Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet

Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet

by Lisa Lillien
3.6 125


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Hungry Girl 1-2-3: The Easiest, Most Delicious, Guilt-Free Recipes on the Planet by Lisa Lillien

Are you HUNGRY? The number-one New York Times bestselling phenomenon is BACK---with even more yum-a-licious guilt-free recipes. This time, the EASIEST ones on the planet!

Hungry Girl's recipes aren't just delicious, they're SUPER-SIMPLE, too. Hungry Girl 1-2-3 will help you make the world's most delicious guilt-free appetizers, meals, snacks, desserts, etc., with practically no effort whatsoever! There are loads of crock-pot recipes, microwavable meals, HG's famous "foil packs," and more. Some are such a cinch, you won't even have to turn on the oven or stove! Really.

With more than 200 recipes and two-ingredient "couples" to choose from, you'll never be hungry again! Get ready to chew on:

Crazy Pineapple Salmon Teriyaki (347 calories)

Mom-Style Creamy Chicken 'n Veggies (307 calories)

Queen-of-the-Castle Sliders (254 calories)

Caramel Swirl Cream Puffs (121 calories)

Corndog Millionaire Muffins (160 calories)

Chili Cheese Dog Nachos (218 calories)

Turkey & Veggie Meatloaf Minis (142 calories)

Planet Hungrywood Sweet & Cap'n Crunchy Chicken (234 calories)

Shrimp & Grits . . . for Hungry Chicks! (380 calories)

Cannoli-Stuffed French Toast Nuggets (228 calories)

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ISBN-13: 9780312556181
Publisher: St. Martin's Press
Publication date: 03/30/2010
Pages: 352
Sales rank: 566,955
Product dimensions: 7.48(w) x 9.10(h) x 0.87(d)

About the Author

Lisa Lillien is not a nutritionist, she's just hungry. She's the founder of, the daily email service providing approximately one million fans with guilt-free recipes, food and product reviews, dieting news, shockers and more. She also writes weekly columns for and Yahoo!, and regularly contributes to Redbook magazine. She has appeared on TV shows like Rachael Ray and Extra, and now has her own show on the Cooking Channel. Her Hungry Girl cookbooks are New York Times bestsellers. She lives in Los Angeles, California.

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Hungry Girl 1-2-3 3.6 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 125 reviews.
DiamondD73 More than 1 year ago
I have a pretty busy schedule between work and home life so I don't have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen cooking up meals. Plus I've also never been much of a cook so that doesn't help. When I saw this cookbook it seemed pretty appealing and fun to use. From the first page I realized that it also contained recipes that help one watch their calories. I thought that was such a added bonus. The recipes are easy to put together and are so delicious. The best part is that they do not take a lot of time to put together. You do not have to hunt down the ingredients you'll need to put together a meal. The book contains plenty of options for appetizers, main dishes and everyone's favorite desserts. You'll want to try each and every one.
JacksonvilleReader More than 1 year ago
I am on Weight Watchers and bought this book after I began subscribing to the Hungry Girl daily newsletter because the recipes, etc. had WW points. The book refers you back to the website for points and pictures of all recipes. Why then did I purchase the book if I could get the same information from the website? Because the website isn't organized in a user friendly way and quite frankly, the book isn't either. I would recommend saving your money and just look for recipes on the website. The one advantage to the book is you don't waste your own printer supplies....
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
bought for my nook - I cannot navigate using the index - so need to scroll to the recipe you want - if it is on page 600(703pages) your sunk- I like her recipe books but cannot use this one - who ever heard of a recipe book you have to read cover to cover
Sharon42 More than 1 year ago
Since I live alone, I really like the fact that a lot of the receipes are geared for a single serving. I loved the crock pot chapter. I use my crock pot a great deal and the book has given me some new ideas. Overall, I really enjoy the book. I read it from cover to cover and will definitely put it to good use.
LauraKT More than 1 year ago
Lisa Lillien's latest is full of recipes that are just like her other cookbooks. "Recipes" like Giant Bowl of Cereal, Cinnamon Toast (made on english muffins) and Chili Dogs (using canned chili). Haven't we all been making these things since we were 6 years old? Why do I keep buying these books? WHY?? Because she makes eating healthy fun, and I wouldn't know how to make low calorie pancakes without her. The recipes are full of "Duh": Use a light hot dog bun, a fat free hot dog, nuke it and top with canned fat free chili! Look at that amazing recipe I came up with!! But some really will become part of your weekly meal routine so they're worth it for that. I bought the first two, I bought this one, and I bought them for my mom and sister also. And I'll buy the next one.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have all of Lisa's Hungry Girl cookbooks and find the most recent one the best. It is easy to use and the recipes are more practical. Have used it a lot.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I own two other hungry girl cookbooks but this one is by far the best. It has slow cooker receipes, serving sizes of 1 or more, and is easy to read. I especially like how it gives you other receipes using the same key ingredients so a whole can of pumpkin puree, for example, doesn't go to waste.
TexasBaker More than 1 year ago
This is my favorite of the Hungry Girl cookbooks so far. The recipes are healthy, low-fat, low calorie and taste great. Hungry Girl Lisa Lillien does use some unusual ingredients in her recipes which can send one scurrying around the grocery store; but it is a fabulous opportunity to try some new foods. This cookbook is not for the "natural food" purists; Hungry Girl does use artificial sweeteners and other substitutes for high calorie ingredients. But these recipes overall are full of fiber, fruit, vegetables, and lean meats, and, just in general, healthy. The amazing thing is how great they taste...losing weight can actually be a pleasant experience! Lisa's over-the-top enthusiasm adds to the fun of reading the book.
booknthings4u More than 1 year ago
I like this one the best. I think it gives more options as far as things to cook for dinner. It has recipes for one or two, which is great as I am not very good when it comes to downsizing of ingredients. Has a wide range of recipes using a variety of ingredients. And the best, the recipes use ingredients that are suppose to be better for you.
CeeJayCK More than 1 year ago
Hungry Girls Cookbooks are the greatest. They enable someone who likes to eat to start to lose weight. I have so far lost 38.4 pounds by just watching what I eat and using these recipes... These books are the greatest resource you can give to yourself. :)
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
I have the other two Hungry Girl cookbooks and I was so excited to buy this new one! It certainly did not disappoint! In addition to the yummy and healthy recipes are some new features such as: a list of supplies in addition to the ingredients at the top of each recipe and suggestions for what to do with leftover food after you make the recipe (like a half a can of fruit, etc). She also suggests substituions for specific ingredients, noting the chance in nutritional info if you chose to do so! I feel like this cookbook contains more simple recipes than the other two, which is great. It also has whole chapters for crockpots and foil packs! My only complaint is that I wish there were more pictures in the book! However, you can always go to the hungry girl website to see a picture of each recipe! Definitely a great book for anyone who is on a diet, trying to maintain a weight loss, or just looking to cook some healthier meals and snacks!
ChicagoGirl More than 1 year ago
I was at FedEx Kinkos and saw this book (for the first time) and while I was waiting (for 15 minutes) looked it over. First look I wanted to buy it, then I looked at it more and thought, I shouldn't because I like cookbooks with the pictures on the page so you can see what it looks like. Yes, there are color photos of some of the dishes but they're in the middle of the book and you have to check the recipe page to see what page the picture is on. I did not buy it for that reason. Just turned me off.
Jay1865 More than 1 year ago
This book is truly awesome. It contains a lot of substitutes for favorite take out meals as well as numerous low cal meals, snacks and drinks. This book makes it super easy to maintain a low cal diet without sacrificing the awesome taste of food we all love. The recipes are easy to follow and the calories counting is done for you.
michluvsboston More than 1 year ago
I found Hungry Girl on her website and have enjoyed her newsletter, but had not tried her recipes until buying the book. Let's just say her website is a great platform for selling her books! First and foremost, the book delivers. The recipes are easy. They are nutritious and both my husband and I have been surprised and delighted by the flavor of all that we have tried. There were even some recipes that the kids loved. Turkey mini meatloafs loaded with hidden veggies, talk about feeling good about the food you serve your kids, especially in light of all the recent press about unhealthy school lunches! The best part is, through these recipes, you learn to incorporate her simple techniques, ingredient swaps to incorporate into your own recipes - making them healthier with less calories, thus seeing food in a whole new way!
FitnessAuthor More than 1 year ago
So, I am a fitness trainer and nutritional consultant. Everyday I am asked about a dozen different books. "will this work?" "What do you think of this?". My clients and their fitness success is why I read as many diet, exercise and recipe books out there. Hungry 1-2-3 is a book that I recommend to many of my clients. This book provides MANY easy-to-make meals that, after testing them, really are pretty tasty as well as healthy! My only hesitation is that if you are not mentally ready to lead a healthy lifestyle, then this book may help you short-term, but not long-term. I encourage all of my clients to get in the right mindframe before they start with the healthy cookbooks promising healthy, tasty, easy-to-make meals. If it was THAT easy, we would ALL be thin. However, once you are in that mindspace, this book is GREAT!! The book that I highly recommend that you read before this is: Build Your Mind, Your Body Will Follow. It is a quick, easy and powerful read!
niscupoft More than 1 year ago
Have been using this book for a few weeks now and have made several recipes from it. Each one has been really good and most have been awesome! The Shrimp and Grits and the Broccoli Slaw with Bacon are two standouts that my family raved about. The egg mugs are so easy you could prepare them to go and microwave at work. Thanks Lisa for another great book to help use all get or stay at a healthy weight!
mediamaven51 More than 1 year ago
At 58, I suspect I am much older than the demographic this book is targeting, but I enjoy making (and eating) Hungry Girl's tasty and appealing foods without guilt. I've given this and other HG books as gifts many times because HG has such a practical approach to "diet" food.
MacKayla_pinkmac More than 1 year ago
I checked this book out from the library, and I was glad that I didn't purchase it.  It wasn't the worst cookbook in the world - don't get me wrong. I just wasn't what I was looking for. The recipes themselves where not bad ideas - I like easy meals for one that are semi-homemade. The types where what bothered me. The author name bombed brands so much she had to add a starting disclaimed on the copyright page saying she wasn't paid to drop that many brand names. She claimed it was just because the recipe only worked if you used those brands - yeah....that isn't how the world works brands aren't that important. Again, her ideas where just fine - as an outline to a recipe, but they didn't really rock my palette. I mean, it was all diet recipes. I didn't think that was what I was getting into. I knew healthy was coming, and some light on the calories - but I was shocked. She used so many store bought items high in sodium and fake sugars - so yeah, you don't get calories from the fake sugar, but that isn't healthy. I felt so miss lead - it isn't guilt free is you feel upset to your tummy from too many chemicals.  The design of the book just wasn't for me either. It was mostly in purple (which happens to be my favorite color) but the type was so light against the white paper that I had a hard time reading it without my glasses. Sad, I shouldn't have to fight that hard when just doing the opening skim (during the hard read I could understand glasses.)  The pictures where dull, mostly just "cartoons" that looked like clip art. I felt like the listed artist in the credits page just used free images from his own computer. I was disappointed. The pictures didn't line up with recipes, she had to list on pages with a picture of the item where to see the picture. The publisher really failed on hiring a designer for this book. I don't think I will read it again, and if I read another by Lisa Lillien it would be solely to update her contents, credit's page, and first sentence to shelfari. I wouldn't even read past those pages :(  I wouldn't suggest it to a friend either - I don't like to spread the use of fake.  
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Great recipes that are mouth watering. But then again, it could have been better.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Kahanlu More than 1 year ago
This cookbook is ahhhhmaaaziinngg! I love the mug recipes. Quick and easy. They are easy and I would recommend this for the College Graduate, for the simple reason they are fast, easy and fun...