How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

How We Heal: Understanding the Mind-Body-Spirit Connection

Paperback(Revised and Expaned Edition)

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ISBN-13: 9781556435799
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 03/10/2006
Edition description: Revised and Expaned Edition
Pages: 497
Sales rank: 882,110
Product dimensions: 7.04(w) x 9.28(h) x 1.57(d)

About the Author

Douglas W. Morrison holds doctoral degrees in naturopathy, nutritional counseling, and alternative medicine. He is the author of Body Electronics Fundamentals, and since 1988 has been teaching seminars in this technique throughout the world.

Table of Contents

List of Figuresxxv
Preface to the Revised Editionxxxiii
Part 1Health and Healing
1Coming Out of the Shadows to a Different Way of Looking at Reality3
Chasing Shadows3
Trying to Explain Shadows Solely in Terms of Shadows5
In Search of This "Something Else"5
On Scars Disappearing6
The Analogy of the Overhead Projector7
2A Basic Model to Consider13
The Physical, Emotional, and Mental Bodies14
The Formation of Crystals22
Moving Back Towards Freedom and Health23
The Underlying Pattern of Perfection and How It Is Obscured26
Resistance, Health, and Consciousness Change30
3The Great Paradox of Healing35
The Willingness to Not Heal and the Desire to Heal36
Desire and Attachment36
The Great Paradox38
Attachment: The Myth of Sisyphus38
4The Nature of Resistance41
Resistance and Judgment42
Resistance and Awareness42
Freedom and Awareness44
Reactive Mechanisms44
Overcoming Resistance46
Layers of Resistance48
Freedom from Resistance54
"Quantum Leap"54
5The Requirements of Health and Healing57
Love, Which Melts Resistance57
Light and Darkness70
Air and Breathing71
In Conclusion: Taking Individual Responsibility91
6The Healing Crisis93
What to Expect94
Balance, Regeneration, and Degeneration96
Going through the Healing Crisis99
Thought, Energy, and Matter100
Part 2Nutrition
7Dietary Reform: Some Basic Concepts to Master105
Attitude toward Dietary Reform106
Principles for Success in Dietary Reform107
8Passing the Test of Reality: The Work of Dr. Weston A. Price, D.D.S113
Dental Caries, Other Degeneration, and Nutrition115
Nutrition and Future Generations-Intercepted Heredity117
More on Dental Caries and Nutrition118
Towards a Sufficient Diet119
Common Factors in the Sufficient Diet121
Making Use of Price's Ideas125
The Choice to Follow a Vegan Diet128
9Getting the Most Out of Our Food133
Food Quality134
Food Quantity139
Frequency, Timing, and Food Combinations141
Assimilation of Nutrients144
10Essential Nutrients and Their Sources155
On Humankind's Natural Diet155
Nutrition and Elimination156
Essential Nutrients158
Synthetic versus Natural Supplements170
Light, Oxygen, and Electrons171
11Avoiding Detrimental Food Choices177
Refined, Skeletonized, or Processed Foods177
Other Things to Avoid189
12Principles of Eating Wisely and Well195
Think and Feel about Foods195
Natural Instincts196
Eat Whole and Natural Foods197
Eat Organic and/or Biodynamically-Produced Foods197
Use Fermented Foods198
Eat Fresh Foods198
Eat Mostly Local Foods in Season199
Eat Raw Foods200
Use Good Quality Salt201
Deactivate Phytic Acid and Enzyme Inhibitors202
Eat Leafy Greens203
Combine EFAs and Sulfur Proteins203
Make Soups from Bones and Organs204
Use Healthy Methods of Food Preservation204
Eat Foods That Have a Good Historical Track Record204
Use Only the Best Types of Cookware205
Use Only the Best Methods of Cooking205
13The Use of Supplements207
Diet versus Supplements207
The Most Essential Supplements208
Other Supplements and Aids212
Beneficial Health Practices217
14Degenerative Diseases221
Modern Medicine222
Numerous Factors in Degenerative Disease223
Individual Constitution and Past Health History224
Toxic Environment and Toxic Attitude224
Other Toxins We Can Avoid226
Part 3Body Electronics Fundamentals
15The Basic Theory of Body Electronics245
Healing Includes Dissolving Crystals245
Nutrient Saturation Begins the Process246
Body Electronics and Crystals247
Accelerating the Process with Body Electronics248
Dissolving the Crystals to Bring Change of Consciousness248
16The Practice of Body Electronics251
The Basics251
A Basic Sequence of Points259
Situations Where Body Electronics Has Been Effective275
Contraindications for Body Electronics276
Conclusion: Healing as a Spiral280
17Individual Responsibility and the Pointholdee283
Being Active and Being Receptive284
Maintain a State of Love and Forgiveness285
Discipline the Body288
Maintain a State of Enthusiasm289
Encompass Both Sides of Dualities290
Look for Our Own Resistances292
18Putting It Down in Writing295
The Power of the Written Word296
Making the List297
Moving from Success to Success297
Expanding Our Vision298
Keeping It Secret299
Starting with a Personal Mission Statement300
19Considerations for Body Electronics Facilitators303
The Facilitator's Role303
More on Individual Responsibility307
What the Facilitator Works With308
Giving and Receiving Blessings318
Part 4Outer Manifestation and Inner Essence
20Iridology and Sclerology325
Uses of Iridology in Healing Work350
Iridology and Sclerology362
21Biological Transmutations363
Endothermal and Exothermal Reactions363
Hormones and the Endocrine System364
Amino Acids and Protein Digestion365
Bacteria, Algae, and Mushrooms366
Hydrogen and Oxygen368
The Role of Consciousness369
22Back to Health: Monopoles, Melanin, and Uncreation371
Inner Essence and Outer Manifestation371
Thought, Word, and Emotion372
Faith, Will, and Desire373
Scalar Waves and Composite Waves374
The Melanin-Protein Complex376
What Melanin Does378
How Melanin-Protein Complex Interferes with Monopoles380
Perception and Reality Altered381
Process of Creation382
Process of Uncreation382
The Overhead Projector Revisited383
Free within the Hologram384
Bound within the Hologram385
Melanin-Protein Complex an Effect of Our Resistance386
Encompassment and Exclusion387
23Self-medication and the Comfort Zone389
The Scale of Emotions Revisited390
In Conclusion: Redefining Our Relationship with Pain417
24The Possibility of Healing421
Appendix 1On Enzymes: Condensed Summary and Conclusions425
Appendix 2Biological Transmutations433
Appendix 3Encompassment and Exclusion437
Chapter Notes451
Resources and Suppliers479
About the Author495

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