Human Toxicology

Human Toxicology

by J. Descotes

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This excellent volume was designed and edited with two major ideas in mind: firstly, the field of clinical toxicology is changing and an acknowledgement of these changes is warranted; secondly, no comprehensive compilation of recently published case reports of, and clinical studies on, human poisonings is available, which is in sharp contrast to the closely related field of drug-induced side-effects.

The book focusses on issues of recent concern, or issues poorly documented in the past. It is important that clinical toxicologists gain a better knowledge of all the available techniques of toxicological analysis. A better understanding of the way a sound interpretation of results should be conducted for the benefit of the patient's management, and a comprehensive set of data on the kinetics of the most common pharmaceutical drugs and many chemicals is required.

Human Toxicology is a timely reference work which will be welcomed by a broad audience of toxicology professionals.

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ISBN-13: 9780080534220
Publisher: Elsevier Science
Publication date: 09/02/1996
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 839
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Table of Contents

List of contributors. Foreword. Essay (J. Descotes). Chapter 1. Management of acute poisonings (V. Danel, Ch. Bismuth). 2. Laboratory diagnosis of poisonings (R. Wennig). 3. Risk analysis and toxic substances (J. Descotes). 4. Acute poisonings in pregnancy (M. Tenenbein). 5. Food and drug additives: hypersensitivity and intolerance (D.A. Moneret-Vautrin, G. Kanny). 6. Hypnotics, sedatives and antipsychotics (S. Nogué, J. Nolla, L. Marruecos, P. Munné). 7. Antidepressants (K. Knudsen). 8. Anticonvulsants (A. Jefferson, J.L. Morrow). 9. Drugs affecting the autonomic nervous system (P. Gaudreault, J. Guay). 10. Anti-arrhythmics (N.L. Benowitz). 11. Digitals (A.D. Woolf, F.H. Lovejoy). 12. Antihypertensive and antianginal drugs (G.D. Johnston, A.M.J. Smith). 13. Minor analgesics and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs (P. Frantz, J. Descotes). 14. Antiallergic drugs and antihistamines (R.S. Weisman, L. Goldfranck). 15. Antimicrobials (K. Hruby, H. Schiel). 16. Anticancer drugs and immunomodulators (T. Cial, J. Descotes). 17. Selected over-the-counter drugs (B. Benson, M. McIntire). 18. Substances of abuse (A. Nantel). 19. Metals (B. Nicolas, J. Descotes). 20. Insecticides (W. Temple, N.A. Smith) 21. Herbicides (M. Manno). 22. Fumigants, fungicides and rodenticides (J. Meulenbelt). 23. Solvents (T. Meredith, Flanagan). 24. Alcohols and Glycols (D. Jacobsen, K.E. McMartin). 25. Aldehydes, esters ketones, ethers and amines (F. Testud, J. Descotes). 26. Toxic gases (Ph. Hantson, F. Baud, R. Garnier). 27. Corrosives (O. Kasilo). 28. Household products (C. Pulce, J. Descotes). 29. Food-borne poisonings (A. Nantel). 30. Mushrooms (S. Berthaud, J. Descotes). 31. Toxic plants (V. Murray). 32. Snakes (J. White, H. Persson). 33. Other venomous animals (P. Gopalkrishnakone). 34. Environmental hazards (J. Descotes). Index.

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