How to Safety Rate Red Light Cameras: Rate Stoplights by Driver Braking

How to Safety Rate Red Light Cameras: Rate Stoplights by Driver Braking

by Donald Sawicki


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Many communities use red light cameras as a revenue source, then claim it is for safety. Some places go so far as to shorten the yellow duration forcing more drivers to run the light (more revenue, less safety and harder braking). To make matters worse many states use an unrealistic (fast) driver reaction time to determine yellow light duration.

A way to safety rate a traffic stoplight (including red light cameras) is to determine potential maximum driver braking. Using a realistic driver reaction time, a realistic (objective and predictable) braking number can be determined. Using a braking "g's" scale (deceleration compared to acceleration due to gravity), braking g's can be used to determine (braking) safety and comparing other stoplights.

"How To Safety Rate Red Light Cameras" explains how to determine braking g's using speed limit, yellow light duration, road grade (incline), and stop bar to clear point (usually intersection) distance. Includes a discussion of factors involved, mathematical model and proof, equations, and braking scale levels. Lookup tables (English and Metric) provided for quickly estimating braking g's. Are Stoplights in your community safe -- this book will show you how to objectively and clearly rate a stoplight.

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