How to Play Guitar: Everything You Need to Know to Play the Guitar

How to Play Guitar: Everything You Need to Know to Play the Guitar

by Roger Evans


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In How to Play Guitar guitar players of all levels will find a wealth of instruction and inspiration. Whether you want to play pop, folk, country, rock, blues, jazz, classical, or any other style of music, you will pick up the basic techniques without tedious drills and exercises. Using real music and a step-by-step approach, How to Play Guitar will teach you about:

- Choosing and buying a guitar

- Tuning your instrument correctlyReading sheet music, guitar music, and tablature

- Playing melodies with chordsFingerpicking

- Mastering left-hand techniques, including sliding and bending notes

- Transposing melodies from one key to another and much more.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780312287061
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 12/10/2001
Edition description: REV
Pages: 128
Sales rank: 245,380
Product dimensions: 7.21(w) x 9.11(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Roger Evans has helped nearly half a million readers learn to play an instrument on their own. His other books include How to Play Piano and How to Play Keyboards

Table of Contents

The Guitar8
Which is the right guitar for you?10
How to choose and buy your guitar12
Secondhand guitars13
Before you buy14
Taking care of your guitar16
Starting to play17
Holding your guitar18
Playing with a beat21
Training your fingers26
How to tune your guitar27
Tuning hints30
More Notes and tunes to play31
Starting to play Chords34
How to practice37
Starting to read music38
Are you playing correctly?41
More Chords to play--F, Am, Dm, E742
Changing Chords44
More about music45
Time signatures, dotted notes, tied notes45
Should you play with a Plectrum?49
Become your own Bass Player50
Brush strokes53
How to play melodies with chords56
More Chords--G, B7, Em and D60
Rhythm Guitar Playing61
How to start Fingerpicking62
More Advanced Music67
Eighth notes, sixteenth notes, rests68
Sharps ([musical sharp]) and Flats ([musical flat])70
Natural signs ([musical natural])71
Notes up to the 4th fret73
Music in different Keys74
Key signatures74
More Fingerpicking76
How to play with a Capo80
Chord and note names at different Capo positions81
Useful Left-Hand Techniques82
Hammering-on, pulling-off82
Sliding notes, bending notes83
Some 'Classical' Guitar Techniques84
Plucked chords, arpeggios84
The rest stroke, free strokes86
How to become a better guitarist88
Polish your playing, read music, practice88
Learn from other guitarists89
Do you need guitar lessons?89
Playing higher up the Fingerboard90
How to work out notes higher up the fingerboard91
All Notes on the Guitar92
Chords for every Key93
Chords higher up the Fingerboard97
The Barre or Bar98
Learning to play new music100
Learning new songs101
How to read Sheet Music102
Making up 'intros' and guitar solos from piano parts103
Reading Guitar Music104
How to read Tablature105
Changing Music to other Keys (Transposing)106
How to transpose chords to another key106
Transposing melodies107
Playing by ear108
Playing fingerpicking and brush strokes by ear110
Helpful Hints and Friendly Advice111
Have fun--play guitar with a friend...111
... or play with a recording of yourself111
Playing along with records112
Do you need a new guitar?112
Buying an 'electric' guitar or amplifier113
Selling a guitar113
Playing to an Audience114
Travelling with your guitar115
Changing the strings on your guitar116
Choosing your Steel Guitar Strings119
How to play Harmonics120
How to tune with Harmonics121
Open Tunings122
The Problem Page123
Buzzing and rattling noises123
If strings keep breaking123
Problems with tuning or staying in tune123
Are you Left-Handed?124

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