How to Practice Vedic Astrology: A Beginner's Guide to Casting Your Horoscope and Predicting Your Future

How to Practice Vedic Astrology: A Beginner's Guide to Casting Your Horoscope and Predicting Your Future

by Andrew Bloomfield

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A comprehensive guide to understanding and practicing Vedic astrology, the art of jyotish.

• Teaches beginners how to read and interpret Vedic astrology charts, based on their own birth chart as well as the birth charts of 112 notable people.

• Shows how to use Vedic astrology to anticipate upcoming events and direct the cosmic energies of one's life toward a positive future outcome.

For over 5,000 years the people of India have used jyotish, or Vedic astrology, to anticipate future influences and make major decisions. Now Andrew Bloomfield brings this increasingly popular tool to the West in an easy-to-follow, comprehensive format, providing the reader with everything needed to practice the Indian art of predicting the future.

Vedic astrology was codified by the ancient Maharishis to help people achieve the four basic goals of human existence: kama (desire), artha (wealth), dharma (life purpose), and moksha (spiritual growth). Unlike other forms of astrology, Vedic calculations focus more on the primal, unconscious, driving forces linking our thoughts and actions. How to Practice Vedic Astrology shows how to make accurate predictions on when to expect life's changes concerning one's career, love life, children, or spirituality.

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ISBN-13: 9781594775987
Publisher: Inner Traditions/Bear & Company
Publication date: 07/14/2003
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 272
Sales rank: 873,444
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About the Author

Andrew Bloomfield is the author of Learning Practical Tibetan and numerous screenplays. A professional Vedic astrologer, he lives in Los Angeles.
Andrew Bloomfield is the author of Learning Practical Tibetan and numerous screenplays. A professional Vedic astrologer, he lives in Los Angeles.

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from The 7th House: Marriage

The Institution of Marriage

Vedic astrology makes an important distinction between an intimate relationship and marriage. Although marriage may seem like a mere formality in our contemporary society, from a Vedic astrological standpoint, an indissoluble bond is created by joining in matrimony that does not exist in a courtship, even if the courtship has lasted a decade.

It’s not uncommon for couples who have dated or even lived together for years to eventually decide to marry. However, if the planets in their charts do not support marriage, soon after the wedding the couple may feel like strangers. They sense that they made a big mistake. This happens because during courtship, antagonistic planets between two people slide over each other easily, as if Teflon-coated. Points of contention or great differences don't strongly impede the way they get along. In fact, often disagreements are explained away as being unimportant or even the spice that keeps things interesting. Generally, the rough spots don't stay difficult for long.

But when a couple whose planets are antagonistic decides to marry, those planets lock together. Suddenly those points of stress that could once slip in and out of tension are locked, and a person may feel trapped, suffocated, or overwhelmed by the energy of the other. Or they can feel a sudden distance, as if their spouse was just a friend instead of a husband or a wife (same-sex marriages work the same way). The little things that used to be endearing idiosyncrasies during a courtship can become intensely annoying or off-putting in a marriage. Nonetheless, if you are committed to making a marriage work, and you are willing to concentrate on healing the negativity between you and your partner, you can make the marriage last. Your own will, passion and compassion, can bring about enormous results. But please, consult the planets first!


When analyzing two charts for compatibility in marriage, it's important that the Moons and Venuses be well-placed. Good placements include conjunction (in the same house), sextile (the 3rd house from itself), trine (the 5th house from itself) and opposition (the 7th house from itself).

Harmony in relationships is challenged when planets are in square (the 4th house from itself), or in the 6th, 8th, or 2nd and 12th houses from each other.

The rising signs can be in square as long as you thrive on being with someone whose external expression of himself or herself is quite different from your own. Otherwise, the rising signs should be conjunct, in sextile, trine or opposition positions.

When considering planetary compatibility, recognize that the house that planet occupies will inflect the characteristic of the planet with its own temperament. So even if the aspects are favorable, the way those planets interact may not be satisfactory.

Let's look at some compatibility in charts:

For an example of a nice courtship that became a marriage from hell, below are the charts of Sharon and Ken.

Sharon was born with Pisces rising. Looking at her 7th house, Virgo, we see no planets. But the ruler of Virgo, Mercury, is in her 8th house. The 8th house, being a house of loss, indicates the potential failure of her first marriage. An astrologer could see this woman's chart on the day of her birth and know that she was likely to suffer at least one divorce because of this planetary configuration. Although we don't know Ken's time of birth, what's more important in this example are the planets he has in Virgo, since Virgo is Sharon’s 7th house.

Ken has Mercury (a neutral planet, taking on the power of the planet most powerfully influencing it-- in this case, malefic Mars), Jupiter, and Sun all placed in Virgo. Although his Jupiter would normally be beneficial for his partner, since it aspects her rising sign, unfortunately his Jupiter is very close to the Sun, creating a combustion. The beneficial affects of Jupiter are lessened greatly by the Sun.

With four intense planets occupying Sharon’s 7th house, Ken’s and her relationship was a whirlwind of intense sexuality, passion, obsession, and arguments. In Ken, Sharon had finally found the hot-blooded lover she had wanted, and they decided to marry.

If only they had known about Vedic astrology!

When the Mars of one person occupies the 7th house of the person he or she marries, there is a tendency for the person they marry to be promiscuous. The Mars in Virgo for Ken also aspects his Aries Moon, giving him an explosive temper. Sharon’s Saturn hits its enemy Mars in Ken’s chart almost to the exact degree from Cancer. Finally, Sharon’s Mars and Sun sit directly on their enemy, Saturn, in Ken’s chart, in the house of intensely emotional Scorpio.

This all makes for a highly inflammatory relationship.

The passion Ken and Sharon felt turned to antagonism the moment they married. The catalyst planets, the Saturn and Mars in her chart, locked strongly with the enemies Mars and Sun in his chart. Even though neither Sharon nor Ken intentionally set out to hurt each other, the nature of their planets, when locked in by marriage became extremely antagonistic.

Just as the influences of difficult planets can be amplified, so too can the positive effects of planets. When well-placed planets are further enhanced by marriage, the results can be rewarding on every level. For instance, I have a client, Calvin, who was in terrible financial shape when he met the woman he was to marry. Within several months of marrying Jill, however, he was suddenly worth more than $1 million. Why?

Jill’s exalted Sun sits on Calvin’s rising sign, enhancing his confidence. Her powerful Venus aspects his 2nd house, bringing support to his house of wealth. Her exalted Mars placed in his 10th house on his debilitated Jupiter gave him the energy to succeed professionally. . . . With a woman like that, a man can go places. Her planets fortify not just the wealth houses but his entire chart.

Table of Contents

Cause and Effect
The Four Goals of Life
How I Discovered Vedic Astrology
A Good Place to Start

Part I: The Basics

Getting Started
Birth Time Adjustment
The Chart
Step 1--The Nature of the Rising Sign (1st House)
Step 2--Planets in the 1st House
Step 3--No Planets in the 1st House
Planets and Their Meanings
Planetary Exaltation and Debilitation
Retrograde Planets
Planetary Friends and Enemies
Mahadasha--The Major Cycle of the Planets
Another Method of Prediction--Transits
Remedial Measures

Part II: Reading Charts

The 1st House--The Body
The 2nd House--Wealth
The 3rd House--Creativity
The 4th House--The mother
The 5th House--Children
The 6th House--Enemies
The 7th House--Marriage
The 8th House--Transformation
The 9th House--The father
The 10th House--Career
The 11th house--Opportunity
The 12th house--Actualization

Appendix: Vedic Astrology Resources

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

". . . instead of personality it focuses on such practical life concerns as work, family, and wealth. Recommended for public libraries."

"If you're thinking of incorporating some Vedic astrology into your repertoire, here's the perfect book to get you started. Andrew Bloomfield explains the basic principles of the Indian system with clarity, common sense, and an absolute minimum of confusing Sanskrit jargon. He shows you how to set up a basic natal chart, then introduces key information you need to know about the Vedic planets and their cycles. Bloomfield helpfully takes you through each house, describing the significance of a planet located there and how that house is affected by the placement of its planetary ruler (the most important factor in Vedic astrology).

There is also a wealth of information about remedies you can prescribe after problem areas are identified in a chart. You'll find plenty of interesting sample charts - from celebrities like Madonna and Sylvester Stallone to the types of regular folks who might actually come to you for a consultation.

What I liked best about this book is the author's extremely readable style. Bloomfield has had plenty of experience writing engagingly for a broad audience - he lives in Los Angeles and has written numerous screenplays. I also appreciate his humane and insightful attitude toward interpreting a horoscope.

Vedic astrology is actually far too broad a field to begin practicing professionally after reading just one book; this is one system where you absolutely must have a teacher. But How to Practice Vedic Astrology gives you just enough information so that you can experiment to see whether Vedic astrology is for you.

Here's a terrific bonus: The book comes packaged with a CD-ROM, featuring a beginning-level version of Parashara's Light software; this should get you up and running, printing out Vedic charts in a matter of minutes."

"Very insightful and informative.  It explains with lucid simplicity Vedic interpretive methods.  Easily approachable for both the beginning and experienced student."

"Andrew Bloomfield's insights encompass both the mundane and the spiritual dynamics of our existence.  This remarkable book sheds new light on the astrological realm of past and future while remaining firmly rooted in the ever present and eternal nature of our being."

"Mixing ancient wisdom withmodern day practicality, Andrew accurately analyzed each of my relationships and predicted the exact time and circumstance surrounding my marriage! If you're looking for insight into your life directly from a higher source, read this book."

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How to Practice Vedic Astrology: A Beginner's Guide to Casting Your Horoscope and Predicting Your Future 3.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 4 reviews.
NatoshaM More than 1 year ago
Older book, but very fun to try and predict my future with. Excelletn book and very fun to use!
Sarah-Boston More than 1 year ago
The CD in the book does not work with windows or apple system. I contacted the publisher and you have to pay for an updated CD. I bought the book to compliment a vedic astrology reading I had done. Without the sample software to run a chart the book is hard to follow. I would not buy again.
TonySCT More than 1 year ago
Good intro to subject, but software doesn't work with latest versions of Windows.
Guest More than 1 year ago
this book saved my life. vedic astrology has been the most usefull roadmap to figuring out relationships and career issues. it's ancient wisdom for today's modern world. mara davies