Human Sexuality Today / Edition 6

Human Sexuality Today / Edition 6

by Bruce M. King
Pub. Date:
Prentice Hall
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Human Sexuality Today / Edition 6

The sixth edition of Human Sexuality Today provides students with the information they need to make responsible decisions and helps them feel comfortable about themselves while learning about their sexuality. This new edition is comes in a new attractive four color design and in the VangoBook format!

VangoBooks are innovative course materials designed to better meet the needs of today’s students. VangoBooks are portable and present the need-to-know information at about half the cost of a traditional textbook. This VangoBooks product is accompanied by VangoNotes, a downloadable audio study guide tied to this textbook. For more information, visit

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780136042457
Publisher: Prentice Hall
Publication date: 06/18/2008
Edition description: Older Edition
Pages: 528
Product dimensions: 8.40(w) x 10.80(h) x 0.90(d)

Table of Contents

About the Authorxv
Chapter 1Why a Course in Human Sexuality?1
A Sexual Knowledge Quiz3
Cross-Cultural Comparisons6
Historical Perspectives11
Sex as a Science16
Scientific Methodology19
Sexuality Education Today23
Chapter 2Our Sexual and Reproductive Anatomy30
External Female Anatomy31
Internal Female Anatomy37
External Male Anatomy43
Internal Male Anatomy49
The Brain51
Our Sexual Bodies52
Chapter 3Hormones and Sexuality58
The Endocrine System59
The Menstrual Cycle60
Length of the Menstrual Cycle62
Menstrual Synchrony and Pheromones62
Menstrual Versus Estrous Cycle63
Attitudes About Menstruation: Historical Perspectives64
Attitudes About Menstruation Today64
Menstrual Problems67
Regulation of Male Hormones70
Hormones and Sexual Desire71
Chapter 4Similarities and Differences in Our Sexual Responses76
Measurement of Sexual Responses77
Models of Sexual Response78
The Sexual Response Cycle78
Controversies About Orgasms85
Penis Size: Does It Matter?90
Aphrodisiacs: Do They Help?92
And Afterwards?93
Sexuality and People with Disabilities94
Chapter 5Sexually Transmitted and Sexually Related Diseases99
What Are They and Who Gets Them?100
Where Did They Come From?101
Chlamydia and Nongonococcal Urethritis103
Less Common Bacterial STDs107
Genital Human Papillomavirus Infection112
Molluscum Contagiosum114
HIV Infection and AIDS114
Parasitic Infestations126
Cystitis and Prostatitis130
Practicing Safer Sex130
What to Do and Where to Go if You Have an STD132
Positive Sexuality in the Era of AIDS132
Chapter 6Birth Control139
World Population142
Evaluating Different Birth Control Methods143
Contraceptive Myths144
Relatively Ineffective Methods145
Abstaining from Sex146
Fertility Awareness: Abstaining from Sex During Ovulation146
Spermicides: Substances That Kill Sperm148
Barrier Methods: Preventing Sperm from Meeting Egg149
The IUD155
Hormonal Methods of Contraception156
Emergency Contraception161
Voluntary Sterilization161
Unwanted Pregnancies: The Final Options163
Future Technology166
Choosing a Contraceptive Method167
Chapter 7Pregnancy and Childbirth172
Conception and Implantation173
Complications of Pregnancy179
Nutrition and Exercise During Pregnancy184
Preparing for Childbirth184
Anesthetics or "Natural" Childbirth?188
Problems with Childbirth191
Spacing Pregnancies195
Infertility and Impaired Fecundity195
Chapter 8Communicating About Sex205
Talking with Your Partner About Sexual Differences and Problems206
In the Future: Talking with Your Children About Sex212
Hope for the Future219
Chapter 9Sexuality as a Social Concept225
Sexuality as an Evolving Concept226
Sexual Socialization: Agents229
Sexual Socialization: Cause and Effect?234
Chapter 10Becoming a Woman/Becoming a Man: Gender Identity and Gender Roles238
Biological Influences on Gender Identity239
Variations in Development: Intersexed Individuals242
Gender Identity "Disorder"245
Gender and Sex as Social Constructs247
Psychological Theories of Gender Identity Development248
Gender Roles251
Chapter 11Sexual Orientation270
Prevalence of Homosexuality and Bisexuality271
Defining Sexual Orientation: Another Look272
Sexual Orientation, Gender Identity, and Gender Roles273
The Origins of Sexual Orientation274
Can (Should) Sexual Orientation Be Changed?290
Chapter 12Life-Span Sexual Development295
Early Infancy (Ages 0-1)295
Early Childhood (Ages 2-6)296
The Initial School-Age Years (Ages 7-11)297
Puberty (Ages 7-15)298
Adolescence (Ages 13-17)302
Emerging Adulthood (Ages 18-25)306
Young Adulthood (Adults Aged 26-39)307
Middle Age (Ages 40-59)313
The Elderly Years (Age 60+)320
Chapter 13Adult Sexual Behaviors and Attitudes327
What Is Normal?328
Nocturnal Orgasms331
Sexual Fantasies334
Coital Positions and Locations335
Oral-Genital Sex340
Anal Stimulation342
Preferred Sexual Behaviors343
The Sexually Healthy Person343
Chapter 14Love and Relationships347
History of Romantic Love348
Friendship Versus Romantic Love349
How Do I Know if This Is Really Love?351
Companionate Love352
Sex Without Love352
Love Without Sex353
Prerequisites for Love355
Theories of Love356
Attachment Theory of Love357
Robert Sternberg's Triangular Theory of Love358
John Lee's "Many Colors of Love"359
Which Theory is Correct?362
Maintaining a Relationship363
Chapter 15Sexual Problems and Therapy373
Individual Differences374
Who Needs Therapy?376
Sexual Therapy376
Sexual Therapy Techniques377
Sexual Problems Affecting Both Men and Women378
Male Sexual Problems383
Female Sexual Problems390
Sexual Problems Among Homosexuals395
Avoiding Sexual Problems395
Chapter 16Paraphilias and Sexual Variants399
Historical Perspective400
Obscene Phone Calls405
Bestiality and Zoophilia406
Other Paraphilias409
Multiple Paraphilias411
What Causes Paraphilias?411
Chapter 17Sexual Victimization: Rape, Coercion, Harassment, and Abuse of Children416
Sexual Harassment435
Sexual Abuse of Children439
Prosecution of Sexual Offenders451
Resources for Those Seeking Help453
Chapter 18Sex and the Law458
Laws Against Fornication, Adultery, and Sodomy473
Answers To Questions498

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