How to Make Friends When You're Shy

How to Make Friends When You're Shy

by Katharina A. Macher


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How to Overcome Shyness and Social Anxiety and Make New Friends

If you want to get rid of shyness and learn the art of effective conversation in a blink of an eye, this book is your guide to a more dynamic social life and increased success in general. In this guide to a more confident self you will learn how you can use small talk as a tool for getting rid of social anxiety. After reading this book you will certainly be equipped to deal with many social situations in a way that opens myriad doors and new paths for you.

Learn the Six Magic Words that Make Friendships happen.

Would you like to know the secrets of people who are charismatic and can make friends instantly? Don't you just love the idea of being able to make people like you only by means of one or two awesome utterances?

Communicate Effectively

The book includes practical how-to tips on:
• How to get rid of social anxiety and shyness
• How to make interesting and catching small talk with everyone you meet
• With many concrete openers/lines
• Important things to avoid at all costs
• How to leave the best first impression
• How to build self-confidence
• How to handle grouches
• How to learn and develop charisma and attract friends instantly
• The six magic words that make friendships happen

How to talk to anyone? Learn the Art of Effective Small Talk

In this book you discover why people may suffer from shyness and how they can combat it. You're not the only one who has had to face this problem. Many people start from scratch in their communication skills. Not everyone is born charismatic. Actually charisma can be learned and developed and this book shows you how you can do this. Learning the art of engaging small talk is your path to making new connections instantly and leading a more enjoyable and successful life.

This book is your key to saying goodbye to shyness and becoming a skilled and charismatic communicator.

Change Your Thought Patterns

This book introduces you to the most important things you need to know if you want to change your thought patterns and take control of your life. Real change is an extremely complex phenomenon that requires you to look deeply into your own mind and your thoughts in order to be effective. It is not only your conscious mind that you have to work on, but also your ingrained habits, preconceived ideas, and deeper conditioning.

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