How to Play the Chromatic Harmonica Instantly: The Book 2

How to Play the Chromatic Harmonica Instantly: The Book 2

by Marcos Habif


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STEP 5-60 minutes
(Video and Audio Purchase Separately)

EZ Lessons
EZ Songs
Lessons include:
Slide Button
Major Scales
Sharps & Flats
Learn To Jam The Blues
Video and Audio (Purchase Separately)
You Don't Have To Read Music!

This 2-in-1 book shows you how to play the chromatic harmonica and how to create music in any key using the chromatic slide button. Marcos teaches you to play the major scales, sharps and flats. Learn where all the easy BLUES
jams are and jam BLUES instantly.

THE BOOKS by Marcos
The most comprehensive, Easy to learn Step by Step common sense ap-
proach harmonica method on the market today. Learn the universally known and accepted "Arrow System" playing easy simple songs. You don't need to read music to start playing songs. Both "How To Play Harmonica Instantly"
and "How To Play Chromnatic Harmonica Instantly" contain lessons, songs and harmonica history that lead you to a great learning experience in mastering the Harmonica. Each book contains 64 "8 1/2 x 11" pages with meaningful illustrations, lessons and songs!
For the musician who is looking to expand their musical horizons Marcos has provided 2 additional books How To Play Guitar Instantly and How To Play
Keyboards and Piano Instantly
You get the best books ever written. Read the book, see the illustration and hear all the samples on the DVD. Best to order both The Book and
DVD for the 3 dimensional process of learning "READ-SEE-HEAR".

"This is a great package. And it's great for the beginner."
Kevin, Guitar Center, San Francisco, California

"It's good, everybody loves it.
The best book we ever had."
Metroplex Music, Garland, Texas

"The customers like it, a good product.
It moves fast and is comprehensive."
Jack's Music, Sacramento, California

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ISBN-13: 9781467929851
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 12/06/2011
Pages: 66
Sales rank: 685,389
Product dimensions: 8.50(w) x 11.00(h) x 0.14(d)

About the Author

Marcos Habif has been playing the harmonica professionally for over 30 years.
He has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows, in addition to his work in
Hollywood recording music for the film industry. He has been affiliated with
Warner Brothers Publishing for many years, and has worked with Hohner
Harmonica, the largest producer of harmonicas in the world.
He is considered by many to be one of the finest harmonica players in the world,
and has authored dozens of books, tapes, CDs, videos and CD-ROMs on playing the harmonica. His "How to Play the Harmonica...Instantly" courses have been a best seller for years, and has appeared in many national magazines and newspapers,
including PARADE, USA WEEKEND, The Saturday Evening Post, The National Inquirer,
Star and many others.
His unique "Arrow/Number" system and other innovative teaching methods have helped thousands of students learn how to play the harmonica.
A graduate of UCLA, where he majored in Film Scoring and Orchestration,
Marcos is a member of numerous professional musical organizations and has won many awards for his musical activities.

Out of perhaps millions of harmonica lovers and players the world over, only a dozen or so are recognized virtuosos. Marcos is, and has been for many years,
a recognized virtuoso on the harmonica. His musical performances have made it into all the music media, including records, film scores, television-and he has performed with superstars of all types of music. Virtuoso says it all!
Marcos attended UCLA on a scholarship for Film Scoring and Orchestration.
He is sought after by many harmonica lovers and students for instruction on his insights and techniques. Whether you know it or not, you've probably heard him playing harmonica at one time or another-and you will again. He wrote this book for harmonica lovers everywhere to share the simple beauty of his unique methods for learning to play harmonica with his own self-styled expertise.
I applaud this book and the fine musician who wrote it. I highly recommend it to all levels of harmonica players.
Barry R. Brownlee
TV Producer and award winning writer

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