Hurray God!: Hope, Pray, Believe

Hurray God!: Hope, Pray, Believe

by Sharp Jeanette (Compiler)



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ISBN-13: 9781606152133
Publisher: WinePress Publishing WA
Publication date: 06/28/2012
Pages: 224
Product dimensions: 5.90(w) x 8.90(h) x 0.50(d)

About the Author

Jeanette Sharp is an author, a speaker, and the founder of Hurray God! LLC. She first experienced answered prayer when she was ten years old and knew, without a doubt, that God heard her. That spiritual marker, experienced more than twenty years ago, led Jeanette to become actively involved in weekly prayer ministry and the spiritual discipline of prayer.

Table of Contents

Acknowledgments ix

Introduction xi

Chapter 1 Work Is Good for the Soul 1

In God's Time Linda O'Connell 1

Finding Gold Jeanette Sharp 5

Best Friends Janetta Messmer 9

A Match Made in Heaven Sherri Langton 12

Show Me, Lord Elsa Dotson 15

Success-Just a Prayer Away Susan Sundwall 19

Prayer Confirmation Charlotte Holt 22

Prayer Nugget 25

Chapter 2 No Worries 27

The Collision Andrew Culbertson 27

Surrounded by Darkness Danielle VanMeter 30

A Sudden Slip Renie Burghardt 32

My Drowning Moment Sally Hanan 36

Faith Under Fire Sally Clark 38

Mysterious Rescue Ann Denton as told to Esther M. Bailey 40

Comfort for a Grandmother's Heart Grace Booth 42

Prayer Nugget 44

Chapter 3 Hey! I've Known You Forever 47

Extraordinary Miracles; Everyday Faith Rebecca Joie Oakes 47

The Blessing of My Infertility Susan Kimmel Wright 50

Waiting for Our Miracle Perry Perkins 54

The Mysterious Blonde Jeanette Sharp 56

Fashionably Maternal Connie Alexander Huddleston 60

God Cares About the Smallest Details Carolyn R. Scheidies 62

Mom, I'm Losing Her! Aggie Stevenson 64

Prayer Nugget 68

Chapter 4 Its All in the Family 71

At the End of the Fence Jan Cline, as told by my husband Jerry 71

Department Store Angel Marilyn E. Freeman 75

The Faded, Brown-Leather Purse Debra Elliott 78

Restored Relationship Esther M. Bailey 80

From Praise to Paradise Sue Tornai 83

Prayer Nugget 85

Chapter 5 Gifts That Keep on Giving 87

Close Encounters Mimi Greenwood Knight 87

And There Was Music in the Air Susan Kimmel Wright 91

Twins and Talent Kandy Wallis 94

Safe and Dry Lisa Keck 96

God-Incidence Lisa Plowman Dolensky 98

Prayer Nugget 102

Chapter 6 You'll Never Guess What Happened! 105

The God Who Sees Denise Chang 105

A Divine Appointment Twilah A. Fox, M.D 109

The Perfect Storm-Our Perfect God Annette O'Hare 111

Shanghai Encounter Peggy Park 113

Angels in Overalls Catherine Leggitt 117

My Stolen Bible Mike Lynch 121

Five Boxes of Christmas Cards Jeanette Sharp 124

Prayer Nugget 126

Chapter 7 Love Is Patient 129

The List Dwan Reed 129

Just One Friend Peter Pollock 133

A Dream Is a Wish Your Heart Makes Marlayne Giron 136

The Unanswered Letters Sherrie Murphree 139

Why Doesn't He Answer? Yulia Bagwell 141

Prayer Nugget 143

Chapter 8 Relax! I've Got It Covered 145

A House in "Almost Heaven" Susan Carlton 145

A Nest of Opportunities Terri Tiffany 148

Handled with Care Sheila Wipperman 151

The White, Baby Grand Piano Kandy Sharp 153

God's Provision for a Russian Girl Peggy Park 155

Prayer Nugget 157

Chapter 9 Is There Anything I Can't Do? 159

Chemical Crash Cindy Rooy 159

Road Trip to Healing Carolyn R. Scheides 162

Miracles Still Happen Leon Arceneaux 165

Nothing Is Too Small Lynn McCallum 167

The Course That Almost Conquered Me Angela Banks 169

My Rung Fu Batde Steve Husting 171

Prayer Nugget 173

Chapter 10 From A to Z 175

Ordered Steps Anita Onarecker 175

The Prayer That Changed My Prayers Marty Prudhomme 177

Life Vigil Diana Amadeo 179

New Steps of Faith Vanessa Ingold 183

Flat Tires Barbara Russell Robinson 185

Our Son Is Missing Robyn Cederstrand 187

My Struggle with Cigarettes Edward Reinagel 190

Not Guilty Natalie White 192

Prayer Nugget 194

About the Contributors 197

Scripture List 205

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