How You Can Avoid Legal Land Mines: A Layman's Guide to the Law

How You Can Avoid Legal Land Mines: A Layman's Guide to the Law

by Joseph S. Lyles



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ISBN-13: 9780974409115
Publisher: Access Publishing SC
Publication date: 12/28/2003
Pages: 160
Product dimensions: 5.48(w) x 8.42(h) x 0.36(d)

Table of Contents

Strictly Legal (Or How to Swim With Sharks)1
Lesson 1Know When You Need a Lawyer3
Lesson 2Time Limits4
Lesson 3Save That Paper6
Lesson 4Don't Ignore Traffic Tickets8
Lesson 5Pros and Cons of Cash Transactions9
Lesson 6Talk to Your Lawyer11
The Business of Life12
Lesson 7Be Careful with Whom You Live14
Lesson 8The Games People Play16
Lesson 9Don't Cry Wolf, but Always Report a Crime That Affects You18
Lesson 10Why Have a Power of Attorney?20
The Business of Consuming22
Lesson 11Health Insurance24
Lesson 12Consumer and Business Contracts Differ26
Lesson 13Buyer Beware! Understand the basics of Warranties28
Sue the Bastards30
Lesson 14Don't Represent Yourself in Court32
Lesson 15Remember that Laws Vary with Locality34
Lesson 16Know the Difference Between Being Right And Proving You are Right in Court35
Lesson 17Do Not Give Statements37
Lesson 18The Different Standards of Proof in Civil And Criminal Court38
Lesson 19Who Makes the Decision?41
Lesson 20Judges are Powerful, But...44
Lesson 21Alternatives to Your Day in Court46
Lesson 22Beware of Legal Myths About Employment Law50
Lesson 23Understand the Limitations of Bankruptcy52
Avoid Land Mines in Accident Cases54
Lesson 24If You Need a Doctor, Go to a Doctor, Not a Lawyer56
Lesson 25Tell Your Doctor All Your Medical Complaints58
Lesson 26Workers' Compensation59
Lesson 27Haste Makes Waste, So Don't Rush to Settle a Personal Injury Claim61
Lesson 28Don't Give Up Your Accident Claim Just Because You Don't Know Who Hit You64
Lesson 29Are You in Bad Hands?65
Lesson 30Don't Let Any Uninsured Person Drive Your Car66
Lesson 31Are You Fully Covered?68
Lesson 32If You Buy It, Insure It69
Lesson 33Insurance Commissions71
Lesson 34Don't Give Up on Social Security Disability74
Real Estate75
Lesson 35What is a Closing?76
Lesson 36Ever Heard of Zoning?79
Lesson 37SOLD! But Put It in Writing81
Lesson 38Don't Leave Real Estate in Fee to Someone Who Needs It in Trust82
Lesson 39Killer Termites?84
Lesson 40This Stinks! Pollution Problems with Real Estate85
Lesson 41What is an Easement?87
Lesson 42Mechanic's Lien89
Death and Taxes90
Lesson 43Learn What a Last Will and Testament Provides93
Lesson 44Are You an Executor of an Estate?95
Lesson 45"Render Therefore Unto Caesar the Things Which are Caesar's..."97
Lesson 46"No Assets" Means No Hassles99
Lesson 47Thy Will be Done101
Lesson 48The Family Court System105
Lesson 49Don't Forget the House Payment108
Lesson 50Custody Changes Can Be Dangerous109
Lesson 51In Divorce, Knowledge is Power!111
Lesson 52Protect Your Money113
Lesson 53Possession is 9/10ths of the Law114
The Business of Business115
Lesson 54Beware of Bad Business Partners117
Lesson 55Beware of Bad Customers119
Lesson 56Leaving is Not Always Easy121
Lesson 57Make Contacts, But Also Make Contracts122
Lesson 58Talk is Cheap - Try to Get Promises in Writing123
Lesson 59A Good Deal? Get It in Writing125
Lesson 60Friends are Forever, But Don't Go into Business with Them126
Lesson 61Watch Out for the Small Print127
Final Words of Awareness129
Appendix AChoosing A Lawyer130
Appendix BUnderstanding Attorneys' Fees134
Appendix CWill I Win My Case?137
Appendix DHow Never To Lose Again139
Appendix ELegal Dictionary142
Appendix FReferences to Organizations144
Appendix GReferences to Websites and Publications146

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