How to survive travelling in Australia: first-hand advice, anecdotes + warnings for young travelers

How to survive travelling in Australia: first-hand advice, anecdotes + warnings for young travelers

by Rainer Krauhs


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While I traveled Australia, I was a very naive person. Only in retrospect I realized that many times I had gotten myself into dangerous situations and only got through them thanks to luck, intuition and well-meaning fellow people. This book contains my first-hand advice to support you in returning from traveling safely, healthy and - above all - alive. Each advice is illustrated with tales and anecdotes about how I learned it. Also available in German: ISBN 978-1512249958

At first, Australia may seem quite homelike to you - but this misapprehension can cost your life. The greatest source of danger is: you yourself - and that's what I'm starting this book with. Further, it's about dangers posed by other people, by Australia's cliché-dangers (animals, climate, natural disasters) and from getting around. As to not deter you entirely from traveling in Australia, this book closes with my most beautiful experiences.

Here's a summary of the most important advice for readers impatient or just browsing:
1.) Wear sunscreen like a second skin.
2.) Keep distance from wild animals.
3.) Keep distance from where wild animals dwell (Which is pretty much everywhere).
4.) At night, refrain from driving your car outsides of settlements. There's nothing to see anyway - and if you do, it's likely to be too late.
5.) Don't listen to racists. they're just mean people.
6.) Take more water with you than you think you need. You'll need it.
7.) Always stay with the car. Rescue teams spot stranded cars earlier than lost wanderers.
8.) Marmite is great. It might tastes like the opposite of Nutella, but it helps to repel bloodsucking insects.
9.) Read warning signs in detail. Someone paid for them - just to save you.
10.) If it's risky at home, it's risky any place else.
11.) Tell someone where you go and when you plan to be there, then inform them once you got there.
12.) Always pack a jumper and a piece of cord.

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About the Author

Rainer Krauhs is a cautious office worker, spending his day programming computers. At one time in his life he has dared to venture out into the wilderness. Only in retrospect did he realize how naivety had put him into mortal danger - this book is the outcome of that. Rainer Krauhs is back at the desk, living and writing in Hamburg, Germany. He has just finished studying for an MBA with the Open University Business School and can't hardly wait to venture out into the world again. Could you help him pay for flight tickets? Please recommend this book.

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