Hug Therapy: A 21-Day Journey to Embracing Yourself, Your Life, and Everyone Around You

Hug Therapy: A 21-Day Journey to Embracing Yourself, Your Life, and Everyone Around You


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Don’t Just Feel Good—Do Good & Feel Great

Readers of The Happiness Project, The Power of Moments and I Hear You won’t want to miss Hug Therapy.

The science behind hugging. Dr. Stone’s prescription is for a 21-second hug today and every day. One of the many benefits of hugging is that longer hugs have proven physiological benefits. Hugs are good for your immune system, your stress response, your sleep patterns, and so much more.

Hug Therapy brings to life the meaning of hugging. In this book, you will discover:

  • What it means to really, truly give yourself and others the profound gift of a hug
  • How to be powerfully in action and more aware of what matters to you most
  • That you may choose to begin hugging some strangers…with their blessing of course
  • And perhaps most importantly, that together, one literal or metaphorical hug at a time, we make the world a better, healthier, and more connected place.

Embrace life. Hug Therapy shares a full-on, unconditional hug from Dr. Stone Kraushaar. In this book, he invites you to wrap your arms around yourself, your life, and everyone around you in a whole new way. A good embrace—a hug—squeezes every ounce of fear, worry, and negativity out of your spirit, leaving you with nothing but warmth, inner peace, and a feeling of connection.

Give a hug, get a hug. Most people have difficulty remembering the last time someone gave them an all-encompassing hug. Hug Therapy encourages you to change that, one physical or metaphorical embrace at a time. It’s a “do good and feel great” book that will help you live more in the moment and stay tuned into what really matters.

Expert advice from a world-class hugger. Dr. Stone Kraushaar is a clinical psychologist known as The Hug Doctor™. Also the founder of Hug Therapy™, he warmly invites you to jump into the 21-Day Hugging Journey™ and transform your life.

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ISBN-13: 9781642500707
Publisher: Mango Media
Publication date: 09/15/2019
Pages: 224
Sales rank: 842,460
Product dimensions: 5.00(w) x 6.90(h) x 0.80(d)

About the Author

Stone Kraushaar, “The Hug Doctor,” is a firm believer that all people share a profound human connection. The Hug Doctor loves working with people ((in the space of a hug)) for them to focus in on what really matters to them and be more deeply connected with their friends, family and beyond. Drawing on academic and professional experience as a psychologist and a therapeutic coach, a nurturing and supportive family, and a passion for helping people live powerful lives, The Hug Doctor sees relationships through the lens of hugging. To him, a hug, whether real or virtual, is a metaphor for lowering walls and bringing people together. He has devoted his life to developing the skills, tools, and attitudes to become a world-class hugger. A warm and affectionate person, the Hug Doctor is not only comfortable hugging complete strangers he loves nothing more than connecting with groups of people. His focus is on inspiring them about the power of hugging to live a more deeply connected and vital life. He is an expert resource for educating about longer hugs, 21-second hugs, and even coaches people to “get lost in the hug.” He has created a powerful movement based on people going on 21-day hugging journeys about which he is extremely passionate. Prior to launching the 21-day hugging movement, Stone spent eight years as a staff psychologist with the Student Health Services at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri. Before settling in St. Louis, he worked with children, adolescents, individuals, couples, and families in a group psychological practice. He graduated Summa Cum Laude from the University of Denver with his B.S. degree and also earned his master’s and doctoral degrees in clinical psychology at the University of Denver. His doctoral dissertation explored how effectively a heterosexual therapist can provide therapy for male couples. His American Psychological Association (APA)-approved psychology internship was at the UCSB Student Health Services at the University of California-Santa Barbara. He completed his post-doctoral work at Yale student health services. Most recently The Hug Doctor was excited to be invited to speak as a hugging expert at the 32nd annual National Hugging Day event at Agape Spiritual Center in Los Angeles. He was honored as a founding member of The Hug Alliance to be a part of bringing together people of over 40 different nationalities and leading them in the world’s largest 21-second hug. The Hug Doctor has also been pleased to be able to present his views on the power of hugging in the United States and Europe. He welcomes the opportunity to speak about the impact of longer hugs, going on 21-day hugging journeys and living in ((the space of a hug)).

For over twenty years, James Twyman, also known as The Peace Troubadour, has traveled to countries at war to share the prayers of peace from the 12 major religions of the world he put to music in 1994. He has been invited by peace organizations and even the leaders of countries to Bosnia, Iraq, Northern Ireland, South Africa, Syria and many other countries to initiate world synchronized meditations while battles raged around him. Each time millions of people participated, and miracles have often followed. James is also the New York Times bestselling author of sixteen books, has recorded over eighteen musical albums, and has produced or directed six films.

James has been a teacher of non-dualistic spirituality for over twenty years. As a student of A Course In Miracles, James has traveled around the world inviting people into the experience of Oneness. He has worked with many other spiritual leaders including Wayne Dyer, Neale Donald Walsch, Gregg Braden and Doreen Virtue. His book and The Moses Code set the foundation for his teachings on the I AM Consciousness.

For more information on James and his work go to

Table of Contents

Author’s Note
This Is How It Happened

Part I: Hugging Essentials
Part II: How to Hug
Part III: Embrace Yourself
Part IV: Embrace Life
Part V: Embrace Others
Part VI: Summing Up and Moving Forward

Why I Wrote Hug Therapy
About the Author

What People are Saying About This

From the Publisher

“Hug Therapy disrupts the simple act of a hug, turning it into a way to spark connection within you, your community, with strangers. . .and it may just end up bringing our Planet to awareness of being one. Crazy, awesome hugs—of course you should become a part of this movement!”

—Mich Hancock, Co-founder of TEDxGatewayArch, Host of MichMash Podcast

“I’m excited to say I have now completed my twenty-one-day hugging journey. I found it powerful and useful. Stone has created a deceptively simple sounding twenty-one-day challenge that is in fact a genius concept when you understand how all the pieces, he brings to it fit and work together. I have started to view each day differently in terms of how I interact with the people in my life. We can’t get enough kindness and caring in the world. I am now starting to see how improvements with friends and family could ripple out to people in my neighborhood and much further into the world.”

—Brian Lunt, Medici co-founder, Inspiration behind Top-50 STL

“Before I was introduced to the twenty-one-day hugging challenge, I was depressed, anxious, and struggling with fibromyalgia. It wouldn’t be too strong to say that I felt ready to nosedive into the pavement. Believe it or not, seven days after going on the twenty-one-day hugging journey on Facebook Live and reading Hug Therapy, I felt like a new man. I chronicled it all on Facebook and I would love for you to check it out. My life was transformed. I felt supercharged—no, wait— I am supercharged. I believe it’s not a journey; it’s a lifestyle. The biggest takeaway for me from the book was being radically transparent in everything I do. It totally freed me up to do greater good and be inspired in the process. I was made for this. Come with us on this journey. It meets you where you are, and you can create whatever really matters to you!”

—Gary Havel Jr., Mailman, War Hero, and Hugging Ambassador

“Dr. Stone has taken us far beyond the everyday hug. With his 21-Second hug, virtual hug, and ‘space of a hug,’ he invites us on a twenty-one-day hugging journey of discovery that opens up a whole universe of new windows into empathy, sharing, transforming, building community, and deeply being with other humans. So, if you see people walking down the street stopping for conversation, asking permission, breaking out into spontaneous, longer hugs, you will know that they have been reading this engaging, surprising, concise, and thought-provoking book. Join the fun and take the personal challenges. Get this book today. You just might see yourself and encounter others in a new, beautiful way.”

—Lou Agosta, Faculty Member, Illinois School of Professional Psychology, and Author of a Rumor of Empathy

“In a time when our government, politicians, and the news media try to sell us on racial, ethnic, religious, and gender differences, Hug Therapy inspires us to slow down and embrace our fellow human beings, either physically or virtually, by making an emotional and spiritual connection. I urge you to fully embrace Hug Therapy, take up the 21-Day Journey, and join the global Hugging Strangers Movement; your heart, your new friends, your community, and the world will thank you.”

—Robert Tallon Author of The Enneagram Connection and coauthor of Awareness to Action

“Hug Therapy not only captures the importance of why hugging will help you live a healthier, more fulfilled life—it concretely lays out steps that integrate hugging into your DNA. It’s a book you can get value from over and over again!”

—Rick Morrison, founder of Hug The Moment and co-author with his daughter Shana of the amazing children’s book The Hug Store

“The 21-Day Hug Journey has really helped me understand how critical it is to hug myself! I have completed the journey three times now and it has become my go to, helping me get through whatever life throws at me! I am better connected to my family and friends because of the journey. Thanks Hug Doctor!”

—Marcia Wever, owner and operator, St Louis City Fitness, LLC & The Movement Center of St Louis LLC

“Hug Therapy is a re-envisioned expanded and brilliant twist that richly brings out the power of hugging in just 21 days. It teaches about the self-hug and how to bring it into one's outer circle, creating balance and harmony for the traveler.”

—Kevin Zaborney, BA, MDiv, Founder National Hugging Day

"Oh my! I’m so encouraged with how your book has influenced my life. It made it possible for my brother and I to visit after a long time without harsh words. It also helped me to dig deep into how to make better relationship decisions. Thanks so much."
—Charlene Nordsell, registered nurse, retired from the Veteran’s Hospital, Fayeteville, Arkansas

“Well, I’d heard about it for quite a while and heard some things that made me curious, so I figured What the heck? I’m going to do this myself. My focus for 21 days was on noticing what I had in common with people. I can be a bit of a hard ass at times and judge people pretty quickly. The journey was remarkable. It slowed me down, increased my self awareness, and made me a much more pleasant guy to be around—so I have been told. The Hug Doctor is onto something here, and I challenge anyone to take this on. I’ve since shared it with much of my family with great results. One thing I think people really have to get is it’s not all about physical hugs—it’s equally about the way we are in the world. Yet, it makes us more aware of the real hugs we do have. I had six yesterday with friends and family, and now I’m more more aware of and appreciative of every one."
—Theodore Nordsell, engineering project manager

"I belong to Unity of San Francisco. At every Sunday service, we all rise and give each other a hug or a handshake. Nearly everyone goes for the hug. And no wonder…a handshake keeps people apart. A hug brings them together. And that is the essence of this insightful book. It will show you why hugs can heal, keep you healthy, and bring you closer to other people. So, pack your bags and discover these incredible benefits as you go on this book’s life-changing 'Hugging Journey.' "
—Allen Klein, author of Positive Thoughts for Troubling Times

"When I first found Dr. Stone on Twitter I can’t tell you how happy I was! I have always been a big hugger, so when I found out he was writing a book because he believed in the power of hugs like me I was so excited. He sent me a copy to read in the early stages and I LOVED going on my 21-day journey. I was excited already and then when I understood the self-hug I was totally hooked…in times like this to be able to connect from across the globe and support each other in something so simple as a hug with such power is amazing."
—Rita Swords drug and alcohol addiction counselor, Newbridge, Ireland RitaSwords@SwordsRita

"Dr. Stone's book—and prescription for a healthy and happy life being found in committing to hug ourselves and each other—is one of the most eye-opening metaphors for how to live life openly, freely, and more happily than any others I've encountered. It is so valuable, this Hug Therapy. Enjoy this book and all the happy hugs it will bring to you and your world."
—Mary Elizabeth Beary, Beary, Ink.

"As a scientist, I was initially skeptical about the power of hugs in certain respects and, as I have learned more and experienced “getting lost in a hug,” I see it in a whole new light. I think we need much more research in this area, and it is something that, although simple, has profound possibility. I have also gone on a 21-day hugging journey, and trust me it’s a unique and meaningful experience. Hug Therapy delivers."
—Lloyd S. Robinson PhD, senior research technician, molecular microbiology, Washington University in St. Louis

"I completed my first 21-day Hugging Journey a year ago. I found it to be pretty amazing and life-changing on multiple levels. It was so helpful I continued on completing FIVE Hugging journeys so far. Each one unique and transformative in its own way. Dr. Stone, aka "The Hug Doctor" was highly supportive in guiding me during my process. His book Hug Therapy is a book I would highly recommend to anyone! I learned how to more deeply connect with myself and others, to be more present, hug more and longer, and to love and accept myself unconditionally. I learned to be still, to embrace and appreciate the simple beauty in nature, and to ground myself everyday, I can feel the grass tickling my toes as I write this—the ground is so grounding. Ha. Seriously, it helped me to let go of fears I had been holding onto for years and to be brave. As I continue to learn, grow, and deal with the ebb and flow of life, I will always be grateful for Hug Therapy and its power to help me shift to a more attuned and joyful version of myself. Blessings."
—Lisa Ferrin, owner and founder at Angel Impact Photography, Redondo Beach, CA

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