs Dion to reject her so she can get out of the marriage without making her father angry, so she plans to be as outlandish as possible, and exactly the wrong type of woman for a society lifestyle. But it's not long before Dion sees through her ruse and when the truth comes out, the real woman is even more fascinating to him. Maybe a marriage of convenience can get them both what they want.... There are lots of laughs in this one. Sophia's deception doesn't last too long, and when Dion finds out why she's acted the way she has, he wants to make this an arrangement that will work for both of them. He has no interest in love, but a companion for the days (and the nights) is pretty appealing. I love how they grow closer together as the story progresses and there are some very sexy love scenes. Sophia's goal in this marriage is to get her mother away from her controlling father but things don't quite work out the way she wants. Through it all Dion is a supportive partner and it's not long before he realizes that his feelings for Sophia are stronger than he'd planned. The loss of a mentor and friend makes him realize he has to take a chance on a real future with Sophia. The beautiful island setting of Corfu makes for some a lovely setting. This is a fun, sexy story with likable characters and a sweet happy ending. I can always count on Stefanie London to provide a thoroughly enjoyable romance!
ljtljtljt 3 months ago
I adore "marriage of convenience" romances and How to Lose a Fiance by Stefanie London is a wonderful addition to the trope. This story draws you in immediately, and the engaging plot continuously entertains with each and every moment. The two main characters, Sophia Andreou and Dion Kourakis, have amazing chemistry, and their relationship is replete with desire, compassion, and inspiration. This is the fourth book I have embraced from this author. By day, Sophia works for her father's property business, and by night, she runs her own virtual assistant company. Her tyrannical father has managed her life so far, and now he expects her to marry a man of his choosing, in order to keep his business from shutting down. Sophia has never disobeyed any of her father's orders or schemes, and now her entire future is being planned out without her consent. Luckily for Sophia, Greek billionaire Dion Kourakis is gracious and genuine, however, he has his own agenda for purchasing her father's business. Dion grew up unhappily in an orphanage and hard work is what has made him a success. He leads a lonely life, with one best friend, and a mentor/father figure who is suffering from lung cancer. I really enjoyed this well-written book. The first few chapters are quite humorous, due to Sophia's outlandish ideas and antics. Sophia and Dion challenge each other for the better, and as a result, their fragile relationship evolves into true love. In addition, their sexy times are quite hot. Sophia's father was beyond manipulative, while her mom was a doormat. Overall, this is a solid romantic read that should be added to your TBR list. Complimentary copy provided by the publisher via NetGalley.
Laura_F 3 months ago
How do you get out of an arranged marriage when your father is the actual worst? Be the exact opposite of everything the potential groom would want. Sophia's antics were absolutely hilarious. I could picture all of her crazy outfits and laughed out loud to her unbelievable schemes. I loved how Dion took all her crazy in stride and did his best to roll with it. These two kept me wanting to read more to see what would happen next. I missed the first book in this series but I'm adding it to my TBR!!
Bette313 3 months ago
This was an entertaining, quick, fun read. It is nicely done with interesting well developed characters, a touch of humor, a smidge of sass, and a fun quickly developing storyline. While slightly predictable these characters brought a fresh feel to the story. Sophia doesn't seem the type to go along with an arranged relationship but she played the part well. Mostly! Dion wants nothing to do with this plan until he meets Sophia and sees the depths she will go to in order to chase him off. Watching her antics are completely entertaining and Dion finds himself wrapped up in her shenanigans. Her spirit and determination win his heart and then he's determined to win hers. Don't miss their story, I highly recommend this entertaining read.
Lorizen 3 months ago
Another winner from Stefanie! This book has it all, topped perfectly with a handsome Greek businessman! Sophia has spent her life doing her father's bidding. He's cruel, manipulative and holds her mother's well being over Sophie's head as a means of controlling her. Especially now since his latest business deal includes Sophie as part of the package. He needs to bail on his business which is failing miserably and he plays right into the hands of Dion who wants the company for his own reasons as we find out as the book unfolds. Sophie is resigned to go to Corfu, but her idea is to make herself as unappealing and ridiculous as possible so Dion won't want to marry her, all the while trying to keep things straight so the deal goes through. The antics are hysterical and I know I'll never look at a Taxidermist the same way again! No fox given! Dion is at first a bit taken aback when he sees her, this is not the woman in photos... this is.. you have to read the book. Dion does see through her disguises and attempts to cover up who she is and she slowly lets him into her life and he gets a glimpse of what her father is really like. Dion's backstory unfolds as well as well as his relationship with the man, Elias who was his mentor as well as a father figure. Elias is in failing health and his days are numbered. Dion decides to seduce Sophie to get her to open up and show herself fully and off to Paris they go! Let the games begin! The two grow closer and his self talk was quite telling. Things are spinning along nicely for the two when they return to Corfu. That is until things fail with Elias and Dion shuts down. What a gem this is and a must read. Stefanie never disappoints and she's written yet another winner. It's a five star read all the way plus extra sparkles for the epilogue!!
PennySparkles 3 months ago
Holy anti-commitment Greek lonely billionaires, Batman! Ms. London has done it again. I freaking love this book, it was fun, sweet and had some sexiness to it. I adored Beauty and the Greek Billionaire and I was hoping Nico’s business partner would get his own story, and How to Lose a Fiancé totally did it justice. Dion has been set on the path of revenge for as long as he can remember. Now with victory on the tip of his fingers he will do anything to achieve it, even if that means marrying some girl he’s never met. Sophia is done being under the thumb of her dictatorial father, but she can’t see a way out of the latest mess he’s driven into without putting her mother’s health at risk. Marry some Greek suit who’s exactly like daddy dearest? Not a chance. She’ll do anything in her power to make Dion curse the day he accepted her hand in marriage as part of a business deal. Armed with a plan and the conviction to see it through, she sets on driving Dion crazy enough to renege on the deal. She just hadn’t anticipated the sexy Greek guy to out matching her in all her ploys. Watching Dion and Sophia butt heads was hilarious. She came up with the most outrageous schemes only to have Dion take them in stride. I absolutely loved their chemistry and dynamics and how they were exactly what the other one needed to grow as a person. I wish we’d gotten to see a bit more of Marianna and Nico and their growing family and that the epilogue was a bit more centered in Sophia and Dion’s HEA, but this camper was really happy with what she got. Funny, with some angst, lots of feelings and really hot chemistry How to Lose a Fiancé was a fabulous read that had me enchanted from start to finish. I can’t wait to see what Ms. London will have for us next! *I voluntarily reviewed a complimentary copy of this book*
whatsbetterthanbooks 3 months ago
Smart, seductive, and entertaining! How to Lose a Fiancé is a hilarious, quick, steamy tale that takes us into the life of the stubborn, creative, Sophia Andreous as she endeavours to do whatever it takes to have the sexy, hardworking, billionaire Dion revoke the business deal that includes their arranged marriage. The writing is whimsical and light. The characters are quirky, supportive, and passionate. And the plot is a laugh-out-loud funny blend of familial obligation, life, love, friendship, introspection, romance, awkward moments, embarrassing situations, and outrageous hijinks. Overall, How to Lose a Fiancé is another sassy, sensual, amusing novel by London that has all the characteristics of a fantastic romcom, including adorable characters, a witty storyline, and the requisite swoon-worthy, happy-ever-after ending.
Hnobbs825 3 months ago
I really enjoyed this book. I was chuckling and smiling the whole time I was reading it. The antics that Sophia pulled to convince Dion he did not want to go through with the arranged marriage were hilarious. The clown pants were a hoot but what killed me was the taxidermy namely Baroness Sasha Foxington III. Even with the crazy clothes that Sophia wore there was just something about her that drew Dion to her. He couldn’t figure it out because the kind of woman she was portraying was definitely not someone he would want to be with. Once he figured it out and Sophia was able to be herself they both had trouble fighting their attraction to each other even though neither of them wanted the arranged marriage. They spent a week in Paris to see if Dion could convince Sophia to go along with the arranged marriage and she was able to offer up “demands” that she wanted were she to go along with it. I loved that BSF became an inside private joke for them and that she popped up throughout. It showed that Dion and Sophia were connecting in more than a physical way. Of course not everything is easy and when Dion had to deal with the death of someone close to him he pushed Sophia away in the process. Luckily Dion comes to the realization that he did in fact fall in love with Sophia and needed to fix what he ruined between them. I loved these two together from the beginning. There was just something about the chemistry between them that worked even when they didn’t want to work.
linda quick 3 months ago
Loved this book! I can't say enough good things about it - I was thoroughly absorbed in the story and, in the first part of the book, found myself laughing out loud frequently. Add it what might have been my favorite character ever, the Baroness Sasha Foxington, you have a wonderful novel. Dion was perfect as the somewhat tortured fiance, while Sophia was charming - and unique - unwilling fiance. Their relationship was entertaining as it developed. Sophia was funny as she tried to get out of the looming marriage Her various attempts had me laughing out loud the point where my husband was wondering what I was reading and looking at me funny.... However, even with all that, this is a delightful contemporary romance that fans of the genre will love. This one is a must read! Make sure you pre-order this one as it's too good to be missed. The author is on my must read authors' list and, if you enjoy the genre, should probably be on yours as well