Human Genetics: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress Berlin 1986

Human Genetics: Proceedings of the 7th International Congress Berlin 1986

Paperback(Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987)

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ISBN-13: 9783642716379
Publisher: Springer Berlin Heidelberg
Publication date: 11/17/2011
Edition description: Softcover reprint of the original 1st ed. 1987
Pages: 716
Product dimensions: 8.27(w) x 11.02(h) x 0.06(d)

Table of Contents

1 Human Genetics in a Wider Perspective.- Presidential Address. Human and Medical Genetics: Past, Present, and Future.- Our Mutation Load.- Cultural Evolution and Genetics.- The Ecumenical Future of Human Genetics.- Human Genetics and the Responsibility of the Medical Doctor.- 2 Structure of the Human Genome.- Human Genomics 1986: Toward a Complete Gene Map and Nucleotide Sequence of the Human Genome.- Progress Toward an Accurate Human Linkage Map.- HLA, Immune Response, and Disease.- Molecular Genetics: An Approach Towards the Basic Defect Causing Cystic Fibrosis.- A Molecular Analysis of X-Linked Disease.- Molecular Techniques in Mammalian Genetics: A New Era in Genetic Analysis.- Human Sex Chromosomes: Molecular Analyses Have Not Yet Provided All the Answers.- Homologies Between the Sex Chromosomes of Man.- Molecular Diagnosis of X-Linked Disorders.- Mitochondrial Clans and the Age of Our Common Mother.- Functions of the Proteins Encoded in Human Mitochondrial DNA.- Evolutionary Implications of Mitochondrial DNA Polymorphism in Human Populations.- Mammalian Genes and Islands on Non-Methylated CpG-Rich DNA.- Antibodies and T-Cell Receptors: Jumping Genes and Supergene Families and New Instruments for Studying Them.- Detection and Estimation of Linkage, Especially Multipoint Mapping.- Molecular Human Genetics — Strategies of Gene Identification.- X Chromosome Inactivation.- Workshop on Repetitive DNA in Mammalian Genomes.- 3 Cytogenetics and Development.- Microdeletions and Mendelian Phenotypes.- Autosomal Disorders: New Frontiers of the Phenotype.- Contribution of High-Resolution Banding and In Situ Hybridization to Clinical Cytogenetic Diagnosis.- Phenotypic-Karyotypic Correlations of Gonadal Determinants: Current Status and Relationship to Molecular Studies.- Chromosome Abnormalities: Origin and Etiology in Abortions and Livebirths.- Androgenesis and Parthenogenesis in Humans.- AB0 and HLA Systems: Effects of Maternal Incompatibilities on the Conceptus.- Meiosis and Male Infertility.- Aneuploidy in Mouse and Man.- Chromosome Sorting.- Genetics and Molecular Biology of Lethal Genes in the Mouse T/t Complex.- Two-Dimensional Electrophoretic Protein Analysis in Human Genetics.- 4 Genetic Mechanisms in Hereditary Disease.- ?-Thalassemic Syndromes As a Model for the Study of the Molecular Basis of Human Inherited Disease.- Common Disease: From Phenotype to Genotype.- Taxonomy and Inheritance of Anxiety States.- The Genetics of Hypertension: An Unsolved Puzzle With Many Pieces.- Genetic Risk Factors for Atherosclerotic Disease.- Apolipoprotein Gene Mutations, Dyslipoproteinemia and Coronary Heart Disease.- Peroxisomal Disorders.- Clinical Approach to Inherited Peroxisomal Disorders.- Inherited Peroxisomal Disorders: Defects in the Oxidation of Very Long Chain Fatty Acids and Phytanic Acid.- Peroxisomal Disorders: Biochemical Characteristics and Genetic Relationship Between the Different Diseases.- Biogenesis of Peroxisomes: Implications for Zellweger Syndrome.- Transgenic Mice in the Study of Human Disease.- Workshop: Nosology of the Inherited Disorders of Connective Tissue.- Nosologic Grouping in Birth Defects.- Summary of the Workshop on DNA Repair Defects.- Summary of the Workshop on New Approaches in Twin Research: Applications in Genetic Epidemiology.- The Temporal Dimension of the Gene.- Summary of the Workshop on Clinical and Genetic Heterogeneity of Fanconi’s Anemia.- 5 Single Cell and Cancer Genetics.- Chromosome Abnormalities and Oncogenes in Human Leukemia and Lymphoma.- Comparative Genetic Analysis of Homeo-Box Genes in Mouse and Man.- The Role of the Ph Chromosome in Chronic Myelocytic Leukemia.- Somatic Cell and Molecular Genetics of Growth Factor Receptors.- 6 Psychobiological and Behavior Genetics; Pharmacogenetics.- Sex-Linked Mental Retardation.- to the Symposium on Psychobiological Genetics.- Single Gene Effects in Psychiatric Disorders.- Genetics and Schizophrenia — Current State of Negotiations.- Inbreeding and the Epidemiology of Schizophrenia.- Gene Activity in the CNS, a Tool for Understanding Brain Function and Dysfunction.- Pharmacogenetic Approaches to the Study of Brain Function.- to the Symposium on Pharmacogenetics.- Genetic Variation and Basis of Alcohol Metabolism and Response.- Genetic Variation in the Hepatic Cytochrome P-450 System.- Genetic Variations in Hydrolytic Enzymes: Human Serum Cholinesterase and Paraoxonase.- The N-Acetyl Transferase Polymorphism and Its Clinical Relevance.- Workshop on the Rett Syndrome.- 7 Genes and Birth Defects in Populations.- Hereditary Diseases in Asia: Chairman’s Introduction.- Incidence of Genetic Disease in Japan.- Medical Genetic Survey of Soviet Middle Asian Populations.- Anthropogenetic Study of Variation in the Craniospinal Joint.- Genetic Diseases in China — Some Epidemiological Features.- Workshop on Population Genetics: Field Studies.- Workshop on Human Genetics Problems in the Third World.- Workshop on the Epidemiology of Congenital Anomalies.- Workshop on the Genetic Aspects of Human Adaptation.- 8 Genetic Counseling and Prenatal Diagnosis.- Chromosomal Findings in Chorionic Villi: A Collaborative Study.- Chromosome Study of Chorionic Villi After Short-Term Incubation: Diagnostic and Experimental Applications.- Worldwide Experience with First-Trimester Fetal Diagnosis by Molecular Analysis.- Workshop on Genetic Counseling.- Workshop on Gene Mapping and Genetic Prediction for Autosomal Dominant Disorders.- Workshop on the Prevention of Inherited Hemoglobinopathies.- Workshop on the Prenatal Diagnosis of Cystic Fibrosis.- Workshop on Training in Medical Genetics.- 9 Genetic Engineering and Gene Therapy.- Adenosine Deaminase Gene Transfer.- Open Fetal Surgery 1986.- Medical In-Utero Therapy.- 10 Ethical and Legal Issues.- Ethics and Human Genetics: A Cross-Cultural Study in 17 Nations.- Comparative Law and Legislation on Eugenic Sterilization and Selective Abortion.- Ethical Issues in Reproductive Alternatives for Genetic Indications.- Permanent Committee for the International Congresses of Human Genetics.

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