How To Write For Profit...For You and Your Readers

How To Write For Profit...For You and Your Readers

by Terrance L. Weber

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I am a practicing "wordsmith". Therefore, it is my sincere hope that both you and I and our readers will profit from what you read here in this book.

I don’t know about you but my articles always have a purpose. That purpose can be: change a mind, improve understanding, persuade to buy, introduce a new idea, product or thought to the benefit my readers, try to clarify thinking, help readers overcome obstacles, entertain, introduce ideas that demonstrate how much fun is available to all of us each day.
In this book I write about how you can avoid “writer’s block in great detail, here are some ideas that are explained in detail in this book for your consideration:
Idea #1
If I have no idea about what to write… (You can read more about this idea my book…)
Idea #2:
My next step was to research…(You can read more about this idea in my book…)
Idea #3:
Here’s another method I used to avoid “writer’s block… (You can read about this in the book…)”
Later, as I was thinking about what to write next, here’s what I did…(You can read more about this idea in my book…)

So, the question is, are you having fun yet? Is reading this an enjoyable experience for you? Are you having a good time as you read what I have to say here? Are you learning more about how to write? If not loosen up, smile! Enjoy yourself and take what I’ve said here to heart.
Here’s another subject for you to think about to become a more profitable writer for you and your readers.
Have you ever considered writing about the obvious? Back around 1910 Robert R. Updegraff wrote a short story for the Saturday Evening Post with the title: “The Story of Obvious Adams (You can read more about this subject in my book…)
The word Obvious is an important word for you, as a writer to keep fresh and in the forefront of your mind during all of your pre-writing thinking hours.

As a wordsmith consider the following suggestions:
Writing an article is like creating a painting:
An article or story can be compared to an artist’s painting of a (You can read more about this idea in my book…)

Writing an article or story resembles carving:
As a wordsmith you can approach your writing as a wood carver who must first think …(You can read more about this idea in my book…)
In short, as a wordsmith you are like the: artist, carver, architect, doctor and ultimately – the one who approaches a writing assignment with meticulous preparation before writing anything.
So, again let me say, you must, just like all the others I’ve mentioned, think before you write so you are sure what you write will be easy, free flowing, entertaining and above all – profitable for both you and your readers.
One final word before I finish. To be a profitable writer who helps the readers profit from what you have written, you must put your heart (compassion, spirit, center, emotion, sentiment, mood, temperament, mind, soul, nature, spirit, character, essence, deep inner feelings) into all of your writing.
In this short review of my book I want to give you one final word about how you can write for your profit and for the profit of your audience - your readers…

I wrote this book for our mutual profit as "wordsmiths". My aim is to share with you how to get personal profit & satisfaction as you learn to interest your readers in better ways. Your writing can be more enthusiastic, entertaining and helpful for your readers. How? Buy this book today! Why? Because reading it and acting on these suggestions can open opportunities for you to gain the kind of readership & popularity needed by all successful (profitable) writers.

…Think long and hard before you write any story or article – then - write with enthusiasm and you will reap the profits!

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About the Author

Born in Moorestown, NJ in 1927. Served 3 years in USN during WW2. Attended several colleges: U of P, Rider, Rutgers, Nwk Coll. of Eng. all under GI Bill (Sales, Marketing, Business Writing). Owner: Weber & Sons,Inc. Printing & Direct Mail Advertising business for 30 years. Writer: Award winning (National DMAA)Sales letter copywriter with: Yeck & Yeck in Dayton,OH (1966-'67). Worked with author and Creative Direcctor, Darrell Hare at Graphic Service; Diamond Expert Author status (Best of the best of 478,000 article writes wolrd-wide), Author with 62,857 views of my 168 articles. Some of my inventions are:(Pat.Pend.; NoLabeSystem, Tydee Stamp, LabelPeeler, Tymindex Time Card File System sold nationwide for 40 years, Weber Original Disposable Sleep Masks, Event Blindfold Masks, Dry Eyes Syndrome Sleep Mask, Weber Denture Liners (to help people with loose dentures), Weber Wrist & Ankle Wraps (to help people with Raynauds Syndrome & cold hands and feet). Volunteered with Habitat For Humanity for 10 years as RV-Care-A-Vanners,where we helped build 39 houses nationwide for low income families. Non-fiction books: "How To Cope...with life"; A "Terry Talks Series" of four books and have set up and offered my other personal comfort products and inventions on my website ,all designed to help people feel and/or look better. My website( has been on the Internet since 2000. Interests: My wife and I have lots of fun in our blended family with eleven children, I am an avid sailor, writer, pilot, artist, shorebird wood carver, and recently, a hang glider pilot. Active Prayer Warrior for many years. I have been awarded Diamond Writer status with where many of my articles are listed. Note: As a "Diamond Status Writer" I am rated as one of the top 20 writers in a world-wide competition with over 435,000 other EzinesArticle writers.

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