How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business: A Detailed and Comprehensive Guide on How to Open, Operate and Maintain a Successful Restaurant Business

How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business: A Detailed and Comprehensive Guide on How to Open, Operate and Maintain a Successful Restaurant Business

by Roy Slicker


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How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business is one of the most comprehensive independent and cost-effective guides for people considering opening a restaurant. It provides details on every aspect with facts, examples and even humor to help the reader better understand the challenges on the road to profitability, success and enjoying restaurant business ownership.

Purchase includes access to FREE document resources files.

The book differs from others in many ways, including each chapter starting with a list of What-To-Do and What-Not-To-Do in order to focus on positive results and avoid the mistakes of countless others that resulted business-ending distractions. It also addresses a key subject often overlooked by others: Loss Prevention: How to detect theft and stop it.

Easy to understand chapters on:

- Developing a Solid Brand: Customer attachment to your business

- Restaurant Service Types: Table, Counter and Drive Thru

- Menu Presentation: Organization for profit

- Marketing: Traditional/untraditional methods, managing reviews and more

- Team Members: Hiring, compensation, managing staff

- Catering: proposals, menus, equipment, staff

- Beverage Service: Certifications, tracking, portioning

- Loss Prevention: Facts, cash/food schemes and how to catch them

- Equipment: Considerations

- Security for your customers, employees, business

- Organization: Formation, payroll, taxes, insurance, licenses

- Location: Considerations

- Financial, business plan, tracking performance, investors

- Construction, plans, contractors, infrastructure

- Inventory methods

- Suppliers, deliveries, credit

- Kitchen menu development, food costs, portioning, ingredients, etc.

- Sanitation/Safety: Health department interaction, dishwashing equipment, chemicals

- Wasted Foods & Supplies

- Recycling: Handling, donations, oils, foods, containers

- Cleaning: garbage, receptacles, equipment

- Services: Community, non-profits, etc.

- And over 350 links to related products & services

NOTE: The eBook is the only version that contains active links - paperback versions don't.

Restaurants have one of the highest failure rates of any industry. This book was written specifically to reduce that statistic by thoroughly educating and empowering the reader to make the best decisions, whether that's to open a restaurant or avoid the industry altogether. In either case, the goal is to save the reader money, time and stress.

FREE ACCESS TO DOCUMENTS. The book provides a link for free access to an extensive list of supporting documents including:

- Spreadsheets for projecting profit/loss

- Planning and tracking spreadsheets

- Employee manual, NDA, drug testing waiver, training material, warning form, ad sample, interview questions, harassment policy

- Check Lists for catering, cleaning, food logs, temperatures

- Drawer balancing instructions, form, expense reports, daily labor

- Company formation, commercial lease, loan agreement

- Catering proposal, press release, email sheet

- And more

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ISBN-13: 9781987099614
Publisher: Barnes & Noble Press
Publication date: 06/28/2019
Pages: 438
Product dimensions: 7.00(w) x 10.00(h) x 0.89(d)

About the Author

Roy J Slicker is the founder of Thrive While You're Alive based in Central Oregon, a dynamic mentoring and consulting firm specializing in food service businesses. He has operated both successful and challenging restaurant businesses. He was also a founder/CEO of a successful software company for 25 years, based in the SF Bay Area. He served for 6 years on the Board of Directors of the National Barbecue Association and as its President - increasing the organization's reach and efforts in helping those in business.

His focus is helping small business owners to start, grow and maintain successful restaurant, catering and food truck businesses. He travels extensively helping small restaurant owners with financial control, loss prevention, employee training, customer experience, growth and profitability.

The How to Thrive in the Restaurant Business book came about as the result of the fact that the failure rate of small restaurants is one of the highest of any industries. Why? Many people that get into the business fail to understand the complexities and that operating a restaurant business is more than just good food or business knowledge. The book's goal is to reduce the failure rate by educating the reader thoroughly and in detail on ALL aspects of the restaurant business. The book provides What-To-Do and What-Not-To-Do reference points in all chapters and lists the top priorities for operating a successful business, gathered from hundreds of small restaurants owners across the country and summarized for the reader.

Roy lives in Bend Oregon, has three daughters and is owned by his Australian Shepherd Austin.

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