Humanism versus Racism: Ten Steps to Eradication

Humanism versus Racism: Ten Steps to Eradication

by Mr. Kwame Teague


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This is a book about solutions, not a rehashed assessment of the problem. It begins with an historical overview for those who are not familiar with the racial history of this Nation. However history is not why this book was written. It was written because we as Humanists need a framework within which to begin the dialogue on how to combat and eradicate racism, to begin to look at concrete solutions and to develop a plan for implementation. Racism is our litmus test. There is no way that we can get around it because, as Humanists, racism goes against everything for which we stand. Will we confront it or will we blink, look away and concede the moral high ground to the immoral that at least practice what they preach? Read the book. Let us begin the conversation, the change and the healing

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Publication date: 08/27/2016
Pages: 118
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