How to Raise Dairy Goats: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

How to Raise Dairy Goats: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply

by Atlantic Publishing Company


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How to Raise Dairy Goats: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply by Atlantic Publishing Company

Goats have been used for their dairy products for hundreds of years, providing a wide array of milk, butter, yogurt, and cheeses that provide the unique flavors that make Mediterranean cuisine so special. For those who are interested in raising their own dairy goats so they can take advantage of the milk products provided, it is important to first of all learn everything possible about dairy goats, from what they eat to how they breed and how to cultivate and harvest the milk when the time comes.

This book provides every detail you could possible need to become a dedicated or hobbyist dairy goat breeder and farmer. You will learn how goats are raised for different purposes, including as dairy goats, fiber goats, and as a means to maintain property. You will learn how to select the right breed of goat and how to know what to look for in a specific goat. You will also learn about how to start the process of breeding goats, including the care for the mother, separation of the father, and the necessary care for the kid once it is born. You will learn how to properly house goats and what they require from you to remain healthy and happy, both in their feed and their space.

Expert goat farmers have been interviewed and have provided their insight and expertise on the topic, building a collection of insights of tips and tricks about raising dairy goats. You will learn how to care for your dairy goats and what special treatment or care they require from you. You will also learn what you need to provide for the dairy goats to produce as much milk as possible.

Finally, you will learn how to gather the milk from the dairy goats and how to both process and sell it to maintain your business. For anyone who has ever been interested in raising goats for dairy production, this guide will offer you everything you need.

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ISBN-13: 9781601383785
Publisher: Atlantic Publishing Company FL
Publication date: 10/30/2011
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 733,294
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.70(d)

Table of Contents

Introduction 11

Chapter 1 Welcome to the World of Goats 13

Dairy Goats in the United States 15

Case Study: Meyenberg Goat Milk Products 17

Why Dairy Goats? 18

Why You Might Not Want to Invest in Dairy Goats 24

Chapter 2 Anatomy of a Dairy Goat 33

Digestive System 35

Udders 37

Horns 40

Safety and Goats 42

Dairy Goat Breeds 44

Chapter 3 Planning for Your Dairy Goats 55

Containing and Managing Your Herd 59

Fences and Enclosures 61

Sheds, Stables, and Barns 70

Feeding Area 80

Watering 84

Buck Stables 85

Accommodations for Kids and Mothers 85

Pastures and Outdoor Enclosures 86

Goat Manure 89

Dairy Farm Office 90

Storage 91

Medical Supplies and Storage 94

Case Study: Haystack Mountain Goat Dairy Leaves a Huge Legacy 98

Chapter 4 Acquiring Your Herd 101

Purebred or Mixed Breed? 104

Selecting and Buying Your Goats 106

Bringing Your Goats Home 117

Transporting Goats 119

Begin Keeping Records Right Away 119

Chapter 5 Feeding and Nutrition 121

Calculating Your Goats' Nutritional Needs 122

Planning a Feeding Program 124

A Second Look at the Digestive System 125

Chapter 6 Milk and Dairy 145

The Importance of Sanitation in Dairying 148

Pasteurizing Milk 149

Milk Yield 150

Milking Your Goats 156

Chapter 7 Routine Care and Maintenance 169

Hair and Skin 171

Trimming Hooves 171

Chapter 8 Breeding Goats 175

Staggering the Breeding Cycle 176

When to Breed Your Does 177

Recognizing Estrus in Your Does 178

Mating 179

Choosing a Buck 180

Artificial Insemination 182

Keeping a Buck 184

Chapter 9 Pregnancy and Kidding 187

Miscarriage 188

Caring for a Pregnant Doe 189

Drying Off 190

Signs a Doe is Ready to Give Birth 191

Birth 193

Keeping Kids Warm 198

What to Do with the Kids 199

Raising Kids 200

Feeding Kids 201

Feeding Schedule 204

Disbudding and Castration 206

Tattooing or Microchipping 208

Wattles 210

Health Problems of Kids 210

Chapter 10 Goat Health 213

Isolate New Goats From Your Herd for 30 to 60 Days 216

Treating Sick Goats 216

Vaccinating Your Goats 218

First Aid for Wounds 219

Common Diseases of Dairy Goats 220

Digestive Diseases 224

Problems of Pregnancy 227

Poisoning 229

Respiratory Illness 229

Skin Problems 230

Internal Parasites 231

Chapter 11 Running a Dairy Goat Business 237

Labor 238

Marketing 240

Processing Your Own Milk 241

Requirements for a Grade A Dairy 242

Case Study: Susan Britt 244

Economic Feasibility Study 245

Risk Management 250

Conclusion 253

Appendix A Sample Budget Worksheet for a Dairy Goat Business 255

Appendix B Sample Goat Sale Contract 259

Appendix C Helpful Websites 265

Appendix D Dairy Goat Glossary 273

Bibligraphy 281

Author Biography 283

Index 285

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How to Raise Dairy Goats: Everything You Need to Know Explained Simply 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 1 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
As an avid fan of goats, and someone who has always wanted one, I must say that this book did a good job of telling me…that I probably do not want to get involved in dairy farming, at least not commercially. It was chock full of information, including, even though it focused on dairy goats, goats bred for other purposes. I learned more about goats and goat products through this than years of attending 4-H shows and presentations. The stories of other goat farmers, and the history of commercial dairy goats in the United States were what I found to be the most interesting, although the details about goat farming were certainly informative and comprehensive. The appendixes seemed to be very comprehensive as well, and would be valuable to someone who was venturing into dairy goat farming, even just as a sample. It didn’t shy away from common difficulties in goat farming, but nor did it use these to deter the reader. The author remained encouraging throughout the book, which is something that anyone entering into a new field could use. I would definitely recommend this to someone who is a beginner to dairy goat farming, or just is interested in the subject matter. How to Raise Dairy Goats is great for that level of interest.