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Hunter's Heart

Hunter's Heart

by Julia Green

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Editorial Reviews

KLIATT - Janis Flint-Ferguson
In Julia Green's first American release, the British author tells the story of a troubled boy and his love of the hunt. Fourteen-year-old Simon enjoys all things tactical. He studies survival manuals and in the opening scene he kills and skins a rabbit. His mother and his sister are not the least bit interested in his hobby and as much as she can, his mother tries to keep him from taking it any further. The family has recently suffered the death of Simon's father and in moving to a new town, Simon comes up against an odd man who carries a gun, Mad Ed, and an older girl, Leah, who lives next door. Leah flirts with Simon and in a passionate moment in a strange historic burial ground the two consummate their relationship. When Simon's mother begins dating his art teacher and the art teacher employs Leah as a model, Simon deals with jealousies he never knew he had and strong emotions he doesn't quite know how to handle. In a poignant meeting with Mad Ed, he catches a glimpse of what life might be like as someone who continues to find meaning only in the hunt, and it scares him. By the end of the novel, Simon has been shaken by his own violent reactions. This is a compelling coming-of-age story as Simon faces who he is becoming and makes some life-altering decisions.
Children's Literature - Melyssa Malinowski
Simon obsesses. Ever since the death of his father, he has been obsessed with survival skills. He camps with his friends, hunts with a sling shot, and eats his kills. These things consume his day-to-day existence—until the girl next store takes an interest in him. Leah decides to toy with him, and because of his inexperience she then becomes his new obsession. To make life even more interesting, his mother starts dating his art teacher. Then Leah, who baby sits Simon's little sister, takes on some cleaning work at the art teacher's studio. As it turns out, she has an obsession of her own. While Leah pursues the teacher, Simon pursues her. He follows her to the studio and shoots at the pair with an air gun. Hearing her screams, he comes to his senses, but is it too late to fix his mistakes? Hunter's Heart is a strange convoluted book with disturbing imagery and painful plot twists.
School Library Journal

Gr 9 Up
Like many 14-year-old boys, Simon is fascinated by weapons and wilderness survival, but his fascination transcends the norm and his obsession with hunting fills the early pages of the novel with a powerful sense of foreboding. Virtually friendless, alienated from his mother and younger sister, Simon wanders his Cornish seaside town in a stew of anger and loneliness. Enter Leah, another troubled teen who moves in next door. Older than Simon and much more confident, she takes him on as a summer project. Over vacation, Simon's emotions escalate: he gets an air gun against his mother's wishes, he loses his virginity to an aggressive and drunk Leah, and his mother begins dating his art teacher, the one adult who has tried to reach out to Simon. When his mother gets Leah a job with Matt (on whom Leah has a powerful crush), Simon's pent-up anger and potential for violence are tested. A rather flat and incongruously happy ending reduce some of the power of the book, but the compelling characters and story will keep readers interested.
—Douglas P. DaveyCopyright 2006 Reed Business Information.

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Lerner Publishing Group
Publication date:
Product dimensions:
5.80(w) x 8.30(h) x 1.00(d)
Age Range:
12 - 17 Years

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