Hungry for Solutions: A Mother's Quest to Defeat Hypothalamic and Childhood Obesity

Hungry for Solutions: A Mother's Quest to Defeat Hypothalamic and Childhood Obesity

by Marci Serota RDN


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Childhood obesity is an epidemic in America today. In this fast-paced, consumerist society, people are bombarded daily with food options that are over-processed, addictive, and barely resemble the food that humans were meant to eat.
As a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist, Marci Serota has strong opinions about the food available to our youth today, and the expertise to circumvent these obstacles when it comes to raising her own children. But nothing could have prepared her for a diagnosis of Hypothalamic Obesity in her young son – a condition that causes constant hunger and severe obesity that does not respond to diet or exercise; until now.
With immense strength, love and sacrifice, Marci stood by her son as they both struggled to get him to his now healthy weight. She provides this instructive and inspiring text full of tips, recipes and advice to parents around the world struggling with similar diagnoses in their children, for the healthcare professionals who care for them, and for anyone trying to promote a healthy lifestyle for their family.

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Publication date: 12/04/2018
Pages: 160
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About the Author

Marci Serotastudied Food Science and Human Nutrition at the University of Florida where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Dietetics, and completed her dietetic internship at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston, MA. She became a Registered Dietitian Nutritionist in 1999. Marci worked as a Certified Nutrition Support Dietitian in the acute care setting for over 6 years and spent 3 years in private practice where she was fortunate to learn about and practice nutrition intervention for clients with food addiction.
After taking some time off to care for her children, one of whom was diagnosed with a brain tumor and hypothalamic obesity at the age of 3, Marci became a Certified Yoga Teacher. She developed an interest in Aryuveda, the sister science of Yoga, which is an ancient, holistic healing system that addresses the underlying causes of disease: the way that we live and what we put into our bodies. Through working with an amazingly gifted Aryuveda practitioner, Marci learned about using food as medicine. Marci has integrated this holistic perspective as well as her experience in treating food addiction into her nutritional approach to hypothalamic obesity.
Marci's experience as both an RD and as parent to a child with hypothalamic obesity puts her in a unique position to help others who are dealing with this extremely difficult condition. Marci lives in Dallas, Texas with her husband and 2 children.

Table of Contents

Disclaimer xi

Foreword xiii

Preface xvii

Author's Note xix

Part 1 Introduction to Hypothalamic Obesity 1

What are Hypothalamic Obesity (HO) and Hyperphagia? 1

Diagnosis 3

Treatment Options 6

Surgery 9

Losing Control: Living with Hyperphagia 10

Rock Bottom 12

Part 2 Hope and Intention 15

The Cost of Losing Hope 15

The Power of Hope and Intention 16

Taking Back Control 18

Ingredients for Success 21

Part 3 Background 25

Sugar 25

High-sugar, Über-Processed "Nonfoods"-How Did We get Here? 26

Freeing Ourselves from Foods That Make Us Sick and Fat 29

Clearing Out the Junk from Your Home 31

The Connection between Carbohydrates, Insulin, and Weight Gain 32

Types of Carbs Do Matter 34

Trigger Foods 35

Smart Alternatives to Common Trigger Foods 36

Part 4 Food Plans

Is the Food Plan for HO Considered Low Carb? 39

Carbohydrate Counting 41

Food Plan Choices 42

Nature-Made Carb Choices 44

100% Intact Whole Grains 44

Starchy Vegetables 44

Legumes 45

Yogurt 45

Fruit 45

Approved Man-Made Carb Choices 46

Nonstarchy Vegetable (Choices (Low Carb) 47

Protein Choices 49

Animal Protein 49

Soy Protein 50

Nut Protein 50

High-Carb Nuts 50

Fat Choices 51

Eating Fat Does Not Make You Far! 51

Food Plans: Key Points 52

Food Plan I: Controlled-Carb Food Plan for HO 55

Why Aren't We Fighting Anymore? 58

Food Plan II: Low-Carb Food Plan (50-100 Grams of Carbohydrate) 59

The "Non-Food Plan" Plan 62

Sample Menus 64

Food Plan I Sample Menu 64

Food Plan I Picky Eater Sample Menu 68

Food Plan II Sample Menu 72

Part 5 Tips, Ideas, Helpful Hints, and Troubleshooting 77

More Low-Carb Breakfast Ideas 77

More Snack Ideas 78

Weekly Treat Ideas 78

Smart Restaurant Choices 79

American 79

Asian 79

Barbecue 80

Deli 80

Mediterranean / Middle Eastern 80

Latin American / Spanish 81

Italian 81

What if My Child Won't Eat Nature-Made Food? 82

Ideas to Make Cooking Easier 83

Meal Delivery Services 84

When to Consider a Personal Chef 84

When to Consider a Meal-Kit Delivery Service 86

Decoding a Food Label 87

Acceptable Sweeteners for Recipes 87

Avoid the Following Sweeteners 88

Shopping List 89

Vitamins, Minerals, and Nutritional Supplements 91

Vitamins and Minerals 91

Supplements That May Be Beneficial for Hypothalamic Obesity 92

Eating Organic 93

Eat All the Colors of the Rainbow 94

Exercise: Jump-Starting a Low Metabolism 94

The Value of Positive Reinforcement 97

What to Do if Your Child Binges 98

School Parties 99

Frequently Asked Questions 100

To Lock or Not to Lock? 105

Part 6 Recipes 109

Breakfast 110

Snacks 113

Lunch and Dinner 116

Nonstarchy Vegetable Snacks or Sides 126

Part 7 Chapter for Health-Care Professionals 133

Why Low-Fat Diets and Calorie Counting Do Not Work for Hypothalamic Obesity 133

More on Dietary Fats 137

What Kind of Diet Does Work for Hypothalamic Obesity? 138

Recommendations to Ensure Success 139

Treating Pediatric Hypothalamic Obesity and Hyperphagia: A Seven-Pronged Approach 140

Micronutrient and Supplement Recommendations 148

Part 8 In Closing 149

Siblings of Children with Hypothalamic Obesity and Hyperphagia 149

Victim Mentality 152

Finding Contentment 153

What I Learned 155

You Can Do This! 156

In Summary: Twenty Steps to Defeating Hypothalamic Obesity and Hyperphagia 157

A Dream Come True 160

Acknowledgments 163

About the Author 165

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