How Will I Know You?: A Novel

How Will I Know You?: A Novel

by Jessica Treadway


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A People Magazine "Book of the Week."

"Jessica Treadway draws her characters into an impossible knot and then expertly teases apart...kept me up half the night." - Ann Patchett, New York Times bestselling author of Commonwealth

Fans of Reconstructing Amelia will love this pulse-pounding novel of mystery, betrayal, and a small town's dark secrets.
On a cold December day, the body of high school senior Joy Enright is discovered in the woods at the edge of a frozen pond. Her death looks like a tragic drowning accident at first, but an autopsy reveals something sinister — the teenager's body shows unmistakable signs of strangulation. The discovery upends an otherwise uneventful small town, as police grapple with a rare homicide case and those closest to Joy wonder how she could have been taken from them — and by whom. Susanne, Joy's mother, tries to reconcile past betrayals with their wrenching consequences. Martin, an African-American graduate student, faces ostracism when blame is cast on him. Tom, a rescue diver and son-in-law of the town's police chief, doubts both the police's methods and his own perceptions. And Harper, Joy's best friend, tries to figure out why she disappeared from Harper's life months before she actually went missing.

In a close-knit community where everyone knows someone else's secret, it's only a matter of time before the truth is exposed. In this gripping novel, author Jessica Treadway explore the ways in which families both thrive and falter, and how seemingly small bad choices can escalate - with fatal consequences.

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ISBN-13: 9781455554096
Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
Publication date: 08/29/2017
Edition description: Reprint
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 608,031
Product dimensions: 5.20(w) x 7.90(h) x 1.20(d)

About the Author

Jessica Treadway is the author of Lacy Eye, And Give You Peace, and two story collections, Absent Without Leave and Other Stories and Please Come Back to Me, which received the Flannery O'Connor Award for Short Fiction. A professor at Emerson College in Boston, she lives with her husband in Lexington, Massachusetts.

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How Will I Know You?: A Novel 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 8 reviews.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I really liked this book. The characters were well defined. I was disappointed the person who murdered Joy got away with it. Overall, the storyline was excellent. I would recommend this book.
Anonymous 4 months ago
This was one of the worst books I've ever read. It jumped around too much and was way too long. I never leave reviews, but figured this time I may keep someone from wasting their time and money on this book.
Anonymous 4 months ago
Really great. loved all the different perspectives. Especially loved that she went beyond the main storyline at the end and wrapped things up with all the characters. I usually am left wanting more at the end but this was wrapped up nicely.
gloriafeit More than 1 year ago
From the publisher: On a December day in upstate New York, the body of high school senior Joy Enright is found in the woods at the edge of a frozen pond. An autopsy reveals that her death was not simply a tragic accident - - the teenager’s body shows unmistakable signs of murder. The discovery upends an otherwise quiet small town. As the investigation unfolds, four characters tell the story from widely divergent perspectives: Susanne, Joy’s mother, tries to reconcile past betrayals with their painful consequences; Martin, a black artist, faces ostracism when blame is cast on him; Tom, a rescue diver, doubts both the police and his own perceptions; and the hopelessly awkward Harper, Joy’s best friend, tries to figure out why Joy disappeared from Harper’s life months before she actually went missing. As a web of deceit comes to light in a tiny community where there are few secrets, “How Will I Know You?” explores how easily boundaries can be breached and how seemingly small choices can escalate - - with fatal consequences. In fascinating manner, the book’s sections are separated into “Before;” “After;” quite near the end of the novel “During;” and, about a dozen pages before the final page, “After - - The Last,” June 9, 2014. “Before” (initially May 14, 2009, then jumping to September 7th, then to October 22nd and then the 31st) and “After,” initially December 7th, quite obviously, refer to the time periods before and after Joy’s murder, on the 1st Sunday of December; “During” describing, in manner to keep the reader glued to the pages, the murder itself. The reader doesn’t discover the significance of the book’s title until nearly one-third of the way through the book: It was apparently Suzanne’s question of her husband, Gil, before their first date. Early on, in the pages after December 7th, and then again in the earlier time frames of May 14, 2009 and, later, October 22nd and 31st and later still, in the “After” pages, the tale is related for long stretches in first person by Martin Willett, the black man initially arrested in the case (At one point during these pages, in mid-November, he muses “. . . now that I’ve come to the end of it, I’m no closer to understanding what might have happened than I was when I began.” Abut mid-way into the novel, p.o.v. is that of Tom, son-in-law of the [interim] police chief, Doug, thought of by many as “Tom Carbone, the dumb jock, married to [Alison,] a teacher,” and the kindest way in which Doug thought of him. And towards the very end, in the “During” section, p.o.v. is that of Joy, most interestingly. The characters presented in these pages are each very well-drawn, regardless of their generation or race. I found Martin most fascinating, as well as his art: I had never before even been aware of “hyperreal art” or the work of “high realists.” The pages seemed to fly by, until one has reached the end and realize how perfectly the author has brought the suspenseful ale to its conclusion. The novel is, obviously, recommended.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Slightly confusing story. Too much back-tracking. The story line is not bad, the delivery could be smoother. Expected better.
Sandy5 More than 1 year ago
This was one of those novels that I could put down and walk away from but the story stayed with me until I picked it back up again. There were no cliffhangers, no urgent need to go to the next chapter yet I was draw to found out what really happened to Joy the day at the pond and who was responsible for her murder. The minute someone played the race card and arrested Martin, I had this doubt in my mind that he was the one responsible. I couldn’t find any reason why this man would want to harm Joy and how were they connected? Then all the stories began surfacing, the Now stories and the Before stories, different individuals telling me their versions of their story now and in past. It was my turn to begin piecing it all together, in my own time and in my own way. When Joy goes missing, her small community comes together to search for her. When her body is found, the community comes together to search for the killer. When the police make an arrest, the stories that spread throughout the community are divided. Did the police arrest the correct individual? What secrets are hiding behind the doors in this small town? As the author uncovers the truth behind Joy’s murder, we read this account in chapters from many different individuals in this town and we view the events that are now occurring and some that had occurred in the past. When the truth is finally spoken, I was surprised at the finding. I found this novel interesting, lots of individuals with their own stories, their own drama and secrets. I enjoyed it. I’m between a 3.5 and 4 stars as I liked the novel but the ending was a bit different. I won a copy of this novel from Chic Lit Plus. This review is my own opinion.
ReadingGrrl More than 1 year ago
This book is told from 4 different perspectives, and from a time before the murder and the time after the murder. It was interesting reading from different points of view, showing how different people's realities can be regarding the same situations. The Chief of Police is trying to make his position permanent and desperately wants a conviction on this case but instead of actually investigating he interviews a few people and then has his man. Martin a black graduate student in a predominately white town seems talented but way too trusting. Even after he is arrested he still seems to be swimming in a delusional bubble of everything will work out. And that is just the tip of these flawed characters who hide secrets at every turn. The two best characters were Tom, the rescue diver who is also the son-in-law of the Chief of Police and Joy who is definitely going through some difficult stuff but seems smart and savvy in her own way. The rest of the characters were almost caricatures, there wasn't much depth to them. They wove around Tom and Joy who really carried the story along for me. Wanting to know who killed Joy and what she was doing that may have lead to her death and Tom who is really caught between a rock and a hard place within his marriage and his family. Overall this was a decent read, with a few really well done characters that carried the book along.
Deb-Krenzer More than 1 year ago
First of all, I want to say that I requested this book because of the description and the fact that the author's last name is my maiden name. Of course I had to read it. There's not that many people with that last name. Now, to the book. Wow, there were so many secrets and so many suspects. It was very, very sad what happened to Joy, but you never really got to see what the extent of her actions were until the end of the book. There were a lot of people's lives changed due to Joy's death, mostly for the bad. I can see, in Joy's mind where she was going, but she was so young and naive that she was way in over her head. There was a bad ending for pretty much everyone in this book. You really couldn't see it coming, but it happened. I truly felt for a lot of these characters and this was yet another book I could not put down. I found myself reading this during the timing of my Thanksgiving recipes, I just could not put it down. I think I even made excuses to make time to read it in between what needed to be done for the recipes. Eeks, hopefully they will turn out. I know I read a great book, so my friends are going to have to suck it up on the turkey day side dishes. HA!! Thanks Grand Central Publishing and Net Gallery for hitting me up with a free e-galley in exchange for an honest review. I found this book riveting and definitely entertaining!