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How to Write Stories

How to Write Stories

4.1 16
by Michael Mendoza
Ever taken a writing class but been overwhelmed Ever tried to write but have it not come out so well If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, this book is for you. 'How to Write Stories' makes writing simple and easy, avoiding weird training exercises like the 'Exquisite Corpse,' and laying out in direct terms what to do and what not to do.


Ever taken a writing class but been overwhelmed Ever tried to write but have it not come out so well If you answered 'yes' to either of these questions, this book is for you. 'How to Write Stories' makes writing simple and easy, avoiding weird training exercises like the 'Exquisite Corpse,' and laying out in direct terms what to do and what not to do.

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How to Write Stories 4 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 12 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
If you want to read a story, type 'How to Write a Story' and res 9! Read and Review and pls tell me what you think! —Ash
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
it's great and has taught everything i needed to know about writing. it's easy to understand and it's super useful!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My name is Riley Star. Im 11 now but when this started i was only 8. What started? you may ask. Well the fact that i found out that im an alien who must protect the world and that im not a human an any way. But maybe im getting a little ahead of myself. Lets start with the day i discovered my powers... * * * It was just an ordinary day at school. I got my books sat down at my desk and listened halfheartdly as the teacher droned on and on about something like the square root of pie + the circumfrence of a circle 24/7 = 3/5903 or something like that. Usally i pay attention but today i felt fidegty and wanted to get something done. I couldnt wait for recess and gym when i could take out that extra energy on playing and exersizing. Then a huge smash came from the direction of the 10 grade classroom and everyone ran to the classroom. All of the kids were staring at a giant pure black beetle about 10 feet tall. It roared and picked up a desk and threw it at us. We all scattered and ran. But the beetle was very fast with 6 legs and not just 2 like us. He caught up to me and nearly got me with his pinchers untill i used my last burst of energy and ran like the wind. Then a strange thing happened. My clothes dissapeared biut i was changeing into a giant bug. I was a 15 foot tall golden beetle whos shell shone blue and green in the light. I ran towaards the other beetle and quickly ate him. He seemed so small,so tiny! It was amazing to think i had been running from it a moment before. Then i started to turn human again. My clothes thankfully came back but now i had on a gold necklace with a emerald beetle pendant on it. I looked at it and suddnly i realized what had just happened:i had turned into a giant bug and eaten another bug. Suddenly i felt dizzy and i fainted. End of chapter 1. Please review. Lilyfang
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
You basically copied the hunger games!!!!!!!! Even some of the characters are the same like finnick as gale and marigold as primrose!!!!!!!
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Chapter 1 I wake to the sound of sobbing. I leap out of bed and hurry over to my 10-year-old sister, Marigold, who's sobbing. She looks up with teary blue eyes, and her bedraggled brown hair falls down her shoulders. "What's wrong, Marigold?" I ask. But I have a feeling I know what's wrong. "You and Finnick are going to get taken away!" She sobs. Finnick is my very close friend. His mother, Annie, had taken us in when our parents abandoned us here to work as fishers. "Maybe not. We might not have to go yet." I say, trying to soothe her. She doesn't answer. I hear a scream somewhere. Someone has woken to the same world as I did. The door behind us opens. Finnick steps in, his face concerned. Everyone says he looks just like his father. Golden skin, bronze hair, and eyes the color of the sea, just like mine. He looks between us, then raises his eyebrows to me, silently asking 'It's because of the Drafting, isn't it?' I give a tiny nod. "Marigold, even if we both go, there's still my mother here. You two will be alright. And we'll always be here, in a way." Finnick says. He doesn't add that when she turns 16, she'll probably be joining us. Marigold nods, but tears still stream down her cheeks. I help her up. Finnick leaves to get dressed. I put on a simple gray shirt and black pants, with a black jacket and flexible leather boots. I pull my hair into a long blond braid. Marigold's wearing a blue dress, and her hair is in a ponytail held with a blue ribbon. She turns to me. "You look lovely." I tell her. She smiles shyly. We walk to the kitchen. It's early, and Finnick's mother isn't up yet. I find Finnick waiting, wearing a dark green shirt and black pants. He's leaning against the counter, looking bored. "Should we wake your mother?" Marigold asks him. He shakes his head. "No, I will." He walks off. A few minutes later, he comes back, followed by a brown-haired, green eyed woman. Annie. Her eyes swim with tears, and she makes little choking sounds occasionally. "I never thought I'd lose you..." she manages. She's a little unstable mentally, and she seems very distressed. I can't blame her. She's most likely about to lose her son and a girl she loves like a daughter. But thinking of Finnick as a brother doesn't seem right for some reason. "I know," Finnick says gently. "And maybe you won't." But that doesn't seem to convince her. We follow Annie outside to the square. A couple other families are there, too. More and more people gather, looking grim. Marigold huddles close to my right side, and Finnick reaches for my left hand. I don't let go of his hand. Four people walk out from the huge gray building in front of the square. The Sargent, a thin woman dressed in gray with short, very straight black hair and gray eyes. The Commander, a man with close-cropped black hair and blue eyes. Another man with brown hair and gray eyes. And finally, a woman with long red hair and sharp green eyes. The Sargent steps up to a microphone. She begins to speak. "Today, we will be choosing young men and women to join the war outside. You will become soldiers. Some of the other soldiers are from other sectors. If your name is called, you are to come to the stage immediately." She says. Then she begins to call the names.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Elmerald's good eye sparkled. Her missing eye made her stand out among normal cats, but with her also very different friends made her feel...well...normal. Elmerald felt Wolf running his tail along her back and his abnormal foot falls because of his twisted leg. Gem padded a little farther ahead than Elmerald, her one ear twitching, tabby tail waving. Sapphire walked ahead of the group. If the calico had a tail, it would have been held high, for Sapphire considered herself the leader of their small group. Fox tagged along back. His ginger fur always seemed dull and his blind eyes stared at nothing. Elmerald felt the wind on her gray pelt. She lifted her head and licked Wolf's ear. Sapphire stopped suddenly and Gem ran into her. "Ow." She muttered. Sapphire hushed her and opened her mouth to scent the air. "Fox." She whispered, blue eyes wide. "Yes?" Fox peeped over the back of Elmerald's shoulder. "Not you mousebrain!" Sapphire snapped. "I smell fox!" "So do I." Wolf sniffed the air. Elmerald smelled it too. "Guys, that's not one fox-" Elmerald was intrupted by three low growls. "That's a pack of foxes!" She yowled. Sapphire narrowed her eyes at the lead fox. "Hairball!" She spat at it. Wolf edged towards Sapphire. "Uh, Sapphire, you're making it angrier!" Sapphire wasn't listening. The fox was ready to pounce, but before it could, one of it's followers jumped and swipped at Elmerald. Elmerald yowled in pain before she returned the blow and snapped at the fox's legs. Sapphire lept at the lead fox and dug her claws into it's shoulders. Gem leaped at the third fox. Wolf ran over to help Elmerald. Elmerald reared up, Wolf beside her, and they started fending the fox back, matching blow for blow, swipe for swipe. Elmerald sent a final bite at the fox's ears, and they sent it howling into the underbrush. Elmerald dropped to the ground, exhausted. Wolf licked her cheek and lay down beside her. Gem and Sapphire had fended off their foxes and Gem was panting. Sapphire looked tired too, though she tried not to show it. "We need to rest." she meowed before leading them to a cave. Elmerald collasped instantly and sunk into a deep sleep
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Story: As soon as I woke up I knew something was wrong. I decided to pretend I was still asleep, in case someone was nearby. Unfortunately, that didn't work for very long. My darkened bedroom was suddenly bright with flames, eating through the roof. I jumped out of bed, flung open my door– and was almost immediately accosted by three soldiers. Their flaming armor was all the explanation I needed. The infamous Flame Army of Gohi had attacked my country of Rokukaze. I had heard that the leader of Gohi had been upset about the tentative alliance between Rokukaze and Hachimitsu, so it made sense that they were attacking. After all, a lot of Gohi's goods were exported from Rokukaze; for us to go and ally with their worst enemy must've been like a slap in the face. As they dragged me down the stairs to the door, I could see through the windows soldiers battling each other. The gray-and-black armor of the Wind Army was easy to distinguish from the flaming red-and-black armor of the Flame Armor. The fight looked pretty even. The Wind Army used guns that shot powerful blasts of air that could knock any soldier to the ground. At the same time, the Flame Army took advantage of the air to fuel the fire burning on their staff weapons. The soldiers dragging me suddenly did something surprising. They put red-and-black armor on me and gave me what looked like a spear. Then they set both ablaze and kicked me out the door. I'm not stupid. I knew what they were doing. They were making me fight against my own country. Great.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
The time of my life- by michael: It started eight years ago. I was sitting on my bed when my dad came home nd said" pack ur bags kids! Were going to germany!" Thats what started it. The day came to leave nd me nd my bro were extremely excited. We landed in germany eight hrs later nd were picked up by my uncle. For the first few days we visited with my uncles and aunts nd played games with my cousins. As we travelled thru germany visiting relatives we decided to go to europa park. We got there and the first thing we saw was the silver star. The silverstar was the biggest rollercoaster in germany at the time. We spent the day going on all the rides u can imagine and also watched the most hillarious comedy at one of the stages. When we thought wed been avery where we found one last roller coaster. This roller coaster seemed to have no right dide up parts. We gave the conductor our money and climbed aboard. The roller coaster started up the hill nd as we reached the crest i felt butterflies build up in my stomach and then the decent began! We shot towards the ground nd went around curves that should have sent the coaster flying off but we somehow stayed put. As the coaster sped along it suddenly flipped us almost upside down and we began to spiral downwards and sudenly............ it was over. We gave the conductor more money and went again. After that we went to the log coaster. We climbed into a log shaped boat and began the ascent to the top. We zoomed down and splashed thru rapids and got completely soaked! All in all as we left the theme park we wished the day were longer. We were famished though so we went home. U have now heard the story of the best time of my life. Thank u for reading my story.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
My roleplaying story: My nook was given to me on my birthday. I immiediatly found a clan. Instead of joining i made my own clan. It was called rainclan. Very few people joined. We were surrounded by waterclan badgerclan and midnightclan. I fought claw and tooth for the place to be scourges mate. Then my dad found out and said we werent allowed to roleplay. So i stopped for about three months. Last week i started roleplaying again. My old clan had dispanded. Scourge had a new mate. No one remembered the huge war i had started. Even bloodclan didnt remember me. So i made a new clan. Deathlightclan. I allied with ballstar and became his mate. I stood by him for every battle. I saved his life many times. I asked him out in real life and he said yes. Then the war came. He was forced to stop being my mate by starclan. But he said he would always love me the most. So he stayed my mate and i half joined his clan. I hope some one loves this story as much as i did it is my life hope all readers love it
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A little girl walks downstairs to breakfast. She sits down at the table. Her mother looks at her with concern. "We got this letter in the mail," she says, "its for you." She hands the little girl the letter. It said in green messy handwriting "to Sophia Milly 2 Toad Road the second largest bedroom London." Sophia opened the letter. She read the first sentence. It said "dear sophia, we are proud to announce that youve been exepted at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry." She put the letter down. "Im a witch?,:" She asked weakly. "Im afraid so," said her mother. Her mother took her daughter in her arms and huged her. Ill miss you she whispered. Sophias Story by Sophia Milly.