How To Protect Yourself From Adware And Spyware

How To Protect Yourself From Adware And Spyware


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Table of Contents:

Chapter 1: Spyware Can Destroy...5
Chapter 2: How Does Spyware Spread?...10
Chapter 3: How To Remove Spyware...16
Chapter 4: Anti Spyware Programs...20
Chapter 5: The Anti Anti-Spyware Programs...35
Chapter 6: Research And Learn More...40
Chapter 7: Choosing The Best Anti Spyware Tool...43
Chapter 8: Computer Security And Spyware...51
Chapter 9: The Programs To Avoid...54
Chapter 10: Is It Legal?...56
Chapter 11: Checklist Of Protection...59

How It Can Happen To You
There are several ways that this type of spyware can make it onto your computer. For starters, you’ll want to monitor the pop up ads that you respond to offered throughout the web.
We’ve already talked about how potentially dangerous they are. But, even when they seem to be anything but dangerous or may seem to be helpful, they are anything but.
Some of these fake anti spyware and adware programs used banner ads all over the web. You clicked on those ads and within a few seconds you were directed to another website which encouraged you to purchase programs that were anti spyware or anti adware programs. The problem is that they weren’t.
 In some cases, they were just other programs that took a couple of dollars from your pocket claiming to be offering you some sort of protection.
 Then, there were other types that actually were promising to provide your computer with anti virus protection.
 Some used promises of protection against spyware and adware, claiming to be a full fledge software application for protection.
 Others claimed to be registry cleaners that would offer a service to you.
All of these spyware programs can be lumped together under the term “rogue software,” as they are commonly called.
Some of these programs were able to lure a person into downloading them. Others were actually designed to install just through a few clicks through a website.
To help you to get the protection you need, we’ve listed some of the worst of these anti anti-spyware programs here. You can find more information about any of these programs online.
Most of them have been disabled and many of the better anti spyware and anti adware programs have updated definitions to protect against these programs. Some do not, though.
Anti Spyware To Avoid:
 VirusBlast
 Spyware Quake
 SpywareStrike
 Pest Trap
 The Shield 2006
 Mallware
 SpyBan
 PSGuard
 PAL Spyware Remover
 Spyware Stormer
 Brave Sentry
 AntispywareSolider
 AlfaCleaner
 Privacy Defender
 PSGuard
 SpyWiper
 SpyTrooper
 SpyFalcon
 WorldAntiSpy
 WinFixer
 Malware Wipe
 SpyAxe
Some of these programs have had legal action taken against them. In fact, in early 2006, Microsoft and the Washington
State Attorney General secured a lawsuit against the company Secure Computer.
The company was producing a product that was supposed to be a Spyware Cleaner, which actually was anything but. The state has in fact spyware laws that make spyware a legal process in the state. The State and Microsoft won their battle in this case.
As a consumer, it is quite worrisome when you are looking for a good anti spyware program. After all, if there are so many different types of programs available that promise to benefit you only to lead you in the other direction.
There is something you can do. If you still aren’t sure which the right anti spyware program is for you, or you want more information, the best decision to make is to learn.
You want to learn about your options. Take your time in finding several programs to consider. Don’t just download whatever you find. Make sure that the program that you do download is one that you know you can trust.
Chapter 6: Research And Learn More
Does everyone hate that word, research?
Don’t worry, this isn’t a complicated process.
If you are looking for an anti spyware or anti adware product, do your research. The fact is that through a bit of research you’ll find the best possible program for your needs and not get taken by something that does more harm to your computer then it will do good to your computer.
Get Started
Take a few minutes to find several programs that interest you. Remember, you’ll want to pay attention to the details. The best possible choice is a program that will detect and remove spyware but also features real time monitoring of your computer to stop spyware from being downloaded in the process.
So, your first task is to look for several programs to learn...

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