How to Manage Difficult People

How to Manage Difficult People

by J Rochie Holohan


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If I were to ask you about your current problems at work (or in your life), what would you talk about? The ever-increasing pressures on you? The ever-higher customer demands? The budget demands, the soaring costs? The endless meetings, the incessant demands for reports from the ever-growing bureaucratic monster? The constant interruptions, the steady stream of callers and visitors, the non-stop e-mails and phone calls?

Is it not true that, more than all of those, it can be the hassle of dealing with 'difficult people' at work that can largely decide how manageable or how stressful you find your work, ... and how pleasant you find your life in general? The 'difficult people' in our lives can sometimes behave in quite outrageous ways towards us - making us feel miserable, hammering our self-esteem and our inner calm, causing us intense anger and hurt.

This short book delivers a practical solution to the problem of those 'difficult people' in your life. It can help you to build a much better life for yourself - through new ways of thinking about and managing your 'difficult people'.

"You must learn a new way to think, before you can master a new way to be," explains Marianne Williamson. In order to better manage the 'difficult people' in your circle, you must first build a new way of thinking. The six insights in this book can help you to do just that - to build that higher quality thinking. With this new thinking and with the practical advice, the everyday examples and the coaching exercises in this book, you will be enabled to effortlessly manage your 'difficult people'. Use the book to reclaim your freedom, your fun and your life.

For many years now, people have been working with Rochie to build for themselves a better life - a happier life of greater choice, with much less stress and far more time. Because of his great passion to make that bigger and bigger difference in more people's lives, Rochie works tirelessly to improve his coaching methods; he is now widely acknowledged as a world class trainer. In the end, working with Rochie, you can easily become your very own best Business & Life Coach.

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About the Author

Having studied for many years with the renowned Professor Roger Bennett at the IMCB in Buckingham in England, Rochie graduated with a Masters Degree in Management Training.

Later, his research work in training was rewarded with a Fellowship of the UK Chartered Institute of Personnel Development and a Fellowship of the Irish Institute of Training and Development.

Rochie thanks Colin Brett, Philip Brew and the Tipperary Institute in Thurles in County Tipperary in Ireland for qualifications as a Life & Business Coach. Rochie has Practitioner Certificates in (NLP) Neuro Linguistic Programming, (TLT) Time Line Therapy and Hypnosis. In 2007, he got Master Practitioner Certificates in these three disciplines.

As well as his work in Ireland, Northern Ireland and England, Rochie works as a senior consultant in Denmark, Eastern Europe, Russia, the Seychelles Islands and Zambia. Those projects are mainly about strengthening critical organisations, through the training and coaching of Senior Managers and the training of Trainers.

Rochie worked for many years with a number of local county councils in Ireland and as the chief executive of a local not-for-profit enterprise promotion company. Since Oct 2009, Rochie has been running his own coaching and training business from his spiritual home on the most westerly corner of Europe, from the wild and beautiful West Kerry.

He now leads open and in-company coaching workshops at home and abroad, ... focused mainly on leadership, supervision, strategy, stress management, public speaking skills or training-of-trainers.

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