How to Sell Anything on Ebay...and Make a Fortune!

How to Sell Anything on Ebay...and Make a Fortune!

by Dennis Prince, Dennis L. Price

Paperback(Older Edition)


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ISBN-13: 9780071425483
Publisher: McGraw-Hill Companies, The
Publication date: 09/28/2003
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 256
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.74(d)

About the Author

Dennis L. Prince is the author of several popular books on online auctioning and numerous articles on the subject that have appeared in Entrepreneur and BottomLine magazines as well as on Auctiva, Collector Online, ZDNet, and Auction Watch, which named him one of the "Top 10 Online Auction Movers and Shakers."

Table of Contents

Fortune or Folly?
Your Path to Success in Online Selling
A Promise to You
Our Roadmap, at a Glance
This Book, at Your Service
Embrace Change, Sound Off
Part 1Getting Started1
Chapter 1A Brief History of Auctions, e-Commerce, and eBay2
Online Selling: The Early Years
AuctionWeb at eBay
A Fast Lesson on eBay Auction Formats
Growing, Growing ...
Would You Like to Know More?
Chapter 2Gearing Up: Hardware, Software, and 'Net Results9
Making Sure Your Computer Is Up to Speed
Making Your Way Through the Software Jungle
Your Internet Connection
Chapter 3Welcome to eBay14
Home, Sweet Home
Tapping into the Toolbars
What About the Other Toolbar Selections?
Chapter 4Getting Registered, Getting Ready, and Getting to Know You28
eBay Registration Made Easy
Getting Acclimated to the Marketplace
Setting Up Your Seller's Account
About Me Is All About You
Chapter 5Find It, Bid It, Win It42
Browsing the Categories
Searches Made Simple
The ABCs of Bidding
Chapter 6Fighting Fraud60
The Top 10 Auction Offenses
Misdeeds or Just Misunderstandings?
Additional Protections and Provisions from eBay
Prepare Yourself with a Plan for Action
Knowing When It's Time to Take a Loss
Part 2The Basics of Selling on eBay71
Chapter 7Becoming an Online Auctioneer72
First Things First: What Will You List?
Using eBay's Single-Item Listing Forms
Before You List Again
Chapter 8Understanding Online Payment85
The Fear Factor: Is Online Payment Safe?
The How's and Why's of Online Payment
Who's Who in Online Payment Services?
The Fortune Factor: If You Offer It, They Will Pay (More!)
Chapter 9Developing a Successful Sales Policy91
The Rules to the Riches
Summing It All Up
Posting Your Policy
What to Do if Your Policy Comes Under Fire
Chapter 10Determining the Value of Your Goods98
The Popularity of eBay
Finding the Right Stuff to Sell
So What's It Worth?
Where Else Can You Turn for Valuation Advice?
What Is It Worth to You?
Chapter 11Closing the Deal104
Prompt Action Prompts Buyers to Act
The End-of-Auction e-Mail
Collecting the Money
Transactional Troubles?
The Key Is Communication
Chapter 12Packing and Shipping Like a Pro111
Setting Up Your Ship Shop
Tools of the Trade
Sources of Supplies
Packing Protocol
Getting Specific; What Are You Shipping?
Additional Packing Considerations
Little Extras Make a Big Difference
Packing as Customer Service
Chapter 13Dealing with Difficult Customers119
Fix the Problem, Not the Blame
Personality Parade--Different Types of Challenging Customers
Share the Ownership
Defuse the Situation
A Word About Leaving Negative Feedback
Rising Above It All
Chapter 14Satisfaction Guaranteed--Keeping Customers Happy and Coming Back for More124
Get to Know Your Newbie
Keeping Your Buyers Informed
Dealing with Damaged Goods
Transforming Customers into Repeat Buyers
Customer Satisfaction--Their Words, Not Yours
Chapter 15Building and Maintaining a Stellar Online Reputation133
Understanding eBay's Feedback Forum
Buy First to Establish Your Good Reputation
More About You at About Me
Represent Your Merchandise, Represent Yourself
The Art of Feedback at eBay
Part 3Techniques for Boosting Your Sales141
Chapter 16Keys to Better Auction Listings142
Keys to Using Keywords
So How About an Example?
Writing Better Descriptions
Simple HTML for Spectacular Results
What About eBay's Listing Features?
Chapter 17Boost Your Sales with Better Photos152
Imaging Equipment
Setting Up a Simple Photo Studio
Touching Up Your Item Images
Picture Imperfect: Eight Common Imaging Mistakes to Avoid
Is All This Effort Really Worth It?
Chapter 18Selling Strategies--Tried, True, and Groundbreaking162
It All Starts with Timing
Using Counters to Chart Your Success
The Power of Persuasive Pricing
Reserve Bids
Salvaging Unsuccessful Auctions
Appealing to Buyers' Senses
Keys to Relisting
Chapter 19Building and Managing Your Inventory174
Setting Your Goals Before Stocking Your Shelves
Identifying Sources of Supply
Care and Storage of Your Inventory
Keeping Track of Your Inventory
Reinvesting Wisely
Chapter 20Buying for Resale180
The Reseller's Resolve
Casting a Critical Eye on Reinvestment
The Percentages Don't Lie
Finding Lots to Sell
More Insights into Buying on Speculation
Establishing the Proper Flow for Your Merchandise
Chapter 21Identifying Trends: What's Hot and What's Not187
Understanding Online Sales Mining
Learning to Anticipate the Next Wave
Follow the Fickle Market
Getting the Jump by Preselling
Chapter 22The Forbidden Zone: What You Can't Sell at eBay197
Items eBay Forbids
Who Says These Items Are Forbidden, and Why?
Deals, Steals, and "Gray Market" Goods
The ABCs of Copyright
Your Checklist to Avoid Posting Infringing Items
Doesn't Everyone Infringe Just a Little?
What Is eBay Doing About Copyright Infringement?
The Agencies Who Take Action
The Auction Vigilante
Part 4Business Specifics207
Chapter 23Becoming a Business and Managing High Volume Sales200
Pastime, Part-Time, or Full-Time?
Bulking Up Your Business with Bulk Listing
Downloading Turbo Lister
Chapter 24Establishing an Auction Workplace220
Establish Your Own Auction Office
Allowing for Necessary Office Amenities
Auction Office Tools
Staging Your Auction Items
Establishing a Shipping Station
Organizing Your Supply Room
Chapter 25Record Keeping--The Best Methods and Tools226
Keeping Up with Keeping Records
Identifying the Key Data
Establishing a Record-Keeping Plan
Adding Efficiency to the Task
An Important Note About Security
Records That Pay Rewards
Declaring Income and Paying Taxes
Chapter 26Cutting Costs, Controlling Expenses, and Improving Your Profitability235
Controlling eBay Fees
Savings Through Simplicity
Timesaving Strategies That Will Save You Money, Too
Chapter 27Creating Your Own Online Storefront and Presenting Your Business as a Brand241
Creating an eBay Store
Creating a Store Outside of eBay
Developing Your Brand, Boosting Your Business
Auctions Versus Stores--A New Price War?
Ten Tips for Improving Your Fixed-Price Sales
Chapter 28Keeping Up with Changes at Online Auctions253
Mining the eBay Community Boards
Keeping Current with Other Online Sources
The Power of Print

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