The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin (Winnitok Tales Series)

The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin (Winnitok Tales Series)

by Patrick Doud
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The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin (Winnitok Tales Series) by Patrick Doud

Elwood Pitch is only thirteen years old when he is carried away to the land of Winnitok, in the otherworld of Ehm. Desperate to find a way back home to his family, Elwood's one hope is Granashon, the land's immortal protector. But Granashon is missing, and her power that protects Winnitok is fading fast. When Elwood dreams of the Eye of Ogin, a legendary object with the power to see Granashon wherever she might be, he vows to find it. With his dog Slukee and two newfound companions, Drallah Wehr of Winnitok and her talking raven Booj, Elwood sets out on an epic quest.

Legend states that the Eye was lost in the Great Swamp of Migdowsh, a land of nightmare ruled by a horrible frog demon known as the Otguk. The Great Swamp is far to the west, and a vast wilderness lies between the companions and their goal. Many dangers threaten them along the way-hungry nahrwucks, cruel green yugs and their Graycloak masters, a despotic girl queen and the powerful witch who counsels her-but by their wits and courage, as well as an unseen hand that seems to guide and protect them, the companions reach the Great Swamp at last. And then their troubles really begin…

Will they find the Eye and Granashon? Will Elwood find a way home? And how will he live with the terrible truth the Great Swamp reveals to him? Patrick Doud brings memorable characters, poetic language, and a driving narrative to this timeless tale that recalls classic epic adventure stories.

Product Details

ISBN-13: 9781556438226
Publisher: North Atlantic Books
Publication date: 02/23/2010
Series: Winnitok Tales Series
Pages: 313
Product dimensions: 6.54(w) x 9.32(h) x 1.21(d)
Age Range: 10 Years

About the Author

Patrick Doud was born in 1968 in Syracuse, New York. He grew up in Bernhards Bay, a hamlet on the northern shore of Oneida Lake, and in East Amherst, a suburb of Buffalo. After several years of academic wandering he ended up at Bard College in the Hudson Valley, where he studied literature. Three books of his poetry were published in the nineties: Girding the Ghost, The Man in Green, and Hickory Bardolino Poems. Although he continues to be involved with poetry, these days most of his attention is devoted to fantasy. He is quick to explain that there is much traffic between the two. He and his family live in Gloucester, Massachusetts, in a house near the woods, the city, and the sea.

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Hunt for the Eye of Ogin (Winnitok Tales Series) 4.3 out of 5 based on 0 ratings. 6 reviews.
Stoney2 More than 1 year ago
this product was very good. A completely original story for sure. I've read probably hundreds of fantasy novels of all different ages and none are like the first of the winnitok tales
TeensReadToo More than 1 year ago
His family has recently moved from the place Elwood Pitch has always called home. His only companion is his dog, Slukee. When he and Slukee go for a walk in the woods near their new home, they pass through an unusual glade where time seems to stop. Shortly after, they find themselves in a place they've never been. There they meet Drallah and Booj. Elwood soon discovers that he has been sent to an entirely different world by a being known as Granashon, an immortal being whose protection is wearing off Drallah's homeland of Winnitok. Beyond the protection lies great dangers, such as Yugs (monsters that eat humans), sorcerers, and Graycloaks (humans who've turned to the sorcerer's side). Each is bent on conquering Drallah's homeland. The two newfound friends only hope? Find the Eye of Ogin, an old treasure from the sea, rumored to be able to find Granashon. To add to their problems, however, the treasure hasn't been seen in many centuries. Will Elwood and Drallah succeed in saving Winnitok? Will they be able to get Granashon to renew her protection? An enchanting adventure for readers of fantasy. The characters are well-developed; the plot starts slowly, but does a good job of grabbing the reader's interest. Those who like fantasy, adventure, mystery, and adventures in other worlds will enjoy reading THE HUNT FOR THE EYE OF OGIN.
Anonymous More than 1 year ago
Euphoria13 More than 1 year ago
This book was quite hectic! What a story! It was all over the place! Which in this case, is not a bad thing at all! Imagine, you're walking with your dog in a small woods by your home, you're expected to be home in an hour and its just another day... but this time it won't be. All of a sudden, as you're in the woods, you feel as if there is something or someone right there with you, looking at you, and're gone....vanished from your world...and you are now within a whole new world, somewhere far, far, away... in the land of Ehm... This is exactly what happens to 13-year-old Elwood Pith and his dog Slukee. Elwood was just an ordinary boy in his world. His family recently moved due to his father's job. Elwood had to leave his friends, the comfort of his old life, and the most important thing of all, the place that he feels is truly Home. But now Elwood has left his own world entirely! And he is now within the world of Ehm , filled with many lands, magic, and people. He meets a young girl named Drallah and her close friend and companion Booj, a talking raven. Elwood shares with her of how he left his own world and entered hers. All Elwood wants is to go back to his family, but in order to do so he has to seek out Granashon. The wise and powerful Nohar Immortal who is the protector of Winnitok. But Granashon is missing and Winnitok is in danger, for The Dread of Granashon, the powerful enchantment that protects all of Winnitok has been broken. Elwoods only hope of returning to his world is to find The Eye of Ogin, an ancient trutle shell that holds a great power. And so Elwood, Slukee, Drallah, and Booj set out on a quest to not only save Winnitok but to find The Eye of Ogin. The land of Ehm is quite mysterious and magical! Along their journey the encounter danger and adventure! So many things occur within this journey, like i said this was one hectic story! Many characters appear throughout the story, many names and lands are repeated or scattered about. Also many many details, which help bring the world of Ehm to life. Such as an herb witch, a spoiled child queen, heroes and villains, tribes of different people, and animals who have the characteristics of humans. For those who love Fantasy, like The Lord of The Rings, The Chronicals of Narnia, or Harry Potter books, i'm sure you will enjoy this book! My only problem about the book is that it took me a while to get into. I couldn't pass the first chapter, it just wasn't attention grabbing, but once i passed it, i was surprised to find that the story jumps into action. There should have been more dialogue in certain chapters, i felt that there was a bit too much description and fine details that were not needed. The names and termsn of the land of Ehm were original and good but there seemed to be too many to keep track of! I loved the characters of Elwood and Drallah, i felt this strong connection with them. Patrick Doud's writing is pasive, intense and very creative! I definetly want to read the next book in the series! There is so much more to this story once you have finished reading it!
kittydanza More than 1 year ago
I don't typically read young adventure books, but the synopsis of this book stepped me out of my comfort zone and made me want to be a part of this new adventure series. I was pleasantly surprised with Book One of 'The Winnitok Tales'. In comparison to the 'Harry Potter Series', we are thrust into a whole new world (literally) with new races and journeys. The main character Elwood meets Drallah and they set off to try and get him back home, but this is proven more difficult than expected. The aspect of this novel that I enjoyed was the new world that Doud created for the reader. The visuals that he created were breathtaking and utterly creative. Everything from the different races of creatures to the language itself was refreshing and new. I appreciated the thought and care that he took with his characters and the epic journey that they molded around their goal of getting Elwood home. This was a great fantasy book that kept a small part 'human' with a large part imagination. The mystery of the Eye that Elwood and Drallah were searching for, in an effort to save her land and send him home, kept the pages turning at a quick pace. I really loved the ending and how that played out and I am anticipating the next book in the series to keep the story alive
TheCrowdedLeaf More than 1 year ago
Patrick Doud's fantasy novel, The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin (the first of The Winnitok Tales series) introduces us to young Elwood Pitch, thirteen years old, living with his parents, sister, and dog Slukee in Massachusetts. In his outings one day he and Slukee are transported to another place, the land of Winnitok in the world of Ehm. In the world of Ehm there are humans like Elwood, but there are also those who live somewhere between human and animal. There are normal people, and there are people with magical powers. There are creatures summoned from the dead, and there are beings who are immortal. Together with his new friend Drallah, and her raven Booj, Elwood and Slukee must venture through the wide lands of Ehm searching for the missing immortal Nohar, Granashon, the only one who can save Drallah's home of Winnitok. Chased by wicked yugs (monstery), and aided by the woogans (dwarfy), Drallah, Elwood, Booj, and Slukee must find the magical eye of Ogin, a turtle shell with mystical all-seeing power, to find Granashon and protect the land from an evil sorcerer and his army. Yes, all that happens. Additionally there's a magical plum tree, an herb-witch, a spoiled girl-queen who lives in a teepee, poison ivy to kill the monstrous yugs, and a putrid swamp ruled by a giant frog. Did I get everything? This book is intense; it is a long story, with lots of details. Winnitok refers to Drallah's land, but the world itself is Ehm, and there are a handful of other lands mentioned that had me confused at times. The various human versus human-like creatures are a bit overwhelming, but they are imaginative and creative and mostly enjoyable. The story of a young boy facing an intimidating challenge is heartening, and Elwood is a wonderful protagonist, young but brave, and I enjoyed seeing him mature and grow. Drallah is the typical courageous female, stoic and poised, but not unlikable; a great role model for Elwood to emulate. Doud's writing is smart and quick, accessable and enjoyable. His action and chase sequences put me on the edge of my seat. His creations of these other-worlds are compared to The Lord of the Rings, and I can see a few similarities, but mostly The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin is fun and unique. It introduces different themes and messages based on our cultures (people who live in teepees; two female woogans married to each other; an evil people who want to destroy a natural land for their own profit) but they aren't so blatantly obvious that I felt I was being hit over the head or preached at. I would recommend this as a good story for mature ten-year olds and up. While I wasn't completely infatuated, I will definitely read the next book in the series when it is released in 2011, as Elwood's exciting challenges are sure to continue past The Hunt for the Eye of Ogin.