How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World: A Practical Guide to Liberation

How to Survive and Thrive in an Impossible World: A Practical Guide to Liberation

by Steve Bonham


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How to face the future with resilience, optimism and strength - and why setting goals might not be the smartest thing you might do!?How do we grab the wheel of our lives and steer into calmer waters? The world into which we are moving seems to be one on which the old rules do not apply or do not work. So, what are we going to do for ourselves if we are to flourish as individuals and leaders? We won't by following checklists and goal setting and the advice of armchair experts according to Steve Bonham, award-winning psychologist, writer, adventurer, musician, and 'vagabond philosopher'. In his new book Steve weaves a spell of new research, story, and wry observation from a life on the road to provide a 'liberation strategy' towards a more resilient, fulfilling life."How to Survive ..." is challenging, funny, radical, and unlike any other 'How To' book you have ever read!Arguing that surviving and thriving today is not about setting a few goals and setting off after them, it's all about all about fundamentally changing your relationship with the world Steve Bonham sets out a wise, sometimes funny and essentially practical 'playbook' for the mad world we now live in.In this 'new normal the following will be true:•We're not going to thrive with a servant mindset expecting to be told what to do by our masters and experts •Life will be an artisan craft. Having a goal does not bake you a cake or make you a table. Having skill, inspiration, hands-on knowledge of the materials and ingredients does. Life is the same! •Sometimes it's better that you let success come to you rather than furiously seeking it - but you must be ready to embrace it when it does.•The purpose of life is not to achieve great things but to inhabit yourself as fully as possible - in doing this you may end up truly great.Building on insights such as the strange importance of inconsistency, the value of getting lost and the art of expecting the unexpected, becoming the captain of your ship, Steve Bonham offers 'Five Rules for the new roads we must travel backed by the latest research, great stories and sometimes provocative ideas. But these 'rules' he argues should be followed for guidance not constraint for the road to liberation is always unique and personal."We are sometimes undiscovered lands to ourselves. We are not fixed and limited people, we all have huge amounts of untapped possibility. Let's go explore"

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Publication date: 09/30/2020
Pages: 178
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