Hungarian Graded Reader

Hungarian Graded Reader

by Ilona Mihalyfy, Augustus A Koski


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Hungarian Graded Reader and accompanying tape recordings are designed to developreading ability in Hungarian through the coordination of audio material with the printed page, with minimum recourse to translation. They are intended for use in an academicprogram to develop student ability to read Hungarian spontaneously. The fifty-six reading selections have been arranged and edited to provide a sequencing suitable to the growingcompetence of students as they progress from the beginning through the intermediate stages of reading proficiency. It has been an aim in the editing to retain as much aspossible of the original style and flavor while modifying constructions and vocabulary as necessary for the benefit of students.

The text is intended to supplement a beginning course in Hungarian and to beintroduced when the student has developed control of about 700 lexical items and can manipulate with fluency much of the basic structure of Hungarian. It may also be usedeffectively in an intermediate course.

Among its features are varied lexical and grammatical drills which are includedthroughout. These, together with the comprehensive questions after each reading selection, help the student develop facility in conversing and in using vocabulary and structurebeyond the basic course. The accompanying tapes emphasize the spoken language and are a means of making the material live and realistic.

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