How to Overcome Blaming Autism Part I

How to Overcome Blaming Autism Part I

by Travis Breeding


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Getting a proper diagnosis is a challenge that is presented to many individuals and doctors who are trying to diagnosis mental and developmental disorders. Often times a primary diagnosis is accompanied by a secondary diagnosis. Sometimes the effects of the secondary diagnosis are at their peak when the individual is meeting with his or her doctor making it possible that you receive a misdiagnosis altogether.
I am someone who struggles greatly with the secondary diagnosis that come along with my Autism Spectrum Disorder diagnosis. It is important that the proper diagnosis are given so that the proper treatment plan can be made to ensure to help those living with Autism and Mental Illness.
Without a proper secondary diagnosis it is easy to confuse the symptoms that are from the secondary diagnosis with Autism your primary diagnosis. For the past 8 years I have thought that all of my mental issues were related to Autism and I blamed Autism for everything that was going on with me mentally because there was confusion about what my secondary diagnosis was. In this book I will share how I continue to work through my symptoms that are from secondary diagnosis and overcome the anxiety I have that comes from being Autistic. It is common for those with Autism to have anxiety in social situations and I spent years mistaking this anxiety and depression I had as a part of Autism. In this book I share how I found out that the anxiety and depression were not a part of Autism but more so they were symptoms of not having the adequate social skills to be successful in social situations and in social relationships.
It is easy to blame Autism for all of the problems I face. I know because I use to do that. Over time I am learning how to overcome that and become a better person. This book series will share my experience with overcoming blaming Autism.

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About the Author

Travis is 29 years old. He is dually diagnosed with Autism and Psychosis. Travis has been through many things in dealing with Autism. He openly shares his experiences to help others like him who may be struggling with some of the same issues.

Travis likes to read and write. He also enjoys playing and watching basketball and football. You can email Travis by emailing

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