How To Use New Thought In Home Life: Large Print Edition

How To Use New Thought In Home Life: Large Print Edition

by Elizabeth Towne


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Chapter 1 How to Reduce Friction and Preserve Love 5
Chapter 2 The Getting Mad Habit 12
Chapter 3 Help For the Drudging Wife 17
Chapter 4 How Concentration Eliminates Drudgery 22
Chapter 5 Success for Two 26
Chapter 6 On Pulling Together 35
Chapter 7 On Dealing With Refractory Husbands 52
Chapter 8 When Your Husband Doesn't Agree 59
Chapter 9 How To Live with a Groucher 63
Chapter 10 To a Wife Whose Husband Gets On Her Nerves 68
Chapter 11 Making Love a Habit of Thought 73
Chapter 12 A Wife and Her Conscience 78
Chapter 13 When You Think You Are "Misunderstood" 85
Chapter 14 Getting Rid of Jealousy 90
Chapter 15 Finance in the Home 97
Chapter 16 Husbands, Wives and Business 103
Chapter 17 Marriage as a Business Partnership 110
Chapter 18 When You Are Dissatisfied with Your
Environment 113
Chapter 19 When You Can't Get On with Your Relatives and In-laws 121
Chapter 20 How To Transmute the Family's Ridicule 134
Chapter 21 How To Make Yourself Liked and How To
Express Yourself 140
Chapter 22 Making Money and Spending Money 146
Chapter 23 To a Man Who Has Pressing Debts 152
Chapter 24 The Individual As a Magnet 167
Chapter 25 How To Use Your Storehouse of Personal
Power 173
Chapter 26 Pre-Natal Impressions 183

Chapter 27 Making the Right Environment for Your Child 188
Chapter 28 How Father and Mother Can Best Train the Baby 196
Chapter 29 Answering Your Child's Questions 200
Chapter 30 How To Teach Your Children New Thought 204
Chapter 31 How One Family of Ten is Trained for the
Efficient Life 216
Chapter 32 How To Treat the Arguing Habit 231
Chapter 33 When Your Daughter Declares Her
Independence 236
Chapter 34 Taking Sides Against Father 241
Chapter 35 How Neighboring Mothers Can Cooperate for the Development and Happiness of Themselves and Their Children 246
Chapter 36 How To Teach Your Children the Value of Money 252
Chapter 37 How To Teach Your Children the Value of
Money (Continued) 258
Chapter 38 What I Think About Marriage and Divorce 264
Chapter 39 Hypocrites and Divorce 281

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