Humans Only: A Jake Dani Novel

Humans Only: A Jake Dani Novel

by Victory Crayne


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science fiction, SF, spy, espionage, thriller, gay, adventure, colonization, Jake Dani

If you love thrillers, don't miss this action-packed read! In this second installment of Jake Dani's adventures as a spy on another planet, Jake encounters prejudice. He is, after all, a mix of mostly human DNA with some alien DNA. As a Binger, Jake meets the prejudices of "Humans Only," an organization devoted to ridding the planet of anyone not fitting their tight description of "normal."
Here's what one reviewer said: "Jake is a big boy and able to handle himself, but when his college-aged daughter shows up unannounced, his worst fears are realized. Dealing with the crackpots is one thing, but protecting his only child from the threat of violence adds a layer of complexity that he doesn't need-especially when she is kidnapped to silence her research into the true origins of humans and Mercons. Can Jake and his team find her before it's too late?"

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9780988690585
Publisher: Victory Crayne
Publication date: 04/22/2016
Pages: 392
Product dimensions: 5.98(w) x 9.02(h) x 0.81(d)

About the Author

Ever since I was a child, I've loved to create stories. My dad was an alcoholic and we ended up moving a lot before he passed away when I was thirteen. Now you have to realize that if you are always moving to new schools, it's hard to develop friends. I was alone a lot. So I daydreamed to fill my lonely hours and read a lot. When I could play "school" with other children, I was usually the "teacher" and told stories.

When we had family gatherings for the usual holiday meals, I volunteered to entertain the screaming children by telling them a story. In the beginning, a new child might complain of hearing "Goldilocks and Three Bears." Yeah,
I'd heard that story a few hundred times too. So my reply was, "This story is so new even I haven't heard it yet."

Much later, I joined a short story group on the Internet. I saved that sucker for later, after I'm a best-selling author and will try my hand at teaching creative writing, perhaps in a community college.

Then I'll pop that weak story on my poor students and tell them, "If you report to me that this is a wonderful story, well-written, I'll give you a flunking grade. Your best bet to get a good grade is to find as many weaknesses in this story as you can. It's full of them so you should have little trouble." My purpose will be to let them know that if I had started out writing junk and eventually learned enough to write best-selling novels, maybe they could too.

Since that first story, I've written more than two dozen others, ranging from a hundred words to twelve thousand. Sold two of them too.

I turned to novels. Realizing I needed a mentor, I studied bestselling authors with an eye to learning what those authors were doing that I had yet to learn. Along the way, I've participated in many critique groups. I even founded one on the Internet called And I wrote two novels that I now label as "training material."

Sue Grafton once said, "The smartest thing I ever did was to invent somebody who now supports me." She was referring to private investigator, Kinsey Millhone, the protagonist of her best-selling alphabet mysteries. That woke me up to the idea of creating a series of novels with the same protagonist.

So I took two years to design my Jake Dani series. Jake is a spy whose cover is that of being a private investigator. He's on another planet that's being developed by people from Earth.

Have I got the magic yet?

The answer is up to you.

Victory Crayne

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