Hpcn Challenges in Telecomp and Telecomunications: Parallel Simulation of Complex Systems and Large-Scale Applications: Proceedings of the EUROSIM International Conference, 10-12 June 1996, Delft, the Netherlands

Hpcn Challenges in Telecomp and Telecomunications: Parallel Simulation of Complex Systems and Large-Scale Applications: Proceedings of the EUROSIM International Conference, 10-12 June 1996, Delft, the Netherlands


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ISBN-13: 9780444825599
Publisher: Elsevier Science & Technology Books
Publication date: 01/28/1996
Pages: 623
Product dimensions: 7.09(w) x 9.84(h) x (d)

Table of Contents

A selection of contents is listed. Invited Speakers. Large networks of workstations: the mythical poor man's supercomputer? (C.H. Cap). The importance of a mechatronic approach (J.W.M. Kummeling). The metamorphosis of the supercomputer (E. Shapiro). Survey lecture presenting the overall HPCN picture of the topics highlighted during the Delft Eurosim 1996 conference (E. Shapiro). High performance computing in flow simulations (T.E. Tezduyar et al.). A review of wide–area aspects of high performance networking (D.O. Williams). High Performance Computing – Development Coupling parallel data and work partitioners to the Vienna Fortran Compilation System (P. Brezany, V. Sipkova). Mass storage support for a parallelizing compilation system (P. Brezany et al.). An approach to ease the redevelopment of a parallel simulation package (H.H. ten Cate et al.). Scalability aspects of parallel vector computers with a shared memory (E. Dekker). Parallel distributed parameter system–adapted simulation and interpolation (L. Dekker, S.W. Brok). Finite element methods in the PROMOTOR programming model (J. Gerlach et al.). Scalability analysis and parallel execution of unstructured problems (H.X. Lin et al.). Approximate performance measures of concurrent algorithms (W.A. Meyenberg). Parallel multi–stage & multi–step method in ODE's (X. Song). Concurrent checkpointing and rollback recovery for distributed systems (X.F. Ye, J.A. Keane). High performance computing and simulation applications Parallel simulation of 3D forming processes (T. Coupez, S. Marie). Extremely exact and fast solutions of PDE in atransputer network (J. Kunovsky et al.). Parallel simulations of unsteady turbulent flames (S. Menon). A neural network model of organizational cultures (I. Smit et al.). High performance networking Distributed simulation of PCS networks using a time warp mechanism (R. Beraldi et al.). Implementation and performance evaluations of an ISO RPC in an industrial context (Ch. Gertosio). Hopper: A model for a distributed radio–reconnaissance system (P.G. Kropf et al.). Multi Processor Communication Structures and Systems Balanced progressive radiosity on a workstation network (F. Bricout). A new architecture for efficient parallel computing in workstation clusters: conceptions and experiences (G. Hipper, D. Tavangarian). A concurrent hierarchical approach to global snapshots (X.F. Ye, J.A. Keane). High Performance Computing in Environmental Modelling QNH: a numerical weather prediction model developed for massively parallel processors (C.F. Baillie et al.). Automatic code generation for high performance computing in environmental modeling (R. van Engelen et al.). Domain decomposition and parallel computing in a numerical method for nonlinear water waves (P.C.A. de Haas et al.). Parallel simulation of compressible atmospheric flows: bubble convection (A. Malevsky et al.). Parallelisation and optimisation of EMEP's transboundary air pollution model (S. Unger). TASC, A Dutch consortium for developing mathematical models for environmental problems (J.G. Verwer et al.). The PARALLEL project: parallel simulation of 3D flow and transport models (E.A.H. Vollebregt et al.. Parallel transport with unstructured finite volumes and implicit time stepping (P. Wilders et al.). Industry session High performance computing in sensor data processing, decision support and presentation (M. Boasson). Data mining and related techniques (A. Feelders). Cap Volmac and HPCN (S. Geenen). Searching for free text in very large text databases (M.P.M. van der Hulst). Parallel Computing Contest Parallel search algorithm for the detection of irregular structures (R.M. Aiex). Large scale finite element fluid analysis by massively parallel processors (Y. Nakabayashi). NOWESP workshop. Large–scale data analysis and numerical simulation for the North–west European shelf (NOWESP) (W. van Leussen, J. Berlamont). Keyword index. Authors Index.

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