Hungover: The Morning After and One Man's Quest for the Cure

Hungover: The Morning After and One Man's Quest for the Cure

by Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall


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“Bishop-Stall insists that hangovers… [are] worthy of a cure. After years of dogged research around the globe, he finds one — just in time for the holidays.” —Washington Post

“[An] irreverent, well-oiled memoir…Bishop-Stall packs his book with humorous and enlightening asides about alcohol.” —The Wall Street Journal 

One intrepid reporter's quest to learn everything there is to know about hangovers, trying all of the cures he can find and explaining how (and if) they work, all so rest of us don't have to.

We've all been there. One minute you're fast asleep, and in the next you're tumbling from dreams of deserts and demons, into semi-consciousness, mouth full of sand, head throbbing. You're hungover. Courageous journalist Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall has gone to the front lines of humanity's age-old fight against hangovers to settle once and for all the best way to get rid of the aftereffects of a night of indulgence (short of not drinking in the first place).

Hangovers have plagued human beings for about as long as civilization has existed (and arguably longer), so there has been plenty of time for cures to be concocted. But even in 2018, little is actually known about hangovers, and less still about how to cure them. Cutting through the rumor and the myth, Hungover explores everything from polar bear swims, to saline IV drips, to the age-old hair of the dog, to let us all know which ones actually work. And along the way, Bishop-Stall regales readers with stories from humanity's long and fraught relationship with booze, and shares the advice of everyone from Kingsley Amis to a man in a pub.

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ISBN-13: 9780143126706
Publisher: Penguin Publishing Group
Publication date: 11/20/2018
Pages: 416
Sales rank: 630,683
Product dimensions: 5.47(w) x 8.20(h) x 0.83(d)

About the Author

Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall's first book was an account of the year he spent living with the homeless in Toronto's infamous Tent City. Down to This: Squalor and Splendor in a Big-City Shantytown was nominated for The Drainie-Taylor Biography Prize, the Trillium Award, the City of Toronto Book Award and the 2005 Pearson Writers' Trust of Canada Non-Fiction Prize. The following year, he was awarded the Knowlton Nash Journalism Fellowship at Massey College and also played the role of Jason—a bad-mannered, well-dressed journalist—on CBC-TV's The Newsroom. His first novel, Ghosted, was nominated for the 2011 Amazon First Novel Award. He currently teaches at the University of Toronto, writes a regular column on fatherhood for SHARP Magazine and is the proprietor of The Lowdown—a subterranean watering hole in Toronto's Kensington Market—which is, among other things, the ideal place to finish research on his new book Hungover: The Morning After and One Man's Quest for the Cure.

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Welcome to Your Hangover

Excerpted from "Hungover"
by .
Copyright © 2018 Shaughnessy Bishop-Stall.
Excerpted by permission of Penguin Publishing Group.
All rights reserved. No part of this excerpt may be reproduced or reprinted without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Table of Contents

Preface: A Few Words About a Few Words xiii

Welcome to Your Hangover 1

Part 1 What Happens In Vegas 7

First Interlude: A Drink Before the War 32

Part 2 What Happens Above Vegas 37

Second Interlude: Plenty of Aversion; A Version of Pliny 61

Part 3 The Hair That Wags The Dog 65

Third Interlude: And Up She Rises 108

Part 4 A Mad Hatter In Middle Earth 115

Fourth Interlude: Werewolves of London 140

Part 5 Twelve Pints In Twelve Pubs 145

Fifth Interlude: The Withnail Awards; A Press Release 176

Part 6 The Hungover Games 179

Sixth Interlude: A Roots of Remedy Roundup 206

Part 7 The Future's So Bright 211

Seventh Interlude: Killer Parties 235

Part 8 The Tiger On The Roof 239

Eighth Interlude: I Woke Up This Morning 256

Part 9 Beyond The Volcanoes 261

Ninth Interlude: Aspirin or Sorrow 290

Part 10 When Lizards Drink From Your Eyes 295

Tenth Interlude: The Hangover Writer 317

Part 11 After The Flood 323

For the Love of Hangovers: A Kind of Conclusion 355

Acknowledgments 371

Permissions 377

Notes on Sources 379

Bibliography 391

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