How to Master 13 Negotiating Skills and Win in Business

How to Master 13 Negotiating Skills and Win in Business

by Shabbir Hossain


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Publication date: 08/14/2016
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About the Author

My name is Shabbir Hossain. I have been at gas stations and a few other retail businesses for the last 20 some years. I have a B.S. degree in Marketing from the University of South Alabama. In this 20 plus years, along with gas stations, I have also owned, managed, and/or operated a few other types of retail businesses like fast food franchises, an Italian restaurant, a pizza delivery business, a dry cleaner, B2B wholesaling, and even liquor stores. Every business I bought, sold or leased over the years has had some degree of negotiation involved. I have done everything from simple "handshake deals" to hardcore back and forth negotiation of commercial leases, from financing terms to pricing.

I fell into the consulting business two years ago without even knowing that I did it, when I was first approached by a group of investors to help me negotiate a deal for 3 gas stations that they were trying to buy as part of their investment portfolio. It was a long process, but after 3 months I was able to make a deal happen where my investors ended up with a better deal than what they expected.

I am still involved in gas station business along with freelance consulting but what I enjoy the most is hosting my own podcast show where I talk about various aspects of gas station business strategies.

You can find me in few ways, first, stop by my blog at and you can contact me from there. You can also find me on Facebook at CSB_Academy. You can also email me directly at and send me your questions. If you enjoy listening to the audio podcast, you can listen to my Gas Station Business 101 Podcast show on iTunes, Stitcher or TuneIn Radio.

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