How to Publish Weekly Newspapers, Niche Market Tabloids and Free Circulation Shoppers

How to Publish Weekly Newspapers, Niche Market Tabloids and Free Circulation Shoppers

by Thomas A. Williams

Paperback(2ND RING)


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ISBN-13: 9781878853295
Publisher: Venture Press (GA)
Publication date: 08/28/2000
Edition description: 2ND RING
Pages: 220
Product dimensions: 0.46(w) x 8.25(h) x 11.00(d)

Table of Contents

What You Will Learn When You Read This Book7
Chapter 1Getting into Publishing: An Overview11
The Publishing Revolution
A One-Person Business
The "Sweat-of Your-Brow (SOB) Factor
How I Got into Publishing
The First Big Project
Brains, Time and Energy--Not Money
Why I Recommend Moonlighting
The Three Secrets of Niche Publishing Success
Chapter 2Setting Up Shop19
Finding the Space You Need
The Equipment You Need, and How to Buy and Lease It
Your Personal Computer: The Goose that Lays the Golden Eggs o Letting the World Know: Brochures, Business Cards and More
How to Make Your Media Kit
News Releases and Free Publicity
Chapter 3Preliminary Money Matters45
Flat Wallet? That's Good!
How You Can Start Your Business with No Cash Up Front
Why Too Much Money Can Be Bad for You and Your Business
How to Develop Cash Flow Before You Actually Publish Anything
A Cash Flow Strategy That Will Float Your Business
Your Three Sources of Income
How to Prime the Money Pump
Chapter 4Types of Publication53
Full-fledged Weekly
Strengths and Weaknesses of a Modified Community Weekly
Editorial Content of a Modified Weekly
Niche Market Tabloid
Editorially-Supported Shoppers' Guide
Outright Shopper with No Editorial Matter
All-Classified Shopper
Chapter 5Niche Markets: What They Are and How to Find Them67
Three Characteristics of a Niche Market
Some Examples of Niche Market Start-Ups
Importance of Specialization
Other Niche Successes
Finding Your Own Niche o A Small Town Success Story
Other Niche Markets You Can Exploit
Duplication: Doorway to the Big Time
Chapter 6Looking Before You Leap: How to Do a Market Analysis and Define Your Market Position86
The Market Always Comes First
Market Analysis for Advertising-Based Publications
Who Will Buy the Ads
How to Evaluate an Idea That Works Elsewhere
Market Analysis When There Is No Competition o Competing Publications: Can You Beat Them Out?
Market Analysis Check List
Chapter 7How to Sell Your Ads and Manage Your Sales Staff93
The Profile of a Successful Sales Person
Where to Find Top Salespeople Who Will Wait to Be Paid
How to Pay Salespeople Out of the Commissions They Generate
Your Prospect List
Make a Call Schedule
Ad Sales Process
Three Key Motivations to Buy Advertising
Finding the Person Who Can Buy
Product Knowledge: What It Is and Why It Is Important
Those Money-Making Little Ads
Plus Linage
Dealing with Ad Agencies
Compensating Sales People
Chapter 8Designing and Pricing Your Advertising113
Make Ads Appeal to Your Readers
Elements of an Effective Ad
Pick Up Ads from Other Publications
Setting Ad Prices o Pricing Strategies
Computer Storage and Retrieval of Ads
Modular Ads
Earned Rates, and How to Set Them
Chapter 9Publication Design Tips and Techniques129
Ideas are Everywhere! o Personality, Character and Unity
Choice of Format
Typography Facts
Creating a Style Sheet
Number of Columns
Constant Elements
How to Design Your Front Page
Using Photos and Other Graphic Elements
Page Layout Strategies
Getting Printed
Chapter 10Circulation and Distribution147
Paid circulation or Free?
Circulation vs. Distribution
Distribution Techniques
Paying Your Circulation Manager and Paper Carriers
Other Distribution Techniques That Work
The Importance of Conspicuous Distribution
How to Answer Thorny Questions about Circulation
Counting Households
Nested Ads
Classified Advertising Development
Chapter 11Cashing In: How to Sell Your Publication159
What You Are Selling?
Taking Stock: What Is Your Publication Worth?
The Gross, Not the Net
You're Selling Goodwill and Hard-Won Readership
The Role of Business Brokers
How Deals Are Put Together
Chapter 12How to Make Money from Secondary Profit Centers167
Secondary Profit Centers, and How to Recognize Them
Product Catalogs
Ads and Brochures
Ghost Writing
Annual Reports
Capabilities Brochures
Employee Manuals
Business Plans
Appendix IA Simple Sales Manual That Works177
Appendix IIA Library of Publishing Forms183
Appendix IIIContracts and Sources195
Appendix IVA Glossary of Publishing and Printing Terms205

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