How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income: A 12-Step Program for Getting More Fun Out of Life

How to Retire in Thailand and Double Your Income: A 12-Step Program for Getting More Fun Out of Life

by Godfree P. Roberts Ed.D.


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Do you want to retire in Thailand, the happiest country on earth, and double your buying power? I did, and I'll tell you how you can, too. Practical, down to earth budgets, housing, travel, cultural, shopping, health information and costs.
Rents here run from $80-$500/mo., eating out 3x day costs $8 - total, and a large bottle of premium beer is $1.70. The warm weather encourages T-shirts and shorts year-round, the people are the friendliest on earth, and the streets are safe, even late at night. In the book you'll learn..
* How to live in comfort and beauty on a fixed income...starting now
* Why your income doubles when you get to Thailand (hint: buying power)
* How much you'll pay for quality for medical and dental care
* How to earn money legally in Thailand the moment you arrive
* How to understand Thai culture and fit in
* How to use the Thai Government retirement services
* How to pay for your entire trip and your accommodation
* How to save 50% on your air fare

Plus Useful Charts, Step-by-step Checklists, Detailed Budgets that fit Social Security incomes, and Helpful Guides to Preparing and Moving to Thailand. And you'll receive up-to-date maps, useful reviews and smart tips to help you get started.

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If you're a fellow victim of the financial crisis, you know that life has handed us a lemon right at the end of our working lives. The trick is how to make lemonade out of it?

Well, I've found that it really is possible to live in comfort and beauty on $1,500 a month--something that seemed impossible when I was expelled from the middle-class five years ago.

(I grew up in Australia, lived in Japan, then got my doctorate at UMass, Amherst. I married, started several US companies and lived an enjoyable life, including regular visits to Paris for the French Open. The financial crisis wiped me out, and I'm now 72 years old and enjoying life more than ever, to my great surprise.)

In Thailand my $1200/mo. Social Security check allowed me to rejoin the middle class. Here are a few more reasons (I've got 40!) to consider a new life in Thailand:

1. Culture: Thais have spent 2,000 years creating a culture devoted to happiness, tolerance, and beauty. And that stuff about older people being respected? It's true. They really do!

2. Cost of living: If you live on a fixed income you can double it just by moving to Thailand.

3. Climate: Some like it hot, and Thai summers oblige. Some like it warm, and Thai winters are exhilarating.

4. Beaches. You can vacation on exotic beaches for pennies. (And explore exotic jungles for even less).

5. Beer and Great Places to Drink It. Something for every palate and budget: 65¢ for a large bottle served at your table: Singha, Leo, Chang, Tiger, Phuket, Klassik....and fabulous places everywhere to sit and drink it. Whisky's good and cheap, too.
6. Flowers: Orchids grow profusely along busy streets. And orchids are just the beginning ofThailand's floral glory. Thais adore flowers. So will you.

7. Smiles: Every meeting--even buying a carton of milk--begins with a smile, a bow, and a blessing. The smiles came 1,000 years before the tourist slogan.

8. Nursing, Medical and Dental Care. Many people live in Thailand primarily because of the quality and affordability of its medical care.

9. Shopping. From banana leaves on the pavement at dawn to gigantic European hypermarkets, Thailand offers unparalleled, inexpensive shopping.

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