How to Prepare Now: A Practical, Common Sense and Optimistic Approach to Preparing for a Future Disaster

How to Prepare Now: A Practical, Common Sense and Optimistic Approach to Preparing for a Future Disaster

by Larry W. Deal


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If you are into machine guns and underground bunkers this book is probably not for you. However, if you believe that the smart thing to do is prepare for an emergency without disrupting your present life, you may want to read this book. If you believe that a natural and simpler lifestyle is good for your health and peace-of- mind, you probably want to read this book. If you believe that joy and happiness are gained by doing new things and not by obtaining new things, this book might be a good fit for you.
We can't predict the future. No one knows what's in store for us around the corner. We may be lucky and avoid a major disaster in our lifetime. We may not. This book is not about doom and gloom. It is about hope. It is about creating a new lifestyle now, which will enhance your life now while you prepare. The suggestions in this book will not only help you prepare, it will help you create a simpler and fuller life. Simple is good. Simple is joyous and healthy.
Our lives have somehow gotten out of control. How to Prepare Now attempts to bring your life back under your control. When we are in control of our lives, we emanate a quiet confidence; bringing us power. This new personal power is not about controlling others. It is the realization that we can control our destiny. It brings a renewed strength and a desire to interact with others in a communal and shared way.
Intuition is a powerful thing. It has been estimated that forty one percent of the U.S. population believe that they will experience a major disaster in their lifetime. That's over 127 million people. We are all animals, and just like animals in the wild, we have the ability to sense impending danger. My intuition tells me to be ready. My intuition tells me to start now and enjoy the simple things in life while preparing. How to Prepare Now helps you act on your intuition and start your preparation now.

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ISBN-13: 9781475046731
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 05/13/2012
Pages: 172
Product dimensions: 6.00(w) x 9.00(h) x 0.40(d)

About the Author

Larry Deal lives in Old Fort, North Carolina. After following the traditional approaches to success, he finally settled on a simple approach. His lifestyle focuses on doing things rather than obtaining things. He is committed to lifelong learning and experiencing life to the fullest.

Larry's passion is health; good health that is obtained by eating well, exercising and living a purposeful life. He believes that joy and happiness are our inherant rights, and we all should strive to live in the present moment.

Larry has a B.S. in Psychology from Western Carolina University. After teaching at McDowell Technical College, he entered the corporate world. This experience helped him become self-employed in real estate and construction.

Larry is presently a general contractor dedicated to building simple, strong and sustainable structures. His first new construction was a passive solar, earth bermed house, built in 1983. Larry now builds timber frame homes and concrete passive solar houses.

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