How to Start and Run a Used Bookstore

How to Start and Run a Used Bookstore

by Stephanie Chandler


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If you have ever considered opening a used bookstore, here is your chance to learn from someone who knows first-hand what it takes. In 2003 Stephanie Chandler left behind a career in the Silicon Valley and opened a 2800-square foot bookstore in Sacramento, California. Along the way she documented her processes, noting what worked and didn’t work, and compiled the results into this comprehensive, real-world guide that explains what it takes to start and run a successful used bookstore.

Features in this workbook include:

WORKSHEETS: Budget planning, evaluating competition, forecasting, and more
BUSINESS BASICS: What you need to get started
INVENTORY: Twelve sources for acquiring used books
SUPPLIERS: Library supplies, printed goods, retail supplies and more
SHOP SET-UP: Store layout, book categories, bookseller software and tools
OPERATIONS PROCEDURES: Trade policies, overstock, and a sample operations manual
MARKETING: Low-cost and no-cost tactics for maximum exposure
WEBSITE: Steps for setting up a website and selling books online
RESOURCES: Dozens of useful website links
BUSINESS PLAN: Sample business plan (actual plan used by the author)

Chandler doesn’t sugar-coat her experiences. Instead, she offers realistic and practical information that can save you countless hours in research and planning, while preventing you from making costly mistakes. This is an essential guide for anyone who is serious about starting and running a bookstore.

Reader feedback from the first edition:

"I just wanted to say thank you. I used your book to set up my used book store and we celebrated our one year anniversary on August 1st. I couldn't have done it without your book. Many thanks!” - Lou Grantt,

"Thank you SO much for this great book find! My sister and I are planning to open a new and used bookstore within the next few months, and I thought we had thought of everything already, yet I found very valuable information in your book. You have really given great website resources and information to think about and consider... I just wanted you to know that I am one happy customer and can't thank you enough for having taken the time to actually put all your thoughts onto paper to help people like me!"
- Janet Long

"Starting any business can be terrifying, especially if you have never done it before. You wish you had someone to tell you the ins and outs of the overall business world and someone else to tell you the specifics of your field of interest. Thankfully for us, Stephanie Chandler is both. In developing our used bookstore, her wealth of hard earned wisdom, experience and passion are invaluable to us. While you can't avoid every mistake, her book comes as close as possible to helping you do just that… Her material is well worth the money, time and energy. Trust me, without it, you'll needlessly waste far more of all three."
- Jamie Arpin-Ricci, founder of The Dusty Cover

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