How to Run a Lean Startup Book Bundle: Including Business Law Advice, Entrepreneurship Principles, Fundraising Tips, and More!

How to Run a Lean Startup Book Bundle: Including Business Law Advice, Entrepreneurship Principles, Fundraising Tips, and More!

by Hyperink Publishing

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How to Run a Lean Startup Book Bundle: Including Business Law Advice, Entrepreneurship Principles, Fundraising Tips, and More! by Hyperink Publishing

This is a discounted bundle featuring 4 of Hyperink's most popular books on running an awesome startup, including:

-Business School For Startups
-The Startup Law Playbook
-Burning Entrepreneur
-Guide to YC

Here are brief product descriptions for each below. Buy them together and save over 20% off the combined price!

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From Burning Entrepreneur:

Facebook. Google. Apple. They are the household names of the 21st century. Each seemed to have come from nowhere to change our lives. They didn’t come from nowhere. These giants and other innovative companies large and small have arisen from a process of entrepreneurship, a unity of leadership, creativity, strategy, investment and hard work.

Brad Feld understands that entrepreneurial process. He lives it and guides others through it with his counsel and financing. As Brad writes, startups in the tech era are the spiritual successors to rock bands during the British Invasion. Back then, everyone wanted to be the next Beatles (or perhaps The Who, as they receive a shout-out on Brad’s blog.)

Today, dreamers still huddle and sweat in garages, following the lead of Jobs, Page and Zuckerberg in place of John, Paul, George and Ringo. Brad is at the center of this evolved vibe, a mashup of the Fab Four’s watchmen Brian Epstein and George Martin. He is manager, banker, producer, orchestrator and motivator. His combination of mentoring, energy and relevance drew me to his blog.

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First things first, if you're an entrepreneur looking for seed capital and don't know any sophisticated angel investors, you need to hustle and build relationships in order to get "warm" introductions.

This is how the game is played. Entrepreneurs must first determine who would be the ideal investor for their company. They then must work hard to get an introductory phone call or email from a middleman whom the investor trusts and respects (ideally, another entrepreneur whom that investor has backed).

How is this done? By banging on doors. By getting out and attending conferences and meetups, by blogging, by reading and commenting on other blogs, and by engaging on Twitter and other social media sites. In short, it takes tenacity and resourcefulness — qualities that every great entrepreneur possesses.

David Hornik, a partner at August Capital and a very smart investor, confirms this approach in his interview on Sprouter:

“So if you are new to the area or to entrepreneurship, how do you get the right . . . intros? What you need to do is build relationships from the bottom up. Spend a ton of time meeting people, talking with them about what they are working on, and sharing what you are working on. Over time you will find people with whom your idea resonates and they will introduce you to folks with whom they are close.”

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My name is Jason Shen, and I applied with two cofounders to YC’s Summer 2011 batch – we were fortunate to get in. This was my first time applying to YC, and Ridejoy is my first tech startup. I’m nontechnical, but happened to have two technical friends (and roommates) who both worked at startups. I’m aware of how lucky I am to be in this position.

We got a lot of help from friends and YC alumni when preparing our application, so I wanted to write this guide to give back. Working with YC has definitely been a game-changer for me, and my startup would not exist with out it. I sincerely hope that this guide leads you to a similar place, and provides you the benefits I’ve received.

But the goal of this guide is NOT to help you “cheat” your way into Y Combinator.

The objective here is primarily to help people understand what I think YC is looking for and how to best convey the qualities that make for strong startups. I think the process of applying to YC in of itself can make your startup better, and that the partners are ultimately so good, there’s no way you are going to “sneak in.”

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