How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf

How to Make $150,000 a Year Teaching Golf

by Andrew Wood


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Dear Golf Instructor or would be golf instructor:

Unless you are already making six figures you are underpaid!

Grossly underpaid for your professional knowledge, experience and teaching talent!

Professional doctors, lawyers, accountants, even fitness trainers earn two, three, even ten times what the average golf instructor earns. Yet, you have gone through the same lengthy, not to mention costly, process of learning, practicing and honing your skills just as those in other professions have done.

I think it's time that changed.

I think it's time you got paid appropriately, just like other top professionals for the knowledge you impart and for the joy your teaching and experience brings to your students.

Wherever you teach or plan to start teaching, this book will turn on the lights for you. The feeling that you are at the mercy of fate when it comes to attracting enough students to make a solid living will evaporate. By proper use of the methods described in these pages, you can achieve a degree of control over the factors that determine your income and your future.

Apart from giving you basic and essential insights into the art of succeeding financially, it will introduce you to a technique of selling your services that will not only increase your income but also make it more consistent. Simply stated, this system will move you from selling a lesson to selling a program of improvement.

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