How to Start a $tock Trading Business from Home: Making an Income from $tock Trading at Home for Beginners

How to Start a $tock Trading Business from Home: Making an Income from $tock Trading at Home for Beginners

by Joe Grana


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Success in investing and trading is only success if it translates to spendable dollars. The lure of easy money has a very strong appeal and attracts innocent new people all the time, very few of them end up successful, while the rest become the Sheeple of the herd and Muppets for Wall Street pros - don't be that trader. Learning this business is time consuming and most of what is taught to brand new investors and traders is not even realistic to do in the live markets with the best traders on the planet.This book has some powerful information in it to guide the brand new self-directed beginner stock investor and trader to the easiest way to reduce the long learning curve there can be in the business of making money with money. I wrote this book for all the new and upcoming aspiring stock day traders, swing traders and investors who are coming into the business and have zero or very limited knowledge so they won't have to waste valuable learning time and money to figure out only the most important things to know on their own.Learning the trading business is not as hard as one would imagine as long as you are learning it the right way the first time from the first day. This book and the information it provides to brand new stock investors and traders is like having the keys to your mansion, Ferrari and super yacht handed to you all at the same time. You can certainly have all of those things and more if you just take your time and go slow and logically think through what this book is telling you to do.The details in this book will give you all of the information to get started right away and is an excellent book for beginners in stock trading and investing. If you are looking to learn more about stock investing and trading from scratch, and doing it from home this book is your start. If you don't have much investment experience or are struggling, this is probably the book you should start with. This book is clearly geared towards readers who are responsible adults who are looking at self-directed investing seriously for the first time on their own who have no knowledge or information on where to start.

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