How We Raised Over 245% of Our Goal With Our FIRST Crowd-Funding Project!: What worked for us on our FIRST crowdfunding project!

How We Raised Over 245% of Our Goal With Our FIRST Crowd-Funding Project!: What worked for us on our FIRST crowdfunding project!

by Marsha Twinkle Jones, Carl Topper Jones


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How we raised over 245% of our goal with Crowd Funding is a fun, easy, PRODUCTIVE, quick read on the current phenomenon of raising money from friends, family and total strangers around the world, from your own home!

Carl E Jones, CFP (r), a.k.a. Topper the Magic Clown, and his wife Marsha, a.k.a. Twinkle, are also Therapeutic Clowns in North Texas. They wanted to launch a new Therapeutic Clown Troupe to serve the needs of the thousands of kids who are patients each year in local hospitals. To accomplish this goal, they put together an extremely effective Crowd Funding program.

Their program was seeking $4,999 in 21 DAYS. They raised more than that in 21 HOURS. The project went on to raise over $12,350 from over 130 generous donors in 4 countries and 19 states. About 40% of which didn't even request an offered perk for their kind donation!

This book simplifies the crowd funding process and walks you through each of the steps that the author found to be critical in reaching their goal. Plus, it gives you a step by step guide on how to do your first project so speed up your time from inception to funding.

There are things which you MUST have in place BEFORE launching your first project. This book lays them out before you and in no uncertain terms, lets you know which ones are "MUST DO" on your list before you waste your time and energy.

There are some amazing things revealed in this book which the author discovered the hard way. Let his experience save you time and money and help propel your FIRST project into a much more successful end result.

You'll learn what things tend to drag people down and don't have any real significance on most projects.

You'll learn how complete strangers can and will help you.

You'll benefit greatly from the list of people who should be helping you, even if they don't know it yet.

And you'll make more money and save more time with this book than the very low cost you are investing in it!


Carl E. Jones, CFP (r) also known as Topper the Magic Clown, along with his wonderful wife, Marsha, a.k.a. Twinkle, are seasoned family entertainers. Their years of experience, along with his training as a CFP, allows them to combine the best of both worlds, business and entertainment, and do better at both of them because of it!

You'll enjoy this book and you'll BENEFIT from it greatly!

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ISBN-13: 9781492263425
Publisher: CreateSpace Publishing
Publication date: 08/26/2013
Pages: 52
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About the Author

Carl E. Jones, CFP (r) and his wife, Marsha, live in Euless, Texas along with their 4 Chihuahua's, 2 Macaw's and their show-stealing Chinchilla, Snow White.

They are family entertainers as well as being Therapeutic Clowns and they maintain a children's ministry as well.

Their passion is to help others, especially kids and most especially kids that need an extra smile due to illness.

Please feel welcome to follow them on various Social Media outlets or email them at

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