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How to Paint Flowers In Water Colors Step by Step Lessons

How to Paint Flowers In Water Colors Step by Step Lessons


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Table of Contents

About Watercolors
Short History
Types of Water Colors
Different Techniques of Watercolor painting
Flowers in Water Colors
Comparison with Other Mediums
Oil Paints
Acrylic Paints
Materials used for water color painting
Material for drawing
Tracing Paper
Water colors
Masking fluid
Tissue Paper
Masking Tape
Hair Dryer
Materials needed in this book for painting
Primary and Secondary Colors
Color Wheel and its significance
Practice Activities
Three tones
How to Draw
Free hand drawing
Flower Painting Lessons
How to paint Lavenders
How to paint a rose in water colors
How to paint Tulips
How to paint an Iris
How to paint a Sunflower
Artist Bio


It is not difficult! I guess this line will open the doors of hope for you. And I'm not just bragging. It sure is one of the most difficult mediums to paint with and that was exactly the challenge I accepted when I started my Arts education. I thought, how difficult can it really be? I have realized over the time that everything in this world is difficult only until you learn it. If you try, you do get a grasp of it sooner or later. One very important thing is that you find someone who can teach you, and can teach you well.

Here I hope I will be able to transfer as much knowledge as I can in a possibly detailed manner. If you were in a class, I would be open to questions. But that is not the case in our situation, so I want to make sure that by the time you finish this book, you won't have any questions left. I am keeping the struggles in my mind, that I made just to learn this technique and how I wished I could get one person or a single book that could be my fairy god mother and teach me everything I needed to know in a wave of a wand. That didn't happen, of course. But I did learn and now that I know, I want to transfer my knowledge to you.

Why is water color one of the difficult materials? Everybody has their own reasons; the only reason that I am going to tell you is that they are a bit hard to control. Don't worry! Don't be taken aback. I'm here to teach you. This book contains activities by which you will learn to control your color, brush strokes, and many other things.

I assure you that you have made the best choice. You will not only learn to paint flowers and many other things that your heart desires because you will learn to use your brush and get familiar with different materials and techniques.

I would like to wish you best of luck and hope that your, and my hard work will pay in the form of you being as good as me or even better.

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