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How To Make Bread: Step-by-Step Guide From Growing Wheat To Baking A Bread Loaf

How To Make Bread: Step-by-Step Guide From Growing Wheat To Baking A Bread Loaf

by Bridget Bennet


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How To Make Bread:

Step-by-Step Guide From Growing Wheat To Baking A Bread Loaf

Wheat was responsible for the emergence of large city states; because of how easily it was cultivated on a large scale and for how long it lasted in storage. Thanks to wheat we had the development of the Babylonian and Assyrian empires.

You could say that wheat is a precursor to society. It is more easily cultivated than both maize and rice and it can be stored longer than these as well.

It is better for growing and storing, but it also contains nearly an extremely large amount of protein compared to these as well. Even now, wheat is the world's leading source of veggie protein.

I'm sure you have either seen or purchased the whey protein powder, which is available at every grocery store on the planet. In times of crisis, the thing you want more than anything is going to be wheat.

I would suggest for food storage, invest in buckets of wheat. You can easily get twenty-pound buckets that are only about 2 feet tall.

Fill your garage full of these, and once 2018 hits... well let's just say you will be the most popular neighbor in the cul-de-sac. Wheat isn't only good for emergency food supply though, it also does a great deal for your heart and weight.

No joke, I know most people think that all carbs are instantly going to make you fat, but that simply isn't true. Only sugary white breads that have been predigested are going to make you gain weight.

There are two types of carbs the complex and the not-so-complex (simple). Our bodies turn carbs into calories for energy, and excess calories not used are then turned into fat.

However, if you have complex carbs it is going to take your body longer to break them apart and turn them into fat. So by eating complex carbs you get the energy to power you throughout the day, but you do not have to deal with the pudgy weight gain.

Wheat is carbohydrates in their most complicated form. Eat wheat if you are trying to shed some pounds.

Still though, you are going to have to be physically active if you want to become thin. Wheat isn't some magic potion that instantly makes you thin; but it is a nearly magic, highly incredible vegetable that aids in weight loss when combined with regular and healthy physical activity.

With physical activity and wheat you won't just lose weight, but you will also gain powerful heart health. This complicated carbohydrate is very low in saturated fat and cholesterol, and this may help with cardio health.

Some of the topics in this book include:

  • How to grow wheat
  • Factors to consider for growing wheat
  • Process of making bread
  • The tools and techniques used
  • Methods of mixing
  • Slicing the bread

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