by Jeremy Robinson, Jeremiah Knight

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BN ID: 2940151475815
Publisher: Breakneck Media
Publication date: 06/09/2015
Series: The Hunger Series , #1
Sold by: Barnes & Noble
Format: NOOK Book
Pages: 288
Sales rank: 62,015
File size: 672 KB

About the Author

Jeremy Robinson is the international bestselling author of sixty novels and novellas, including Apocalypse Machine, Island 731, and SecondWorld, as well as the Jack Sigler thriller series and Project Nemesis, the highest selling, original (non-licensed) kaiju novel of all time. He’s known for mixing elements of science, history and mythology, which has earned him the #1 spot in Science Fiction and Action-Adventure, and secured him as the top creature feature author. Many of his novels have been adapted into comic books, optioned for film and TV, and translated into thirteen languages. He lives in New Hampshire with his wife and three children. Visit him at

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Hunger 5 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 5 reviews.
BrianBeerGod More than 1 year ago
You are what you eat World hunger is over, plants grow anywhere there is open ground (not just soil, but sand and other porous surfaces). This sounds like a total dream, right? Well this dream may come with some consequences. Maybe it's not a dream at all. It's actually a nightmare when issues start to arise with anyone who has ever eaten food with this new gene/strain of GMO in it. A post-apocalyptic tale that will make you question what you had for dinner tonight and where it came from. The narration done by Jeffrey Kafer is incredibly professional. Really high quality with no issues or faults. The pacing is really well done while still being completely understandable. He is another narrator that I am going to add my my (quickly growing) list of of narrators that add to a story instead of taking away from it. This book had an air of familiarity to it. Partially because it was a similar (but at the same time totally different) story as Lisa von Biela's novel Broken Chain. With that said, this novel is unique. Part of the familiarty I was feeling was the author himself. I didn't know that Jeremiah Knight was a pseduonym for one of my favorite "monster" authors, Jeremy Robinson. With that being said, there are some similarities between JR and JK (use of monsters), but there are some differences too. This world was really well hashed out. The world felt hopeless (hence the post-apocalyptic genre). The characters felt like they were going to die at any moment from any combination of fates. The book really scared me, because the basic "we solved world hunger" bit of this book felt so good, but once you realize what happens (you find out VERY quickly) your hopes are dashed and your good feelings go, hide, and won't come back. The book finishes on a somber note, but not a sad one. The epilogue adds some nice intro into the next book (that's about all I can say without giving anything away). Now all I need to know is when the next one is coming out, because I am eagerly awaiting its arrival. Now if I can survive the wave after wave of monsters coming after me until that happens... we'll see! This book was given to me at no charge, in exchange for an unbiased review via audiobookblast dot com
jlgc More than 1 year ago
Hunger is a new series by Jeremiah Knight. Set in a post-apocalyptic world created by GMO’s. Jeremiah Knight is a new nom de plume of Jeremy Robinson signaling a new turn in his writing. Fortunately for us he keeps his creative monsters and the might of the military trained warrior. The first half dozen chapters sets up the rest of the story. The scientists have ended worldwide hunger. But then things go horribly wrong. We start the adventure with Peter and his son Jakob living in their secure bio dome eating only food that they grow inside the dome, non-contaminated food. They are going through their typical day when they have an unexpected visitor. Unexpected because there are very few humans left and also because it is someone Peter knows. In steps Ella, one of the scientists who help develop the GMO’s that caused so much havoc on the world. Along with her is her daughter, Anne. Ella has come to ask for Peter’s help in getting to Boston where she believes she will be able to do something to help resolve the issues caused by the GMO’s. She also brings along some predators. They attack the house and it is no longer a safe place. Luckily Peter is ex-military, a Critical Skills Operator. He has rigged the house to blow if the need arises. Well it has. The four escape and start their journey across the country heading east. A disturbing nod to the popularity of bacon will give one a chuckle as well as a very disturbed feeling. Nonstop action, unusual, imaginative creatures and an interesting story will draw one into this story and leave one wanting more. At least it left me wanting more. This is a great book for adults and well as young adults who like post-apocalyptic stories with a little bit different bent as well as those who like adventure stories and monstrous creatures. The main characters are likeable, strong, even when weak, and have typical human failings.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Stumbled across this after I Googled "books like Island 731" and was hooked immediately. Can't wait to read the next one titled Feast. Kept me up late and made me late for my afternoon run. Highly recommend! Have never read anything like this.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Absolutely Fantastic! There is nothing else out there even close to this author. I read this book in a day and will start on Feast tomorrow. The new James Rollins book is just going to have to wait. Jeremy Robinson/Jeremiah Knight has to be first. I just can't wait. Stephanie Clanahan
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
A definite must read. The pace of this book will not let you put it down. The storyline is so pertinent for today when everyone is concerned about the food they eat and how added chemicals could be dangerous. A fantastic "what if" story that really makes you think and keeps you breathlessly turning pages into the wee hours when you should be sleeping. Well worth the bags under your eyes!